C43: The Return of the Demon Race

While I already had enough trouble making clothes, a new one knocked at my doorstep.
It was Miss Astres, an alluring lady and a person of high position in the demon race’s army.

She has returned once again.

“You guys really are stubborn!”

As expected, even Platy is fed up with their persistence.
It was only recently when they experienced a complete loss after trying to invade us, after all. And now they’re back.

Except this time, something’s a little off.
Unlike last time, she doesn’t have several monsters accompanying her; it’s just her alone. Something about her appearance feels gloomy.

“Y-You’re mistaken!”
“We did not come here to cause harm to any of you today! Please, listen to what we have to say!”

The one who appealed to us wasn’t Astres but two females who looked like her aides.

Is it because their superior, Astres, is a female that the subordinates she commands are also females?

“If something’s up, we might as well listen to them.”

…Veil. I told you countless times to stay in your human form. Stop showing off your flamethrower, too. Even I get scared.

“Are you sure, Master? If you let your guard down in front of these morons, they might take advantage of you.”
“You’re free to decide after we hear out their circumstances first.”

They’re not here for a rematch; I can tell that much from looking.
They returned to the place where they were utterly defeated without the will to fight, so they must have a genuine reason for coming back here.

“We were actually…”
“…ousted from the army!”

We were baffled by the two aides’ alternate confessions without even understanding the reason behind them.

“…No, that’s not it,” interjects Astres. “I’m the only one who was driven out from the army. They simply followed me. Had they stayed behind, they could’ve been easily assigned to a new post, and yet…!”
“What are you saying, Miss Astres?!”
“We pledged to serve you throughout our lives!”

Her aides are pretty noble, but to put it simply, this means…

“The army fired you?”
“Is it perhaps because of us?”

We beat them up pretty badly last time, after all—annihilating all the monsters she brought with her and dragon Veil tossing them in the middle of the battlefield, and putting on an absurd show afterward.

But isn’t it kind of peculiar for Miss Astres to take all the responsibility?

“I was called to the court at the demon capital right after that incident…”
“Miss Astres was unilaterally convicted by them. On top of failing to fulfill her duty, they said it’s wicked of her to be brought back by a dragon who caused chaos on the battlefield…!”

So Astres, former Heavenly One, now-turned exile, came here because she had nowhere else to go.

“Their decision is just too peculiar! Miss Astres has been working earnestly all this time for the Demon King’s army!”
“That court is weird, too! They handed down their verdict even before the Demon King could return from the front lines! It’s as if they were dead-set on getting rid of Miss Astres, no matter what!”
“I thought so, too! I bet it’s that Lord Ravillian who was behind that meeting!”
“He’s always plotting something; I’m sure he is!!!”

The more they look back on it, the angrier they get.

“No… It’s not anyone else’s fault. Prowess and ability are everything in the Demon King’s army. It’s all my fault for failing to accomplish my task.”

Astres may be condemning herself right now, but it’s definite that what happened last time is the cause.
I’m starting to feel bad for her.

“Master,” says Veil as she calls out to me displeasedly.

It’s intimidating, sure, but I will not retreat, falter, or look back.

“Hard feelings aside, abandoning those in need is against my conscience. You’re free to stay here as much as you’d like.”

As they say, even a hunter cannot kill a bird that flies to him for refuge.

“But you’re going to have to play by our rules while you’re here. One, no bloodshed. Two, those who don’t work don’t get to eat. Three, pledge absolute obedience to me and my words. As long as you abide by these three rules, you’ll be treated like one of us.”
“Master, you’re being too lenient!”

Veil’s discontent is even more apparent now. Once again, it was I who couldn’t drive away terribly dejected humans (demons?) who came to rely on me.

“Understood, we shall follow your orders. We will be in your care from here onwards,” says Miss Astres as she presses her forehead against the ground to bow.

I thought it was unnecessary of her to do that, but then again, she did invade us and tried to kill everyone last time. I suppose it is needed.
She’s been through so many hardships that she can’t even keep her pride anymore.

There’s no way I can keep my anger and hatred towards someone like her any longer, nor does she have the willpower to do anything reckless. I think it’s safe to consider her harmless.

