C89: Evaluation Meeting

Thus closed the curtains for Veil’s mountain dungeon exploration.

I then asked the opinions of everyone who were with me.

“I’m pooped.” were the first words that came out of Platy’s mouth.

“Besides, the purpose of remodeling the dungeon was to check whether or not new and useful monsters would appear after increasing its difficulty, right?”


“And yet, it was ridiculously wide and high that it tired me out just walking around. It was no place to look for useful monsters!”

“Even some of its areas were either too hot or too cold that it drains your stamina,” said Lampeye, in agreement with Platy’s opinion.

True, going all the way to the summit just to hunt for urgently needed monster meat or fur is too inefficient. But if I told them that, they might think I’m looking down on them.

The question of whether dungeons are natural or not is still a matter of mystery.

“In order to generate an abundance of monsters in the dungeon, you’d need a wider space than normal. Besides, the surrounding environment has a huge impact on what kind of monsters are created from the concentrated mana!” said Veil.

That’s why you prepared a variety of environments in anticipation of various monsters?

“The reason why I divided the dungeon into five different areas each with their own different environments is exactly because of that! Even the spring and autumn areas vary in the level of their humidity!” she further explained.

“What’s the status of the monsters we caught?”

“We will be providing you the report regarding that,” said Orkubo on behalf of the monster team.

“First, the dozen square boars we caught can be prepared the same way as we see fit after draining its blood and chopping up its parts for cooking a delicious meal.”

Mhm, they’re pretty much indispensable to us now.

“Next we have the lotuses that we encountered at the second checkpoint.”

“Oh, those spinning tortoises.”

“However, its meat is tremendously stenchy, making it unfit for consumption. On the bright side, its shell is hard and has a fine shape to it, so we’re trying to see if we can use it for something else, maybe as a plate or a shield.”

I see.

The shell does look durable enough to be used as a shield.

I’ll join them in their experimenting later.

“As for the hyelycaon we met at the third checkpoint… We’re still figuring out whether they can be of use or not.”

They just followed us as they pleased.

These wolf-type monsters have instincts similar to that of Canidae and look up to me as their master. They were with us through the rest of our dungeon exploration until we returned to our farm.

“How many of them followed us again?”

“About eight wolves. Currently, they seem to be going around the farm, asserting their territory.”

Oh well, that’s fine with me.

Our farm has also expanded recently, and they can hunt down any pests that try to feed on our crops, so they would be helpful. Although, I do need to make sure they don’t hunt the domestic animals I’ve been keeping, especially the yoschamos.

“Let’s welcome the hyelycaons as new friends to our farm. What about those monster mushrooms from the autumn area?”

“Oh yeah, the ones that make people go wild with their spores. As expected, even their bodies are composed of the same elements, so we can’t really use them for cooking.” Platy explained in exchange.

I can tell. The mushrooms themselves looked eerie enough that it’s not even a matter of whether or not they’re edible.

Though I still want to have some mushrooms, I miss their munchy texture. Maybe we can try growing them with Garra Rufa’s help. If I touch a tree that can be used as its seedbed with “The Hand of Supremacy,” we should be able to grow shiitake or enoki mushrooms from it.

“Lastly, we found no other trace left by Bearmon.”


“He must have departed for the outside world in pursuit of his training, hoping one day he’d be strong enough to see my Lord!”

…It’s all right. I’m sure we’ll meet Bearmon again.

Well then, a word from me as the owner of this farm.

“It really felt more like an attraction than an actual gathering spot. I’d say it’s inefficient for gathering new ingredients.”

“But Master!” said Veil, almost teary-eyed.

She must have had too much fun while she was remodeling it and imagining the looks on our faces the moment we enter her dungeon. I sympathize with the fun of making such things, but the problem is that getting carried away takes us away from the original purpose of making an efficient hunting ground, so some changes need to be made.



“It was interesting that you divided the dungeon into different areas with their own environments. Thanks to that, I was able to come up with an idea.”

The first checkpoint looking the same as usual aside, from the second checkpoint onwards we had spring, summer, autumn, and winter environments accordingly.

For the time being, their only significant difference is their varying temperatures, but such is an environment’s most basic aspect. The same thing goes for the crops that we can harvest throughout the year.

“It never crossed my mind before…”


“Farming in dungeons seems like a plausible idea.”

I’m sure some crops would suit the high temperatures of the Summer Area and the low temperatures of the Winter Area.

I’ll need to think long and hard about we will be growing.

“I’d say you did well, Veil.”

As I said that, I patted Veil on the head.


And she smiled wholeheartedly.

This chapter marks the end of Volume 2 of the light novel!

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C88: The Summit

Once we got out of the fifth checkpoint, the scenery around us changed once again. The temperature was neither too hot nor too cold, and the view was breathtaking in every direction.

We stand on a relatively small ground, and the sea of clouds above us stretch as far as the horizon.

“Is this…the summit?”
“Yeah, it is!” says Veil herself, so there’s no doubt about it.

We’ve finally conquered the dungeon.

“Ha…I’m pooped.”

The rest of the members looked as exhausted as Platy.

“You’ve come a long way, Lord Saint.”
“Oh, it’s Sensei.”

We were finally reunited with Sensei after he was “confiscated” near the dungeon’s entrance.

“Now that we’re done here, let’s go home. I want to wash before supper.”
“The same goes for me,” say Platy and Lampeye.

Climbing a mountain is exhausting in its own right, but the extreme temperatures and monster fights must have worn them out the most, considering the fact that they’re originally mermaids.

“We’d like to sort the monster loot,” says the industrious Orkubo on behalf of the monster team.

It’s their way of showing their concern to us after a tiring exploration.

“What are you talking about? You still have one final battle left.”

Veil has lost her mind.

“What final battle are you talking about?”
“Completely conquering a dungeon means you have to defeat its dungeon master first, which is none other than me!!!”

At that moment, the atmosphere around us changed.
A fierce, silver-scaled dragon came flying from the skies.
Isn’t this Veil in her dragon form?!

“Huh, but we also have human Veil here!”

Why are there two Veils?!

“I created a dragon clone of myself by dividing my mana.”
“Come to think of it, you also did this before, didn’t you?!”
“It’s only one-hundredth of my actual strength. Perfect for the final trial of this event, don’t you think?

That’s still enough power to destroy a city or two! Give us a break, we’re all dead tired here!
As I was stumped over what to do, Veil’s dragon clone didn’t hesitate to direct its fire breath at us!!!
Is this really one-hundredth of her power?!

At this rate, we would be reduced to mere ashes in an instant, so I took out the holy sword once more. But just when I was about to repel the dragon’s flames with my blade, a huge shadow came rushing towards it first! With a slash of its claw, it dispersed the flames!

“Isn’t that-”

The bear monster we just saved?!
Did it come all the way here to save us from the dragon’s flames?!


The brave bear bellows at the dragon.
Its huge body spanned over three meters, but compared to the dragon, it looked as insignificant as a rat. And yet…
Does it plan to fight back to repay us?!


The two giant beasts glare at each other. But the bear is still at a large disadvantage here.
Despite this, its ferocity didn’t falter, and boldly confronted its enemy.
And then…

“She’s down!”

After a fierce battle, the bear defeated the giant dragon.
Veil’s clone was unable to sustain itself after having its core destroyed, so it vanished and returned to pure mana.

“It actually won…”

Even Sensei seemed surprised about the outcome.

“Clones created from mana can be easily defeated as long as you destroy its core, but to defeat the Grinzel Dragon Veil’s clone is astounding…”

“Sensei, is that bear an extremely powerful species?
“I don’t know myself.”