“Lord Saint!”
“We have but one request!”

The two aides come rushing to me.

…I wonder what they want to say?

“Would you please excuse Miss Astres from nightly duties?”
“In exchange, we will do our very best to please you, Lord Saint, no matter what sort of play it is! Please, we only beg you to keep Miss Astres out of it!!!”


“That’s not what I mean by pledging absolute obedience!!!”

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C42: A Chat with Arowana

“There you have it, brother-in-law. That’s why I wanted to discuss this with you.”

I asked for advice from Prince Arowana, who comes here to hang out every once in a while, to obtain good clothes that will please his sister.
He’s the second person who frequently visits my place, next to Sensei.

“Platy did live with us before she got married to you. If you’re talking about clothes she used to wear before moving here, should I just bring in her dresser?”
“…You’re right!”

I guess that would be the simplest way.
But when you think about the inevitable future, you’re going to have to come up with a different solution again, so is this really enough to settle the matter at hand?

“However, us merfolk have one pressing problem when it comes to clothing!”
“And that is?”
“We don’t make clothes for the lower half.”

I should’ve thought about that first.

“Our kingdom does manufacture and sell clothes, but they’re mostly for the upper half of the body. In addition, those who decide to transform into human form and migrate to the surface are extremely rare. Whimsical artisans who choose to manufacture clothes for such a minority group are…”

Nonexistent, I guess.

“What about the trunks you’re wearing right now?”
“Ah, this? Land-dwelling fishermen gave this to me long ago.”
“When I landed on their ship, they gave me this and told me to wear it whenever I change into human form. From that moment on, I understood that this is part of a land-dweller’s manners and have always made sure to keep it always.”

…I can somehow picture how things went that time. I’m sure those fishermen had a hard time knowing where to look.
In any case, suppose I buy clothes from the Mermaid Kingdom or even try bartering with them, I won’t be able to find any clothes for the lower body.
If I’m going to have it ordered, it should be a one-of-a-kind custom order…which is also probably going to cost a fortune.

“I don’t even have a single penny with me in the first place…”

All I have are goods and nothing else.
Since there is no viable solution, should I stop worrying about clothing for now and see how things turn out for a while?

“Ah! Speaking of money, there’s something I would like to ask,” says Prince Arowana.

“Do you not have any plans to sell the goods you make here to earn money?”

The goods I make here include vegetables I harvest from the field to use as ingredients for processed food, several metalware made from mana metal, and the clothes I made with my zero-fashion sense. These are what I have so far.

“To be honest, the things I’ve seen you make here are way beyond my imagination. First, your food is so exquisite that it tastes good even when eaten raw. If you cook them, its flavor increases a hundredfold, so much that even the food served at the royal palace is no match for it!”
“I-I see!”

I think I’m being flattered a little too much, but frankly, being complimented feels great, too.
After all, they’re vegetables I grew with my blood, sweat, and tears!

“And then, the metalware you use daily. They’re all made from mana metal! You think that’s normal?”
“It’s not?”
“It’s not! It would’ve been more realistic if they were made from pure gold!”

Well, I did have an inkling of an idea, but I guess mana metal really is a valuable metal here.
It’s hard to be convinced when mana metal doesn’t even exist in my world, but seeing Prince Arowana react like that, it must be more valuable than gold.

Sensei…how can you be so nonchalant about letting me have something this precious?!

“Metalware aside, it just has to be the food! Lord Saint, why don’t you sell any excess vegetables you have to me? Of course, I’ll pay accordingly!”
“If we have your produce, the royal palace should be able to recreate its unique and supreme taste! Even Father and Mother will surely be delighted! Please, I ask of you!”

I’m sure all our harvested crops are kept in the food storage, but do we have any excess?
Now that Veil, Orkubo, and the others have started to live here, the number of mouths to feed has drastically increased, that I can’t even tell where the safety line for our stock lies.

Even then, I anticipated that it would be time to sell the things I’ve made in this reclaimed land in exchange for money.
In a way, it’s like an indicator that tells us we also need to expand our land.
Does it mean we’re finally reaching that stage?

“…I’ll check the stock we have left and reconsider if I can share any. But on the occasion that I do sell them to you, it shall remain a private transaction between us.”
“It wasn’t that long ago when that incident occurred. As much as possible, I’d like to keep this place from getting discovered right away.”

And by that incident, I meant when Miss Astres and other members of the demon race invaded us.

“You have a point. The moment people hear about the vegetables here, there’s no doubt it will be the talk of the world. It definitely won’t be a good idea to tout this place right after the trouble with the demon race.” Prince Arowana agrees.

But why is he so sure it will be the talk of the world?

“For the meantime, I’ll keep the vegetables I receive from you for my family to enjoy alone. Actually, let’s keep it a secret as much as possible.”

And as the conversation continued along that path…
I asked him if he had any preferred food he would like to receive.

“Pickled radishes!” he replies immediately.

Pickled radishes, huh?
Well, they are tasty; you can even snack on them between meals.

“This is quite the pickle. Sensei happens to like them too.”
It has become my routine to bring him pickled radishes whenever I visit his dungeon. I must make sure Sensei’s portion isn’t affected.

“No way! To think the Lifeless King and I share the same tastes…” saiys Prince Arowana as his face shows utter despair.

He’s that bothered by it?

“…Hey, Lord Saint. If I go to Sir Lifeless King’s place, do you think he’ll serve me pickled radishes as a snack?”
“Calm down, brother-in law! Get a hold of yourself!!!”

Sensei is extremely friendly, so it’s easy to forget that he’s actually one of the World’s Two Greatest Calamities! If it’s him we’re talking about, he might just welcome Prince Arowana with a smile, but if that were the case, I feel like that will cause the world’s order in disarray!

I need to grow more radishes.

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C41: Shelter→Food→Next

The days I spent ever since I settled in this reclaimed land have been quite splendid. I even built my own house and have access to various practical ingredients. You can say I have a fulfilling life right now.

But there’s no end to man’s desire, and his satisfaction only lasts until he wants something new again.


Garments you adorn your body. Proof of a civilized person. It isn’t even an exaggeration to say that it’s what differentiates humans from monkeys. And yet I’ve been ignorant about it all this time.

The nylon shirt and pants I had from before I was summoned to this world have been reduced to shreds.

I do a lot of fieldwork, after all. While I did anticipate this and bought a large number of clothes from the royal capital, they’re also on the verge of falling apart.

Above all else, the clothes my wife, Platy, wears on her lower half are overwhelmingly lacking. Actually, there’s nothing at all. When she was still a mermaid, the lower half of her body used to be a caudal fin that let her roam the seas freely.
Of course, you won’t need to wear clothes under those circumstances. If anything, it would be a hindrance.

So, to a mermaid, the concept of wearing things like underwear, shorts, or skirts doesn’t exist. If they don’t wear anything under the sea, they don’t wear anything onshore, either.

As a result, you get an immodest lady in commando.

In order to avert such a catastrophe, I made her wear trousers I patched up. Platy used to grumble about how tight and lame it was, but she’s totally used to it now.
It’s just that I feel ashamed of myself deep down for my beloved wife’s conformity to it, forcing her to put up with something like that.

Though she may seem like she’s used to it on the outside, she’s still a woman of appropriate age.

I’m sure she wants to wear a more elegant set of lower garments. And I, both as a cultured man and her husband, think the same. I want a gorgeous skirt or a pair of trousers only Platy can wear!

That’s when I decided on my next goal.

Now that we’ve built a house and have gathered ingredients, our next stop: clothes!!!

And so, I thought of making clothes.

As long as I have the Hand of Supremacy gifted to me by the god, Hephaestus, I should be able to create anything from food to utensils, even houses, immediately and with ease.

I’ve already prepared the necessary tools, such as scissors and needles and the mana metal I received from Sensei.
As for the essential fabric, I felt the need to prepare a complete bed set when I was furnishing the house, so I grew and harvested cotton and had the goblins weave them into fabric for me.

Anyway, I decided to make clothes as much as I could from what I had.

“I did it!!!”

I made a variety of simple shirts and trousers not only for Platy but also for me and the orcs and goblins.

“Oh! It fits well on the body!!!”