“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a monster. The fact that I don’t recognize it must mean that it’s a new species. But to defeat a dragon, albeit a clone, might mean it’s the strongest monster ever.”

Even Sensei is praising the bear to high heaven.

Oh, the bear’s facing this way.

It’s staggering after the intense battle, but its gait is as firm as ever.
It stops right in front of me and bows its head.
Is it thanking me for saving its life earlier?

“Do you want to come with us, too?”

As I was about to pat its head, it immediately turned away and started walking in the opposite direction.
I wonder where it’s going…

“My Lord, as a fellow monster, I can understand its feelings,” says Orkubo. “It’s a highly proud beast, and does not like to surrender to those who won against it.”
“Is that so?”
“The recent battle was its way of paying back your kindness. It will embark on a solitary journey, hoping one day you’d recognize it as powerful after gaining enough experience.”

It doesn’t need to go that far for me to admit that it’s strong.
However, its back somehow showed an aloof, yet unassailable radiance.

There will come a time when we will meet again, bear monster.
Bearmon for short.


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C87: Winter Bear

“Once we pass this area, we’ll be in the next one!”

That is to say, the fifth checkpoint.
According to Veil’s explanation earlier, it must be the final level.

The areas we’ve been to thus far were the general, low-level first checkpoint followed by the Spring, Summer, and Autumn checkpoints. At this point, it’s easy to guess what the fifth station will be like.

“Winter, huh?”

That sounds cold as hell.

“How about we stop here and go home?”
“You’re right. We didn’t prepare any protection against the cold, either. Maybe we should come back when we have thick clothing on us.”

Platy, who had already lost a lot of energy back at the Summer Area seemed to want to go home, and even our new hyelycaon friends that we also met there weren’t too enthusiastic about going to a cold place, either.

“Allll right! Let’s go home!”

Who dares object to my decision?

As I look around to find out who it was, there stands a silver-haired girl in lavish clothes.
Why is human Veil here?

“That’s mean, Master! You can’t just leave the dungeon I’ve worked so hard to create without clearing all the areas! Play with me until the very end!”
“Why are you even here?!”

Weren’t you supposed to wait at the summit as the last boss?!

“Waiting isn’t for the likes of me, so I came here to join you!”

You’re so carefree about this!

“The next monster at the fifth checkpoint is a special one. I’m sure you’ll be surprised once you see it. All the monsters you’ve met so far are nothing but small fry compared to it, you know?!”

The wolves started barking and snarling at Veil.
Maybe they were protesting against being called small fry? They don’t recognize Veil as part of the pack at all.

“That’s why I’ll be joining your dungeon conquest to get through this together! Let’s join hands to reach the summit where the last boss awaits!”
“That very last boss is right in front of us, though…”

Oh well.
Let’s just go along with Veil’s antics.
I’m also interested in this special monster she’s so proud about.

At last, we arrive at the fifth checkpoint, which is unsurprisingly a winter area.
And the monster that was waiting for us amidst the violent snowstorm was…

“A BEAR!!!”

It’s a bear monster!
Unlike the monsters we’ve encountered so far that attacked us in groups, the bear was all by itself.

Its large body, sturdy limbs, and looming figure of about three meters tall are more than enough to immobilize us with fear.
The wolves surrounded it on all four sides and barked at it in hopes of intimidating the bear, but it didn’t seem to have any effect at all.

“Stay away! A slight hit from it and it’s straight to the underworld for us!”

Orkubo and Gobukichi backed off their men and were trying to deal with the bear on their own. Even if they’re stage-two mutants who can easily defeat an average hero, surpassing a bear like that is still a bit of a tall order.

“…Veil, just what kind of monstrosity did you create?”

Unlike the others that we’ve seen so far, this one’s completely different.

“Hm? I don’t even need to break a sweat defeating something like that.”

Our strongest being’s standards are so sloppy.
Oh well.
If Orkubo and the others were to get injured by the bear, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter anymore.

“Orkubo, Gobukichi, fall back!”

As soon as they stepped aside, I swung the holy sword in a diagonally upward slash and directed it towards the bear. It took the hit and blood splattered from its wound, eventually falling down.

“A formidable foe beaten that fast?!”
“And in just one hit! As expected of our Lord!!!”

Orkubo and the others were singing praises, but really, it was all the work of the Hand of Supremacy and the holy sword.

With one of the holy swords Hades created to aid the demon race’s victory against the war, as well as the gift from Hephaestus, the god of crafting, that can bring out the maximum potential of anything it touches, even someone like me can defeat an overwhelmingly powerful monster in just one hit.

It’s definitely not because of my own efforts!
Please don’t praise me to the skies!

“I guess it’s too early for celebrations, Dear.”

The bear, whom I thought I already defeated in one blow, stands up and glares at me.
But with a deep wound like that, it won’t be able to move as freely.
I’ll just leave this to the wolves to torment it to death.
However, that would be too ruthless of me.

“…My Lord?”
“Will you be delivering the final blow to put an end to its suffering?”

As I approach the severely wounded bear, I call out to someone else.

“Give me the salve.”

Everyone was shocked upon hearing my request.
But Platy did as she was told and took out the salve, then, I applied it to the bear’s wound.

“What are you doing, Master?!”
“I couldn’t kill it with a single hit.”

I can’t help but feel sorry seeing it suffer like this.
Naturally, it was I who inflicted the wound, and though I sound hypocritical after killing dozens of monsters for predation or self-defense already, I still can’t be completely heartless.

Besides, even if we hunted this bear, I don’t know how to make use of its meat and fur. It’s no use hunting something we won’t be able to utilize.

“Its fur is so thick that it’s hard for the medicine to penetrate the wound. It will make a full recovery, but it’s going to take some time.”
“I think it’s better that way.”

If it makes an immediate recovery and attacks us again, we’ll have to slay it then.

“All right, we’ve cleared the fifth checkpoint. Let’s move on.”

Everyone was still taken aback, but we eventually moved on.
The bear sent us off with an empty look in its eyes, not revealing what it was thinking.

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C86: Summer Wolves and Autumn Mushrooms

“Hah-ha-ha! Great job taking down the lotuses! Too bad they’re the weakest among the monsters I’ve prepared!” says Veil in a villainous manner. “Now, head toward the third checkpoint! Even stronger monsters lie in wait for you there!!!”

Seems like it…

“What should we do?”
“We just finished our first battle, so I think we should take a break. I also want to see if this tortoise is useful to us in any way.”

I wondered if I could cook hot pot from it, but with the number of tentacles it has, I don’t think it would be possible.
Maybe its shell can be used for something? It’s pretty durable and has a nice shape, so there has to be some use for it.

“Stop being laid-back about this!!!” angrily says our dungeon guardian. “I’ll hold on to your monster loot until it’s time for you to leave, so just get going already!!!”

As soon as Veil said that, the lotuses’ corpses vanished right in front of our very eyes. They were sucked into a hole in the air, not leaving behind a single one of them.

Veil must have carried them away just like she said.

“…Hey, Platy.”
“Veil could totally wipe us out in an instant if she wanted to, right?”
“Of course. She’s a candidate for the successor of Emperor Geyser Dragon, and this is the dungeon she controls.”

Even this dungeon is versatile enough to rival a god. But everything’s only fun and games for Veil here. I guess I’ll amuse her as much as I can in return.

At last, we arrived at the third checkpoint.

While it was explained to us before that a dungeon is more or less a spatio-temporal distortion, I only got to actually feel it when we arrived here; It’s. So. Hot.
The moment we switched areas, we felt the sweltering heat.

“The third checkpoint is the Summer Area! Monsters that are most powerful under such high temperatures will be attacking you, be very prepared!!!” says our game master in a gleeful mood.
“She can even control the dungeon’s air temperature at will, huh?”
“It’s probably impossible to do so unless the guardian is someone as high-ranking as Veil. But it really is hot in here, my shirt’s drenched in sweat!”

In a way, the heat and humidity combined here at the third checkpoint tormented us more than the monsters did. We hadn’t taken any precautionary measures against the heat at all. Our mermaids Platy and Lampeye who are vulnerable to dehydration look like they’re about to dry up at any moment. And just when we were thinking of withdrawing from this place…the real disaster arrived.


A pack of grey wolves with a slightly bluish coat appeared. They bare fangs as sharp as knives and snarl. Their hostility is obvious.

“Those wolf-type monsters are the most ferocious quadrupeds, the hyelycaons! There may be a multitude of species stronger than them in terms of individual fighting power, but these vindictive monsters always move in a pack, and can keep chasing after their prey for days on end!” explains Veil.

If what she said is true, then we’re in big trouble. They were probably built to be resistant to the heat if they were stationed here. On the other hand, we lose our stamina bit by bit just from moving in this sweltering heat. If we try to run away, they’ll catch up to us, and even if we try to fight them, we’re still bound to run out of stamina first.


Our opponents also knew this and stayed put, preparing themselves for a drawn-out battle.

Ah…Just having a staring contest with them like this is making me sweat bullets and killing my energy…
We should probably make the first move before our stamina gets the better of us.


Or so I thought, but then the wolves started approaching us in small steps.
What is with their completely tame gait?
Then, as soon as they were about an arms-reach from me, they laid down with a flop on the ground, exposing their bellies.

…Isn’t this the pose of surrender?
But we haven’t even done anything yet…

“It seems the hyelycaon’s keen senses informed them of your strength, Lord Saint.”

A supernatural broadcast reverberated in the skies. Clearly, the voice wasn’t Veil’s, it was Sensei’s.

“Wolf monsters build a strict hierarchy among themselves to form a pack. They must have recognized you as their leader after sensing your tremendous strength, Lord Saint.”

I never really thought of myself as someone strong, though.

I tried giving one belly rubs, and to my surprise, its fur was fluffier than I thought. The wolf then wiggled and huddled up right next to me, as if asking for more. The other wolves then started gathering around me wanting the same.

“…How do you suppose we judge this?”
“Ugh, fine! Victory is yours, Master! Congggggggratulations,” says Veil, pissed-off.

She must have been anticipating a thrilling battle to happen.
Sorry for keeping your hopes up, Veil.

The wolves, seemingly unfazed by the game master’s disappointment, recognized me as their new leader of the pack. They wagged their tails and led us somewhere.
As we followed them, they led us down the path where this area and the next are connected.


This “hard mode” doesn’t seem too hard after all!

The wolves looked at me with their round, puppy-like eyes, and stuck their tongue out whilst huffing as if they wanted me to praise them, so I, a softie, lost to their adorableness and patted their heads.
When we moved to the next area, they were still following us. They must have completely revered me as their leader, following wherever I’ll go.

The fourth checkpoint was more of an autumn area with mushrooms as its main monster.

Mushrooms…but with legs.
They send out spores from their umbrellas, and if you inhale them by chance, you will fall into a nasty hallucinogenic state.

However, this doesn’t seem to work on fellow monsters, so we were overrun by Orkubo and Gobukichi’s teams as well as the pack of hyelycaon that just joined us.
This marks the completion of the fourth checkpoint.

Next up is the fifth and final checkpoint.

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C85: Spring Tortoises

“…This is the second checkpoint?”

Nothing seems out of the ordinary. The trees and the climate around us are still the same. But this faint presence we feel…
…is somewhat tense?

“Lord Saint, please be careful,” says Lampeye.

She used to be a soldier for the royal mermaid palace and has exceptional combat ability, so I have high expectations from her.

“I sense a presence… There’s no doubt there’s a strong monster nearby.”

Even I can sense it, so there’s definitely something somewhere.
Everyone else started bracing themselves for our first real encounter.

Just to reiterate, our dungeon exploration team consists of me, Platy, Lampeye, Belena, and one group of orcs and goblins, each with Orkubo and Gobukichi as their respective leaders.
All of us proceeded with caution without leaving any blind spots.
And then, we soon came upon something in front of us, spinning at an extremely high speed!

“What’s that? Watch out!”

It was about the size of a human shield!
Discerning its actual shape is hard, but it seemed flat and circular enough to spin with ease.

“Maybe it’s a UFO?!” was my honest impression upon seeing it; an Unidentified Flying Object.

In reality, it’s probably different from one.
Furthermore, this pseudo-UFO seems really solid. As it rotates at high speeds, it takes down the trees blocking its path.

“If we confront it head-on, we won’t get out of this unscathed!”

It wasn’t something we’d get out with just fractured bones.
This terrifying rotating object is aiming for us as if it has a will of its own!

And not just one, but five of them!!!
They’re definitely aware of our presence!

“Everyone, interce-”

Lampeye, a.k.a. Witch of Hellfire, makes the very first move. She takes out a leather bag the size of a cue ball and pulls out some pin…


She tosses it in the air!
The leather bag explodes and bursts into flames at the perfect time just as it is about to make contact with the rotating objects approaching us.


I was surprised by the intensity of the explosion.
The leather bag was stuffed with Lampeye’s prized explosive magic potion.
The rotating objects were caught off guard by the sudden blast and crashed on the ground.

Now that they stopped spinning, I finally realized what they really were; tortoises.
They were spinning at high speeds and came at us like UFOs!

“What you saw just now was the second checkpoint’s special monster, Lotus!”

There goes Veil’s broadcast echoing again.

“This tortoise monster has the hardest shell of all monsters! They make the best use of this special characteristic and charge at extremely high speeds!”

She’s being so merry about this.

“It took the blow from my unique explosives, yet they didn’t even suffer a single scratch. It’s a huge blow to my confidence!” groans Lampeye as she bites her lips in frustration.
“Now that they have stopped spinning, it’s the orc team’s turn! If you manage to hold down the tortoises with your large build and completely stop their movements, victory is ours!”

Just as I said this, Orkubo and his team did exactly as they were told and pressed their weight against the tortoises. They won’t be able to move in that situation anymore, so now’s our chance!

…But then, something came out from the holes in the four corners of the shell.
Aren’t those the holes where their head and limbs should pop out?
And whenever they sense danger, they protect themselves by withdrawing into their shell.

To our surprise, what came out of its holes weren’t its head and limbs…but tentacles. Long and thick tentacles with a worm-like texture came crawling out of the tortoises’ holes in place of their limbs.


The tentacles were coiling around Orkubo and the others, trying to drag them down!
Don’t let them get to you!

Gobukichi, Platy, and Lampeye! Provide back-up to Orkubo’s team and aim for the tortoises’ tentacles! Their shell may be hard, but their tentacles seem soft enough to take damage!

“Lord Saint, we have a problem!” says Lampeye in a troubled voice. “There’s more of them!”

About six more lotuses came approaching us! At this rate, we won’t be able to deal with the first ones!!!

“Leave the new ones to me! You guys focus on dealing with those!”

I take out the Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz. It’s been a while since the last time I treated it as an actual weapon.

I finally came to know about its roots during the recent marriage dilemma of the Demon King, and apparently, it has the hidden power to obliterate the entire human race provided certain conditions are met. Originally, you can only unleash its full potential by destroying the rest of the holy swords, but thanks to the Hand of Supremacy, I can do just that by holding it in my hand.

“Take this!”

Just by swinging the blade towards the lotuses’ trajectory, they were all cut right in half.