“Thank you very much, my Lord! With this, we can proceed with our fieldwork smoothly.”

When Orkubo and the others migrated from the dungeon to here, they had nothing but a shabby piece of loincloth on. It’s a mystery as to where those loincloths were made, but now they look dashing with the clothes they wear; they almost look like a typical villager. As for me, I feel pretty refreshed with my new clothes.

I just hope Platy would be overjoyed by this…

“The design’s too mediocre.”


For some reason, Platy has a confused look upon receiving the skirt I gave her.

“Wait! Don’t misunderstand! I’m happy that you went through the trouble of making clothes for me! …But to say that it looks fashionable if I wear this is just-“

From here, a significant fact was established.
A fact not even a god’s artistic skills or the thought-to-be-flawless Hand of Supremacy can cover: I have zero fashion sense!!!

This makes it impossible for me to make clothes that will please Platy.

“By the way, how do you prepare your clothes, Veil?” asks Platy to Veil standing next to her.

Come to think of it; whenever she reverts to her human form, she normally has clothes on.

“It’s made from magic, duh. Don’t underestimate a dragon’s powers.”
“Ahh, dragons really are on another level!”

Even with the Hand of Supremacy, someone like me with zero fashion sense can never make stylish clothes.

Now what?

Should I just ask someone else?

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C40: Daily Fitness

“Lord Saint.”
“Please stop calling me that. Others are imitating you now…”

The Lifeless King came over to hang out today. Not that I mind. Talking to him is fun; he can even come here every day if he’d like.

“I brought a souvenir for you today, Lord Saint.”

I knew it. He still insists on calling me that.
But wait, a souvenir? I keep receiving things from Sensei; it’s starting to make me feel guilty.

What kind of souvenir is it this time?

“Didn’t you say last time that you wanted a bird that lays eggs, but you couldn’t find any monster that resembles one?”

Yes, that I did.
My life as a cultivator still lacks a great variety of things, and one of them includes eggs.
Eggs are tasty and can expand my cooking repertoire.

We already have vegetables, meat, and condiments. It’s about time we have eggs.
And in order to procure a stable supply of it, we need chickens for that.

However, this is a fantasy world.
I doubt the chicken here is the same chicken I know.

That’s why I’m looking for monsters that nest in the dungeons and have an ecology similar to chickens, just like how I used square boar meat as a substitute for pork.

Regardless of knowing whether it existed or not, my wife, Platy, and Veil, formed an expedition party to search for this chicken-like monster in the dungeons.

They’ve been busy with the search these past few days.
In other words, they’re not here.

“After hearing your story, I also thought of looking for a monster that meets your desires.”
“In your dungeon?”

This reclaimed land of mine lies adjacent to two dungeons—Sensei’s cave dungeon and Veil’s mountain dungeon.
I expected bird monsters to nest in the mountains; that’s why Platy and Veil have been searching there all this time, but I guess I was wrong…

“There was such a monster like that,” says Sensei as he takes out a bird.

Its size and silhouette are just like a chicken’s! This might just live up to my expectations!
…or so I thought.

“I believe it’s called a Yoschamo. Despite being a bird species, it cannot fly. Hence it nests in my dungeon.”
“I see…”

That’s when I noticed a specific characteristic of this so-called yoschamo that cannot be overlooked.

“But Sensei…”
“It has a cockscomb.”

That red thing on a chicken’s head.

Of course, since it’s a chicken, you can at least expect it to have a cockscomb.
That’s what I thought, too.

But when you say it’s a chicken with a cockscomb…

“…A rooster?”

This is a male chicken, isn’t it?
The chicken I wanted was one that can lay eggs, in other words, a hen.

As I thought of this, the yoschamo suddenly faced the other way.

…Don’t show off your anus to me.
…Wait, I think birds have a cloaca instead of an anus.

Suddenly, something lumpy came out from the yoschamo’s hole.
It was oval and light brown in col—an egg?
An egg!
Even though it has a cockscomb, it still laid an egg!

Now that I think about it, pseudo-biological monsters from the dungeons have no reproductive ability. Therefore there’s no distinction between the males and the females.
That means there’s no problem if a monster possesses characteristics of both genders.