Everyone was astonished, but really, it’s not that amazing.
It’s all thanks to the power Hephaestus gave me.
The rest of the lotuses Orkubo and the others dealt with show no signs of vitality left in them after their tentacles were cut off.

“…We were somehow able to get through that in one piece.”

We successfully repelled the rotating tortoises and cleared one of the many checkpoints Veil prepared for us.

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C84: Attack!

We arrived at the entrance of the dungeon, or the foot of the mountain, so to speak.
As soon as we got there, a swarm of monsters already showed up and attacked us, but with just a swish from Sensei’s finger, they all vanished like smoke.

“You’re so strong, Sensei!”

As expected of our Lifeless King!
Not even the low-class monsters are a match to his magic.

And this is how we’re going to conquer this dungeon, quite the genius strategy, right?
No matter how difficult and unconquerable the dungeon is, with Sensei by our side, this will be like a walk in the park.

“Ahhh!!! That’s unfair!!!” shouts Veil who came flying from the skies in her dragon form.

I wonder what’s a mountain dungeon’s sky is like?
Though I suppose it’s pointless to think about it.

“You’re such a bully, Master! If you bring in this pseudo-corpse with you, then this makes everything a dead rubber from the very start!!!”

Yes, and that’s exactly why we brought him with us.

“I cannot tolerate cheating, so I’m going to confiscate this pseudo-corpse! You hear? Confiscated!!! I’ll be watching over him at the summit!”
“Lord Saint, I’ll be waiting for you at the goal.”

And so, Sensei was taken away by dragon Veil like an eagle flying away with its prey in tow.
Well, knowing Sensei’s power, he could’ve easily refused, so it was more like Veil was escorting him all the way to the summit first.

“The deepest part of the dungeon where both the Dragon and the Lifeless King are waiting, huh?”
“Shall we head back?”

I can only sense despair from their words.

“It’s fine! The pseudo-corpse is just a mere spectator!”
“I await the Saint’s arrival at the final area.”

I don’t know how it even worked, but I heard both of their voices like they were coming from speakers of a broadcast. It seems they can monitor and talk to anyone from anywhere at any time in the dungeon.

They’re really enriching the attraction feel of this.

“…There, there,” says Platy to pacify me. “It does sound a little unfair having Sensei help us conquer the dungeon, so I think this is fine. Even Veil is in a playful mood, so let’s just entertain her.”

I guess so. Well then, let’s all work together to conquer this dungeon without cheating.

“Bwahahaha! Come, you lowlifes! See if you can survive my hellish dungeon without dying on the battlefield!!!”

“Doesn’t it feel like Veil’s the one cheating here?”
“Who knows? Game masters tend to be reckless with this kind of stuff anyway.”

We might as well be relentless with our foul play in an immorally set game such as this.
Once again, we proceeded to climb our way up to the final point of the dungeon, the summit.

Though it’s called a dungeon, it’s still a mountain, so I still don’t feel that habituated with things here just yet.

Normally, a dungeon is an underground cave that goes deeper and deeper. Calling an open area such as this a “dungeon” only elicits confused looks. Although I did often come across dungeons named XXX Mountain in the video games I used to play back in my world. They were the kind that usually had a flying dragon at the summit which lets you ride it to go to the Demon Lord’s castle or to the next continent.

In reality, mountains have an intricate terrain and a dense forest, making it easy to get lost, so there’s bound to be someone in distress somewhere. Doesn’t it seem like a labyrinth that’s several times more difficult than some shabby cave?

We continued to press on for some time, but as it turns out, it wasn’t that complicated. Veil got all psyched up and said she remodeled it, but the monsters we’ve encountered thus far were the same as before.
Just which exact part of the dungeon did she tinker?

“Heh he he. You’re wondering what makes this dungeon different from last time, aren’t you?”

At that moment, we heard Veil’s broadcast echoing.

“Don’t worry, you’re only at the first checkpoint.”
“The first checkpoint?”

I guess she’s referring to this area as something like the first floor in a cave dungeon.

“I kept the first checkpoint the same as before with regards to its structure and the monsters that dwell in it. It would be impossible to catch square boars again had I remodeled it!”

She has a point.
Veil didn’t forget that her main objective in remodeling the dungeon was to find new monsters as potential resources. While finding new resources is important in its own right, keeping effective ones that already exist is also a must.

“My neo-dungeon has five areas from starting from the first to the fifth checkpoint!”

Ah, so it’s half of ten, which is the norm for most mountains.

“From the second checkpoint, you will confront new monsters! Hurry and get there!”

Veil must be eager to show off the new areas she worked so hard on.
Oh well, let’s just live up to her expectations and climb as quickly as we can.

“Oh? Are you sure about rushing like that? Who knows, you might step on a trap If you’re careless.”

On second thought, let’s take a quick break before we leave.

“Very well. Feast your eyes on one of the many areas I, Grinzel Dragon Veil, created with my power!”

Oh, it’s starting to get brighter and brighter as we enter a clearing.

“…The Spring Area!”

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C83: Hard-Mode Dungeon

“Should I increase the dungeon’s difficulty?”

Veil blurted this question out of nowhere during mealtime, so we have no idea what she’s talking about.

“Huh, what? Difficulty? What for?”
“It’s about the dungeon I control. It’s boring just having square boar meat all the time. If I change the difficulty, there’s a possibility we might find other monsters that are also tasty when cooked.”

I still have no idea what she’s talking about.

“Dear, Veil is the mountain dungeon’s guardian, remember?”

Platy followed up Veil’s statement.
Our farm is adjacent to Sensei’s cave dungeon and Veil’s mountain dungeon.
We hunt whatever monster that dwells in these dungeons for their meat or pelt, and sometimes bring the useful ones to rear them here.
In short, the dungeons are indispensable to our farm life.

“Dungeons are made of stagnated mana flow that once circulated the world. This stagnant mana transforms, and the mana condensed inside turns into a monster.”

I know that because I heard about it before.

“The shape of the dungeon varies depending on its surroundings. Cave dungeons, mountain dungeons, ruin dungeons and the like arise because of its immediate environment. Their difficulty also varies depending on the size of their mana pool.”

I see.

“Naturally, the more mana there is, the more powerful the monsters and its difficulty will be. I heard that the human race who organizes adventures can rank their difficulty up to the finest detail.”
“I also heard that the dungeon jargon they use spreads to other races and is often used in everyday life.”

Ah, yeah, such a thing exists.
It’s kind of like the pseudo-English words in Japanese.

“A dungeon’s difficulty is controlled by the amount of mana it has, so it never fluctuates unless there’s an abrupt change in its surroundings. There are exceptions, however.”

Like when the dungeon has a guardian.

“Only the Dragon and the Lifeless King can become dungeon guardians, and both are formidable Disasters. To them, manipulating large amounts of mana is child’s play.”

In other words, they can control the mana density and change the monsters that appear in it as they see fit.

“That’s not all. A dungeon’s structure is also very flexible.”

A dungeon is basically a spatio-temporal distortion caused by concentrated mana, so it has nothing to do with the space of the present world. So, if mana accumulates up to a certain amount, it can be used to create a dungeon accordingly.
Dungeon guardians can then artificially modify it to their desired size and structure.

“Dungeon guardians are such omnipotent beings…”
“Well, both the Lifeless King and the Dragon are omnipotent beings to begin with. Didn’t you also tweak your mountain dungeon’s settings, Veil?”

When Platy asked her this, Veil didn’t even take a moment to stop gobbling her rice and just gave a quick nod.

“Yeah. Managing it is a pain, so I kept its difficulty pretty low.”

It seems dungeon guardians keep the difficulty low so as to make it a comfortable place for them to live in. The more impregnable a dungeon is, the lesser comfort it brings to them.
Because of this, it’s common for adventurers to easily reach the deepest part of the dungeon and come across its guardian, only to be killed by them.

“And if we increase the dungeon’s difficulty, there’s a chance we’ll be able to find rare monsters that we’ve never seen before, expanding our range of prey. They might even taste good if we cook them!”

I see.
We may have all sorts of things at our farm now, but there are still some that we lack. For example, cows. I really want some milk.
I’ve always depended on the dungeon monsters for animal husbandry, so if any cow-type monsters show up after increasing its difficulty, that would be of great help.

“Hmm… It won’t hurt if we try a higher-level dungeon, I guess.”
“Now we’re talking! I’ll fiddle with the dungeon’s settings right away!”

Right after licking her plate clean, Veil immediately ran outside, turned into a dragon and flew away.
Must be nice being as free as her…

A few days later, a notification came from Veil.

“I finished remodeling my dungeon! Come if anyone dares!!!”

She makes it sound remarkably challenging.
I don’t really know what she’s on about, but I have a thing for the unknown, so I decided to challenge this dungeon with a select people sharing the same interest as me.

Veil’s Dungeon Conquerors comprises of me as the leader, Platy as my assistant, Belena, and Lampeye. She used to be an Imperial guard for the Mermaid Kingdom, so it’s only natural to include her since she’s good at fighting. We also have one team of orcs and goblins led by Orkubo and Gobukichi, respectively.

Puffer and Garra Rufa are occupied with their brewery work, so they couldn’t participate. The same goes for Batemy with her tailoring.

“Hah-ha-ha! Come, you slugs! Do you think you have what it takes to clear Grinzel Dragon Veil’s dungeon?!”

Veil is taking this too far.
Is she treating this as some special event where we conquer the dungeon she worked so hard to remodel?

“Don’t mind her. We can see what the new mountain dungeon looks like while we break our way through it,” says Platy, which I naturally agreed to.

We’ll just treat it as if we’re going to see a new attraction.
All right, just you wait, Veil! We’ll definitely conquer this dungeon you’re so proud of!
Actually, I still haven’t introduced one other member with us. He’ll be taking the lead.

“We’re counting on you, Sensei!”

He happened to pay us a visit just when we were about to leave, so I asked him if we would like to join us, which he happily and readily agreed to.

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C82: Katsudon

Now that we’ve obtained rice, we can embark on yet another new journey!
I greased a deep-frying pan I made from mana metal and heated it over the fire.

While it was heating up, I sliced some horned boar (formally known as square boar) meat I took out from our food storage, covered it in flour, egg wash, then in breadcrumbs.

Who can guess what I’m making? — That’s right, tonkatsu!
At last! Our settlement has become civilized enough for us to be able to make proper meals!!!

“So, this is the best way to eat square boar meat?”
“I’ve been hearing about this for quite some time already, you’ve been making us wait for so long! My patience is at its limit!!!”

Platy and Veil were so excited about the tonkatsu that they took position right next to the pan and didn’t want to move an inch.
But they must, for it will be dangerous should the oil splash on them.

Both of them had known about tonkatsu ever since I started cooking horned boar, but due to our lack of ingredients and equipment, they haven’t seen the real thing up until now.

They have been anticipating for this very day.
This started making me slightly uneasy whether I will be able to exceed their expectations regarding its taste.

And then, it was finished cooking.
One tonkatsu serving, ready to eat!


I cut them into bite-sized pieces as it made crunchy noises on the cutting board. It would’ve been perfect garnished with some shredded cabbage, but we have one problem; we don’t have sauce to drizzle on the tonkatsu. It’s an essential ingredient, but we can’t make it just yet. Because unlike soy sauce and sugar, I have no idea about its recipe. I don’t even know what goes in it, so I never bothered to think about making it.

So, do you eat tonkatsu without its sauce?

Absolutely not!
We shall spice things up a bit and simmer the tonkatsu with one more beaten egg and place it on a large bowl of rice.

You get katsudon, one of the peak accomplishments achieved in the pursuit of pork cuisine.

Thanks to the rice we grew and harvested in our own paddy fields, we were finally able to make it.
Now, eat.

“Soooooooooooooooooo good!!!”
“What is this?! I never knew square boars can be enjoyed like this! Even the brothy white rice tastes. So. Gooooooooooooooood!!!”

Platy and Veil were so delighted they wolfed down their food.


Our settlement is also capable of making katsudon now. It felt like a long journey to get here, especially since we needed all sorts of ingredients such as eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs to make tonkatsu aside from the staple ingredients rice and pork.

But even if we can make tonkatsu, we still need soy sauce, dashi, mirin, and onions to make it egg-bound-style.

I had Garra Rufa come up with an improvised mirin. Whether or not we can make the real thing depends on the fruits of her research.
However, now that our settlement has developed so much, I believe now’s the time to move on and call it something else.
Hm, let’s see…

“We’ll call it a farm!”

A farm that can provide all the necessary things we need to be self-sufficient.

“The Saint’s Farm!”
“It is the farm that Master manages, so there’s no other fitting name than it!”

Come on, don’t just interrupt my monologue like that.
And there are rice grains all over your face. Just how good was the katsudon I made?

…The Saint’s Farm, huh?
I don’t like being called something exaggerated as “saint,” but I guess now’s also the time to move on and accept it.

Let’s accept it…
Let’s accept…

Nope, I really can’t.
The day went by with me cooking katsudon for everyone as soon as they came to know about its glorious existence.

Anyway, these are what has been going on at the Saint’s Farm lately.

Our fields have expanded and we’re growing all sorts of crops such as tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, eggplants, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, leeks, corn, soybeans, red beans, wheat, and barley among others.

We recently made paddy fields to grow rice, and a team of fifty goblins, lead by Gobukichi, who has now mutated into a brave goblin, is responsible for maintaining it.
Our crops also grow at a tremendously fast rate thanks to the hyper-fertilizer made from the fish-monster Ba Herring-G. And because of this, we can harvest multiple times a year. While they’re all kept in our storage until further use, a portion of it is sent to the two breweries Platy oversees.

Each of the two breweries is managed by the mermaids Puffer and Garra Rufa. The brewery Puffer looks after processes miso, soy sauce, and other seasonings, as well as our famous pickled radishes loved by Sensei and Prince Arowana.

We only recently started the sake brewery, so though we entrusted it to our highly motivated Garra Rufa, we are still in its testing phase. Currently, she’s continuing her research on making beer from barley and wheat.
Our house is located at the center of our farm, where Platy and the other mermaids, Veil, Batemy and Belena also live. We’ve been expanding it as our residents increase, and I’m sure we will keep on expanding it. The monsters that live with us also have their own place to stay at the monster longhouse, so we’re quite the big family.

In one corner of our house, we have a silkworm room where we get our high-quality thread. Then, Batemy make clothes from the high-quality adamantine silk woven from this thread as well as from the cotton we grow in the fields. I’m really grateful that she’s talented in that area.

I can’t make decent clothes for the life of me because not even the Hand of Supremacy can save my non-existent aesthetic sense!

Alongside the goblin team, we also have an orc team of fifty that’s in charge of construction work. We wouldn’t have our houses or waterways had they not been here to help. Whenever they don’t have any constructing to do, I have them hunt in the dungeons. We recently made a kiln as well, so now I can try my hand at pottery. I’m sure we’ll build something new again in the future, so I’m going to need their help when that time comes.

All right, what shall we make next?

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C81: Rice Ball Offering

After Hades and Persephone left, I restored Miss Glasya’s broken sword as promised.

The Demon King thanked me over and over after what I did for them this time, and went back to his capital to settle things with the human race just as he pledged to Hades.