But if there’s no need for them to reproduce, why do they still lay eggs?
Oh well, not that it matters. It’s a trifling matter compared to procuring a steady supply of eggs!

While I hold the egg with both hands like some kind of treasure, the yoschamo briskly walks toward me.

…Upon closer look, this chicken-like creature has a smug expression.
When suddenly, it gives me a spur kick!


It seems it wasn’t specifically aimed at me but the egg I was holding.
Its sharp kick cracks the egg in half, spilling its contents. Thankfully, a plate happened to be right under, where the egg white and yolk spread out evenly.

“This is…!”

The yolk is almost entirely spherical and is nicely swollen, with the color more orange than yellow, while the egg white is as transparent as freshwater.

“Are you saying I should give it a try?”

The yoschamo nods in response.
Taking up on its offer, I slurp the raw egg straight from the plate.
Being Japanese, raw eggs are fine with me.

“T-This is delicious!!!”

I immediately adopted five birds from Sensei’s dungeon.

Sensei went home.
Platy and Veil, who came back that evening from the mountain dungeon half-dead, were mind-blown by the truth.

“It was in the cave dungeon this whole time?! We put so much effort looking all over the mountain dungeon for nothing?!”
“Wow! What a completely useless mountain dungeon that was! Just like its guardian!”
“Huh?! In that case, I won’t let you eat anything from the square boar that you get from my mountain!”

They’ve become so close now that they can even quarrel with each other…

But I won’t give this scrambled egg made from the yoschamo’s produce to those who are fighting~

It was an instant hit.

Though their efforts were in vain, to Platy and Veil, who searched all over the mountain dungeon seeking this taste, the satisfaction they feel is all the more.

Now I want a rectangular pan for tamagoyaki…

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C39: A Maiden’s Murmur

My name is Momoko Akisaka.
I’m your typical high school girl… Or so I was.
One day, I was suddenly teleported to a different world.

I know it sounds like something from a manga or a video game, but there’s no doubt it’s real.
This world is in a pinch fighting against the demon race, so they desired stronger military strength by summoning heroes from a different world.

Heroes summoned from a different world are endowed with skills by the gods.

The skill I was endowed with is named Goddess’s Scythe +2.
Derived from the Goddess of War, Athena, it’s said to be a superior skill.
As a result, I can take down any enemy, even immortal beings, regardless of their quirks or affinities.

On one condition: the user’s level must be higher than its target for it to work.
That means the skill is ineffective against enemies who are higher in level than me.

However, my Goddess Scythe is enhanced to +2. Thanks to this enhancement, I can still take down higher-ranking enemies to a certain degree. They say a +1 enhancement is common, but a +2 is rare.

Because of the skill I possess, I was treated better.
Everyone who met the king for the first time praised me greatly as their hero.

That’s why I thought of giving it my all, fighting in this world, saving it, and one day going back to my original world.

I began fighting with that in mind. However, life in a different world was harsher than I thought.
That’s because the civilization here is more primitive than mine.

And I’m not just talking about one-dimensional cliches like not having electricity or smartphones. Even the food, bedding, and clothing are shabby beyond my imagination.

The staple food of commoners here is bread.
Bread so bland and hard that your teeth can fall off just from taking a bite. It’s totally different from the bread I know of.

Not that there’s anything I can do about it, so I make do by soaking the bread in water that comes with it.
Fancy beverages like tea or coffee don’t exist, either.

An unsanitary bed with fleas flying above it.
The lingerie I had with me before I came here has worn out and turned into garbage. In exchange, I wear clothes of this world with fabric so coarse it can easily be mistaken for a jute bag and stings whenever it touches my bare skin.

In such a harsh environment, most otherworlders couldn’t adapt, soon became weak, and dwindled in number.
When I was summoned to this world, it seemed there were ten or so other people with me, but I wonder how many of them are still alive?

After we were brought here, we were designated to different places according to our skills, and we haven’t met each other since.

Come to think of it, someone was deemed skill-less. I wonder what happened to him after that? Maybe he’s dead?

Being deemed necessary by the kings for possessing a superior skill, I must always remember that I’m in a reasonably limited environment in terms of prestige.