“It will probably be a one-of-a-kind war in all of history, but I will do everything in my power to avoid troubling you, Lord Saint. When the war is won, I will return to report to you.”
“Please don’t say that. You’re more than welcome to come visit us from time to time.”

A war isn’t something that can be won in a matter of days, after all.

Although I told him that, he just smiled and said nothing, bowed deeply and left with his two boisterous wives.

…It must be tough having two wives.
I need to be careful too.

By the way, our new faces, Puffer, Lampeye and Garra Rufa were completely dumbfounded with the Demon King’s visit and our audience with Hades.

“Why is the king of the demon race visiting you so casually?! Why is the god of the demon race being summoned so casually?!”
“I thought I had fully grasped the fact that this is an extraordinary place, but please don’t go beyond what I my brain can take!!!”
“No more! I feel like my head is going to explode and scatter spores all over the place!!!”

W-Was it really that startling?
Both Hades and the Demon King are very approachable people once you get to know them, you know?
…Okay, I’m sorry.

For the sake of their mental stability, I’ll be gradually introducing phases the next time we do something out of the ordinary.

And so, the time to harvest rice has come.

“Isn’t it too early?”

I know we spread the hyper fertilizer made by Platy to enhance their growth speed, but it hasn’t even been over a month yet since we planted them.

“I wonder why. Maybe the blessing Hades gave this land has something to do with it?”

Oh well, there’s no use wondering about it now that they have ripened.
We immediately harvested, threshed, and polished the rice. At last, the white rice I’ve sought for so long is here!

“…Master, what’s there to be overjoyed about these white grains?”
“We never really know what Dear is always thinking, so what’s new? Honestly, even I was wondering what sort of amazing crop we’d get after all that hustling and bustling, but instead we get…this. It doesn’t even taste good. Tomatoes or potatoes are much, much better.”

Don’t just eat the rice grains.
It can’t be helped. I’ll show Platy and Veil rice’s true worth.

We already have a rice cooker with us from the time we were still building the house, so I just need to try using that to cook it.

First on a low flame, and then on a high flame. If a baby starts to cry, make it stop.
I served the pearl-white and glossy rice to both of them.

“Hot! Hot! Hot!!!”
“It’s burns! It burns!!!”

Were the words that came out of their mouths after devouring the rice like crazy.

“It’s too bland.”
“The texture was good, but there wasn’t any flavor at all. How about you add miso or salt to it?”

They didn’t like it that much, but it is what is, I suppose.
Our ladies’ evaluations aside, I started preparing the rice I wanted to offer to a certain someone.

I dissolved some salt in my soaked hands and molded the rice into a ball.
I made a vow when I started cultivating this land that one day, I will make rice balls from the rice I will be growing here and offer them to Hephaestus.

Hephaestus is the god who blessed me with the Hand of Supremacy. That’s why I want to repay him somehow. I’m sure he would love rice balls!
Hence, I made rice balls from my first harvest, wrapped it in seaweed, and offered it to the improvised altar.

“Lord Hephaestus, because of the gift you gave me, I can manage to live in this world.”

The fact that we have been able to expand our settlements this much is also thanks to the ability you blessed me with.
It’s pretty late, but please accept this humble offering made with everyone’s help.
May it fill you to your heart’s content.


I feel so accomplished as if I just finished the first chapter of my cultivation chronicle. The second one starts now!

“…Lord Saint, do you worship Hephaestus?”

To my surprise, Sensei was right behind me.

…Please stop that, Sensei.
Anyone will get the chills if an undead king like you that looks straight out of a horror movie creeps behind others!

“Lord Saint, I found myself a new hobby after a long while.”
“A hobby?”
“The art of god summoning. I feel like I can do all sorts of things after summoning Hades, and that includes summoning Hephaestus himself!”
“No! No, no, no, no, no!!!”

Please don’t take interest in such crazy ideas! I’m sure he’s terribly busy with other things too, so you don’t have to go out of your way to summon him!

Besides, summoning gods isn’t something that’s normally accomplished by any practitioner, even if they spent their entire life mastering it!!!
After trying my best to keep him on his ground, Sensei unwillingly complied and went back to his dungeon.

He probably doesn’t have the courage to summon any god without a valid reason, so I think he’s just looking for some kind of excuse to do so.
Thankfully, a Lifeless King still has the rationality to separate gods from other beings.

By the way, after Platy and Veil recognized the true power of rice…

“…I feel like something’s missing.”
“Since then, I can’t help but think of wanting rice with whatever I eat! What are you supposed to do about this?!”

It seems their body can’t live without rice anymore.

I did something I’ve been personally wanting to try for a while now.
I cracked and scrambled the egg from the yoschamos I started raising some time ago and poured it over the steamy rice. I then drizzled some soy sauce on top, and mixed them altogether.

“Tamago kake gohan!!!”

It’s so good!

“Aah! Dear is eating something tasty by himself!!!”
“No fair! Let me have some too! Egg, rice, and soy sauce? That’s like three times the goodness! Of course, it’s going to be crazy delicious!!!”

Uh-oh, Platy and Veil found me.

Note: The line “First on a low flame, and then on a high flame. If a baby starts to cry, make it stop.” Is actually something that originated from the Edo period, and teaches people how to cook rice. There’s a more in-depth explanation about it, but it was an entire article written in Japanese that I personally didn’t have the patience to read completely (lol). Originally, the line goes as “First on a low flame, and then on a high flame. Don’t take off the lid even if a baby starts to cry.”

“Tamago kake gohan” can be literally translated as egg-on-rice, but it’s usually mixed with some salt, soy sauce, and kakenori to taste. After translating this chapter, I also gave it a try ‘cause it seemed like the perfect dinner for a lazy ass like me. So, I did. But maybe I was too conscious about getting salmonella poisoning from the raw egg because I wasn’t able to enjoy it at all…it tasted bland. The egg drying up around my mouth felt annoying too.

Oh and, I got a stomachache later that night. lmao

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C80: The Oath of Demon Supremacy

In order for Miss Glasya to break the blessing given by Hades and marry the Demon King, she must use the restored holy sword to obliterate the human race.
It sounds a bit of a tall order for a reward, though…

“What’s will it be, Demon King?” asks Hades.

Only he can make this crucial decision, so it’s natural that Hades would ask the ruler of his men.
I wonder how he will respond to this.

“I should’ve…thought about the previous matter with Astres harder,” gravely says the Demon King. “There was nothing to hesitate about marrying the woman whom I’ve yearned for a long time. However, I should have stopped for a moment and thought about it as the person who bears the heavy responsibility as the Demon King. But because I neglected to do so, we are met with this tricky situation.”

The Demon King did not waver and accepted the Blessing of Mother Earth’s Husband which allowed him to have only one wife.
But it was also clear as day that his heroicness and his position as king will not be settled with making just one woman happy.
I guess this is how harems are made.

“Even my instincts warn me this time around not to take matters lightly. Putting an end to our war with the human race is the most important duty as the person who rules our race.”

So, he has no reason to refuse the gods’ offer. However…

“However, the humans are also a race that has taken root on this earth and has been living here for thousands of years. Must we really obliterate them at the expense of our gods’ circumstances? The humans were also born here and are earnestly living their lives! O’ Hades, I, Demon King Zedan, hereby swear to destroy the human race’s regime instead.”
“Their regime…you say?”

The Demon King continued his explanation.

“Among the human race, only the royalty and those in the church believe they are superior by serving their god, Zeus. If we massacre them and destroy their unity as a nation destroy, they will be no different from us who are living our days earnestly.”
“Doing so will also make me fulfill my duties as Demon King protecting the earth, so I hope this will still grant Glasya her reward.”
“However, Zeus’ children will always have something up their sleeves.”

Hades’ reaction wasn’t very satisfactory.

“I think it’s all right, love,” commented Demetersephone, Hades’ beloved wife.
“Since the Great Destruction four thousand years ago, we gods lost the power to interfere in any significant way. If the human race’s king and church are destroyed, not even Zeus can do anything about it.”
“I-Is that so?”
“Above all, it was very commendable of you to come to such an amicable solution, Demon King. Just like how an earthling should behave.”

The gods have been convinced.

“Well then, Demon King of this generation. I’ll deem this proposal of yours acceptable. Actually, you and your wives.”
“I am ever so grateful!”

The Demon King went down on his knees to express his respect.

“We’ll grant you your reward in advance.”

As Mother Earth Goddess held her hand, it emitted light that split into two and enveloped the two ladies.

“Me too?!”

Mrs. Astres and Miss Glasya were both enveloped in Persephone’s light.

“You have been given the Blessing of Mother Earth Goddess. Originally, this blessing is granted to one person each generation only. Whoever has this blessing has the right to marry any hero recognized by my husband.”
“Is that true?!”
“All right!”

Miss Glasya was overjoyed upon hearing the good news Detemersephone brought.

“Love, aren’t you being too generous by rewarding them in advance even though they haven’t accomplished anything yet?”
“Don’t worry, love. Remember the seven holy swords you made to ensure our children’s victory? Originally, having one true holy sword would’ve sufficed, but now we have two with us. Right?”

As soon as Mother Earth Goddess said that, she immediately shifted her gaze towards me.

“You’ll restore that young woman’s holy sword, won’t you?”

I guess she must be referring to Miss Glasya’s holy sword.

“I will… I will, but…”

Why is she pressing me so much about it?

“Hephaestus is said to be best god smith, but his unsightly appearance has earned him nothing but neglect from his father Zeus. It would surely be exhilarating to see Zeus’ ambitions crushed by his own son’s gift.”

Hades chuckled like a child who just finished reading about an ill-fated man’s end.

“You were supposed to belong to the other side, what after being summoned by the miracle of Zeus and received Hephaestus’ gift. Are you really all right in offering your support to my children?”


Sure, the king of the human race may have summoned me here, but I consider my relationship with him non-existent after I bought this land for nine gold coins.
I’m greatly indebted to Hephaestus for blessing me with the Hand of Supremacy, but that has nothing to do with Zeus at all. In fact, he’s like a nobody to me.

“Fortune must be smiling upon us if he’s on such good terms with our children.”
“You may be right. In order to secure their relationship, I will also exercise my power.”

Hades held up his hand as light emanated from it that scattered in all directions.

“I have blessed this entire land with my blessings as the god of the earth. Fret not, for it is a weak blessing that comes at no cost to you.”
“We don’t have anything else we can give you since you already have Hephaestus’ gift. One of the many promises we gods must keep is not to grant too many blessings to one person.”
“It’s a blessing that will only slightly improve the quality of crops you harvest here. I hope you will continue to get along with our children without any conflict.”

With that, the godly couple vanished shortly after, as if they have nothing else to say.
Problem solved…I guess?

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C79: A Special Condition

“Grant us exemption?!”

I wonder what she’s talking about.
She’s whispering something to Hades’s ear.

“Uh-huh… Hm? What?!”

He’s shocked!
I wonder what Mother Earth Goddess is planning.

“Now that you mention it, there is something about the children gathered here,” says Hades with dignity. “Those holy swords whom I granted to my men, raise them up.”

We were surprised by his sudden request, but he’s referring to the holy swords that we have with is, right? Let’s behave modestly and do as he says.
I unsheathe the Evil-Holy Sword Dreischwartz hanging from my hips and raise it. The Demon King and Mrs. Astres follows suit with their holy swords Einrot and Sechsweiss.

“Hoh…Three of them are here…They do not even abide by my commands, what are they doing here? Hm?”

Miss Glasya also raises her broken sword.
This feels like déjà vu.

“This is the heirloom of my family, Malicious-Holy Sword Fünfviolett. Its broken state is proof of our loyalty to the Demon King after the civil war a long time ago.”

Even Mrs. Astres’ sword was the same before until I restored it.
It seems every Heavenly King valued each of their holy swords and continued to pass them down within their family despite its broken state.

“O’ Mighty god of the demon race, what is the meaning of this?”
“I gave ye these holy swords.”

Ooh, shocking truth.

“Back when we gods decided to rule this world with Zeus ruling the sky, Poseidon ruling the seas, and me ruling this earth, we created each of our own men within our territories. The demon race is what Persephone and I worked hard to create.”

This is starting to sound like The Creation of the World.

“However, Zeus’ avariciousness made him want more than just the territory he governs, so he sent his children to the land. They are what you call the human race of today.”
“You mean the humans are invaders sent by the god of the sky?!”

I feel like I’m also taking some blows, but this isn’t related to me at all, right?
I’m a human from another world, after all.

“More importantly, the war between Zeus’ children and mine continues up to this day. I am not one bit amused with it, but I can at least offer my children some assistance.”

And that is…

“The holy swords.”

These swords were made by a god?

“But it’s not as good as it could be, for there is no one better than Hephaestus, the son of Zeus, the god of crafting. In order for the swords to have the same caliber as Hephaestus’ work, I have taken a roundabout way.”

A roundabout way?

“After making the seven holy swords, I made them destroy each other and feed on each other’s souls. Then, the remaining sword absorbs the souls of those it defeated as well as the memories of their battles and becomes the most powerful sword.”

And then, this true holy sword will be used to obliterate the human race, huh?

“The true holy sword should’ve assisted my children after an estimated calculation of a hundred years, but it’s been over a thousand years, you know? What have they been doing all this time?”
“Look, love,” says Mother Earth Goddess as she points to Mrs. Astres’ Wild-Holy Sword Sechsweiss.
“It seems that sword has already become the true holy sword.”

We’re as surprised as you are, Hades.
What does it mean it has become the true holy sword?

“You’re right…It does look like the completed true holy sword! But why?! There are still two other swords here that are in perfect shape!”
“I’m sure it must be that child’s doing,” said Mother Earth Goddess as she points at me.
“Our guest here received Hephaestus’ gift. He then turned your imperfect sword into a perfect one with it.”


I did such a thing?!
I only had good intentions of fixing Mrs. Astres’ sword!

“Mr. Otherworlder. Could you fix that other broken sword for us as well?”

You mean, Miss Glasya’s holy sword?

“It should be more than enough to have two completed holy swords with us.”
“To destroy the human race.”

That’s…quite an outrageous statement.

“You can use that holy sword you remodeled to destroy the human race. By doing so, my beloved Hades can also eradicate the remaining influence that stupid Zeus is exerting on this land where my husband should have complete control over. I say it’s a glorious achievement, don’t you think?”
“My husband will be able to regain total control over the earth after over a thousand years. Don’t you think those who contributed to such an accomplishment should be given a corresponding reward?”

So…we must do a distinguished service enough to give the Demon King an exception to have both Miss Glasya and Mrs. Astres as his wives. And that distinguished service is to obliterate the human race.

If they achieve that, the gods can revise the contract to give them special treatment.
For that to happen, I must restore another holy sword.

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C78: A Devoted Deity

“Hades, the god of the underworld, Poseidon, the god of the sea, and Zeus, the god of the heavens are said to have created the land, sea, and sky. They are also more commonly referred to as the Three Realm Deities,” explains Sensei, who came rushing after hearing the urgent matter at hand.
“According to legend, unlike the other two Realm Deities who have had multiple episodes of love affairs, Hades has never been known to be unfaithful. It is said that he continues to love only Persephone, the mother earth goddess, as his wife.”