For the sake of the people in this world, I will keep on fighting to the bitter end.
Since I am a hero chosen by the gods who entrusted me with a skill!!!

Alas, a devastating event crushed me.

Thanks to the skill Goddess’s Scythe +2, I, authorized by the kingdom as a first-class hero, went to the frontlines of war to fulfill my duty.

I keep slaying the monsters sent by the enemy race left and right.
But no matter how many foes I slay with my skill, there seems to be no end to them; a chaotic battlefield that only goes on forever.

However, the fight suddenly came to a standstill.
It’s as if the minds and souls of the humans, demons, and monsters were taken away by the creature that came flying above out of nowhere—everyone forgot how to breathe.

A dragon.

I was told by the people of this world countless times that it’s one of the World’s Two Greatest Calamities.
They even go as far as saying that witnessing it alone means absolute death; a monster among monsters.

But why is it here?

It may be because of the intimidating aura it emanates, but both factions are petrified.
No one dares escape, let alone fight.
Is this the power of the dragon, the strongest creature in this world?

A hero like me can tell just from looking that even the Goddess’s Scythe is no match for a beast like that.
The difference in our strengths is just too big.
Its +2 enhancement that lets you close the level gap between your enemies aside, trying to defeat that dragon even at +100 is utterly impossible.

And here I thought I could become the world’s strongest using the skill gifted to me by the gods.
Does that mean the level of the strong beings of this world goes far beyond what I can imagine?

“…I’m here to announce something to all the inferior races present on this battlefield.”

Is this the dragon’s voice?!
It can actually speak?!

“I am the Great King Geyser Dragon’s daughter, Grinzel Dragon Veil. At present, I serve Kidan the Saint.”

A Dragon King’s daughter?!
Serving a saint?!
Is she saying that there’s a being far superior to her, and not just one, but two?! What’s the meaning of this?!

“Today, I have come here to bring back this insolent fellow who rebelled against my master. He took pity in her, so she’s still alive.”

Upon saying that, the dragon tosses three people to the ground.
Are they from the demon race?

“I say this to all lowly races – human, demon, it matters not. My master is a benevolent being who easily forgives others, but I am different. An insult towards my master is also an insult towards me.”

The dragon then breathes fire, not towards the ground but the sky. However, its flames spread far and wide, almost covering the entire sky, and the aftermath from the hot wind sent hundreds of soldiers from both factions flying.

Things may have simply ended there because it was directed skyward, but had it directly hit the ground, it would’ve been more than enough to wipe out all of us.

“If you behave rudely to my master ever again, I will not hesitate to direct my flames toward your cities. My master’s name is Saint Kidan! Engrave that name in your hearts well because the saint’s enemy will also be an enemy of Grinzel Dragon Veil!!!”

After uttering those words, the dragon leaves the battlefield, triggering a tornado-like windstorm by flapping its wings.

I was still for a while even after the dragon left, and so were the tens of thousands of soldiers.

I was arrogant. Just because I received a somewhat decent skill from the gods, I began to think I could be the strongest person.

There’s a tall wall I can never overcome in this world. And on the other side of it lies that dragon.

Just who is this saint the dragon serves?

Saint Kidan.
Since then, I’ve never forgotten that name.

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C38: He Who Commands Calamities


From the shoulder of Veil’s dragon form jumps off what seems to be a human figure.
It’s Platy.

“Thank goodness you’re all right!”

She said as she rushed over to hug me.

“I’m so sorry! These demons came after you because of me, isn’t it? I’m really sorry!!!”
The unusually meek Platy feels grave responsibility just from this?

“It’s okay. I didn’t even need to go out because Orkubo and the others did something about it. Even Prince Arowana is here.”
“Huh? My brother?”

At this moment did Platy only realize her brother standing still beside her this whole time.

“Now, for what reason did you have to come here? I bet it’s nothing important.”
“How mean!”

He’s right.

Meanwhile, Veil’s roar must have worked a little too well because Astres and her two aides have fainted with bubble foaming at their mouths.

Even the ship and crew Astres brought with her got scared of Veil and turned back.
It’s unbelievable how they left their commanding officer just like that…

“What do we do with them?”
“How about killing then burying them?”
“We can’t do that!”

Veil’s upfront opinion was too much for me to follow.

“They’re mutants, aren’t they?” asks Sensei as he gives Orkubo and the others a glance.

It is said that monsters very rarely undergo a sudden change that makes their species different. Such monsters are called mutants and, in most cases, are way stronger than their original counterparts.

“The orc is a Warrior Orc mutant while the goblin is a Spartan Goblin mutant. I hear they’re extraordinarily strong; even one is enough to change the courses of war.”

I didn’t know they were that amazing.
Is this also because of the Hand of Supremacy that they underwent mega evolution just from me touching them?
Right now, I asked those very same monsters to clean up the remains of the skeletons they defeated.
I wonder if it will make good fertilizer when scattered on soil?

Things have finally calmed down. All that’s left is settling certain matters.

“What should we really do with them?”

I was referring to Astres and her two aides.

“Like I said, kill and bury them with those bone freaks!”
“Not gonna happen!”

Veil may be adamant about her opinion, but I can never be that cold-hearted.
A monster with neither soul nor will is still okay, but killing someone well-versed and dressed just like a human makes me feel guilty.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the middle of a battle or not; the result has long been decided.

“You’re so naïve, Master.”
“I won’t take away their lives, but let me at least take some responsibility.”

Currently, Astres doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of life.
When she did, she woke up sandwiched between The World’s Two Greatest Calamities’ presences; a Lifeless King and a dragon.


Her whole body won’t stop trembling.
Being one of the Demon King’s Heavenly Four, you’d think she’s a distinguished influential person among her race. Yet, she’s scared of Sensei and Veil.

“Even if she’s considered strong, it’s only a fact limited to the demon race.”
“No matter how outstanding these slugs are, they will never be on the same level as a dragon! Master is different, however!”

So that’s how it is.
Things don’t seem to progress at all, so I decide to directly negotiate with her.

“If you promise you won’t act hostile towards us anymore, I don’t mind letting you go home. How about it, Miss Astres?”
“H-h-h-h-h-how insulting! I am one of the Demon King’s Heavenly Four, Astres the W-W-Wild!!!”

Threatening me while stammering like that won’t change anything.

“Damn it! Get yourself together, Astres! Such a humiliating act only brings embarrassment to the Demon King!”

She composes herself.

“Fair enough. I have a suggestion to make!”
“You’re the person they call the saint, are you not? Have a one-on-one fight with me! I’ll do anything you say if you win, even the condition you proposed earlier!”

“You really want to get burnt to ashes, don’t you?” nags Veil, whom I shot down with my gaze.

“All right. If that’s what satisfies you, I’ll gladly accept it.”

Astres promptly gets back on her feet.

“Hah, now you’ve done it! No matter how strong the retainers you command are, you yourself are just a mere human! The moment I pin you down, victory is mine!!!”

“Miss Astres, Miss Astres.”

Perhaps out of pity, Platy, the most suitable candidate among the group to gently inform Astres, spoke.
It’s ironic because Astres originally came here to kidnap her.

“You don’t seem to know anything, so I’ll tell you. The Lifeless King, the dragon, and the mutant orcs and goblins are all under his command. Do you know why?”
“Isn’t it the same for the demon race to obey those who are stronger than them?”
“So, you mean to say…”

I guess it’s safe to say the match has started.
I unsheath the holy sword from my scabbard.

“I-Is that the Holy Sword Dreischwartz that’s said to have been lost for over a thousand years?!”

Without even clashing swords, Astres dives straight into a dogeza, making me win by default.

And just like that, Miss Astres was pardoned to go home safely. However, there was one small problem: there was no means of transportation.
The ship she used to come here has left her behind after the crew members got scared of Veil.
Since there’s no other way, Veil transformed into her dragon form and transported Astres as far as possible.

I reminded her not to mistreat Astres, but when she returned, I heard that she had dropped her in the middle of the demon and human race’s war.

And while she was at it, she breathed fire across the battlefield and threatened to burn their capitals down the next time they attempted something foolish.

…Oh well.
All’s well that ends well.

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