Wow. So he’s a loyal god.

“In fact, Hades never considers himself the god of the underworld, rather as Mother Earth’s Goddess’ Husband.”

The earth, the seas, and the sky.

“They each have their own way to assert control over their respective realms. But for Hades, his relationship with his beloved wife, Demetersephone, who is also Mother Earth, is important. This may be the reason why cheating on her is out of the question.”

I guess gods have their own problems to deal with.
No wonder he insists those who receive his blessing that they follow in his steps and love only one wife.

“That actually sounds pretty understandable to me.”

I mean, isn’t it normal not to cheat on your wife?
I was only thinking out loud since it seemed like common sense, but the majority didn’t think so.

“Dear, what’s considered common for many may still be different for the chosen ones!!!”

Platy was the first to voice out her opinion.

“The Demon King is the ruler of the demon race, which is exactly why he must unite small groups each with their own way of thinking, and lead them as one large group. Sometimes, he just has to marry multiple women who have special connections to accomplish this!”

“On the contrary, that’s actually the case for many,” says Sensei.
“I might have been too short-sighted…”

Here comes the Demon King in his self-deprecation mode again.

“I thought I was fully aware of my responsibilities as king, but it seems I let my emotions for Astres get the better of me and made a careless decision. Not to mention, I was completely oblivious of Glasya’s adoration for me…”
“Lord Zedan!!!”

The muscular Heavenly One was deeply moved to tears.

“I am not worthy of such words! I, Glasya, will not regret having her head cut off for it!!!”
“You will not die! I shall take your hand in marriage, just like I took Astres’! You’re fine with this, right, Astres?”
“As you wish, Lord Zedan.”

Mrs. Astres is so obedient…
Is she really fine with it? Especially after she was finally able to have him all to herself…

“There’s only one thing that needs to be done.”

As soon as Sensei said that, he summoned Hades.
This undead king sure is having fun casually summoning gods.


The more Hades learned about the situation, the more his brows furrowed.

“The more I listen, the more blasphemous it sounds. It hasn’t even been over a year since you received your blessing from me, the god of the demon race, but you’re already violating my terms.”
“I have no words to reply.”

Hades is unsurprisingly angry.
The Demon King on the other hand is doing his best to remain calm and let Hades’ wrath pass by.

“Please wait!” intervenes Glasya. “This whole situation was caused by my own selfishness! Lord Zedan did all he could to reject my feelings!”
“If it is divine punishment I must receive, let it be upon me! If I can’t marry Lord Zedan, then please take me with you to the underworld!!!”
“Well, you see, that’s…”

A maiden in love’s resolve is amazing.
She’s not one bit overwhelmed even by a god’s presence.

“Why not, love?” intervenes a woman’s voice. “Is it not because of your inflexible blessing that the situation has turned for the worse? It’s only natural that the blessing you give only applies to great men unparalleled in history.”
“True, nevertheless…”
“And it is only natural to treat such great men well. Imposing such restrictions on them will only cause the maidens to shed more tears.”

Is this woman who is admonishing Hades as much as she wants another god?

She is solemn-looking and resembles that of an empress hina doll beside its emperor as she stands next to Hades. She looks ever-so youthful and voluptuous, and her beautiful face adorned with a smile somehow has a maternal aura to it.

She must be Demetersephone, Mother Earth Goddess, and the wife of Hades.
It seems that she was also summoned alongside her husband.

“Whoopee! My summoning skill has improved!!”

This undead king…don’t use the Demon King as your guinea pig for your experiments.

“You know, I am grateful that my husband loves me, but his earnestness and inflexibility are exactly his flaws,” says Mother Goddess in a light-hearted manner like a homemaker. “It is already in many god’s nature to have an affair. As long as you don’t disrespect me, I think it is all right for you to have a bit of fun yourself. You’re only pushing yourself by continuing to compete against those fools Zeus and Poseidon!”
“Do not lump me together with those lot! I will love you and you alone until the end of the world.”
“Oh? You say that, but did you not have a fling with that land spirit Minthe thousands of years ago?
“Hey, hey, hey!!!”

It seems Sensei’s explanation to us earlier had a bit of a mistake.

“I am fine with it. As the Mother Earth Goddess, I encourage you to marry, conceive, and reproduce a lot.”
“Then…is it okay?!”
“I apologize. As I am also his wife, I cannot ignore his wishes. If I did that, I would be setting a bad example to the rest of you, would I not?”

No one was able to say anything in response to Mother Earth Goddess’ irrefutable statement.

“A god’s blessing is a kind of promise between man and god. If this was easily broken, any contract’s value thereafter will be rendered worthless. In order to break a contract whilst preserving its value requires a special measure…”

Mother Earth Goddess’ shifts her gaze back and forth as if looking for something, but then stops at one point.

“Oh my, what do we have here?” she says as she looks at me.
“What about me?”

“Thou do not look like thee art one of Zeus’ children, art thee? Thou art from outside our world, and it seems thee received something really good from Hephaestus.”


She’s not talking about the Hand of Supremacy, is she?

“How intriguing. If things work out, I might be able to grant thee an exception.”

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C77: An Unbreakable Contract

“In fact, Glasya wasn’t entirely serious about rebelling and aiming for the throne.”

As Queen Astres spoke in a dispassionate tone, the sour look on Glasya’s face became more and more apparent. She certainly sees Mrs. Astres as a rival as she glares at her from her peripheral view. Perhaps the true cause of her misery isn’t because she failed in her revolt.

“It seems she’s been in love with Lord Zedan ever since. Her lineage also allows her to become more than qualified as the Demon King’s marriage candidate for she possesses the Malicious-Holy Sword Fünfviolett, though broken.”

Miss Glasya’s parents already gave up on her from an early age, thinking that she would not be able to win the Demon King’s favor because of her masculine and unrefined physique. Hence, they didn’t let her go to court like the other noble girls.

As a result, she grew up a total tomboy, excelled at martial arts, and succeeded in life through a different route: joining the Four Heavenly Kings. It was here that she first met Demon King Zedan.

“She said it was love at first sight.”
“Shut it!”

Glasya raised her voice for the very first time since her arrival here.
It sounded like a lone wolf’s voice, befitting her wild yet beautiful figure.

“Besides, you’re the one who cheated here! We’re both Heavenly Kings, yet why does Lord Zedan only ever have eyes for you?! Is being childhood friends that special of a thing, huh?!”
“If you have complaints, tell that to your aristocratic parents. We don’t have any difference when it comes to our family statuses. Weren’t your parents the ones who took the liberty of discerning and decided to keep you away from meeting with Lord Zedan?”
“Time doesn’t matter when it comes to falling in love with Lord Zedan! What matters is who loves him the most!!!”
“If so, I’m definitely the one who loves him more than anyone else.”

Looks like they started arguing with each other.
I can speculate this has happened dozens of times.

“This is just…”

The Demon King spoke once more, but this time in a disheartening manner.

“It seems that Glasya’s motive for rebelling wasn’t because she really aimed for the throne, but because she was enraged that I gave up everything in order to go after Astres.”

She was jealous and thought that if Mrs. Astres is more important than his title of Demon King, then she’ll be the new ruler in his place?

“You’re the rashest person among us Four Heavenly Kings. If everything really did go as planned and you assumed the throne of Demon King during Lord Zedan’s absence, what were you planning to do?!”
“I urged him to choose between the throne or you!”

But that’s not what really happened.

“We have already succeeded in eradicating every threat and problem within our nation, save for Glasya’s.”

This was the very first time I heard the Demon King sound terribly exhausted.

“My passion and desire for Astres are such that as long as I have her, I have no need for anyone else. It may have been easier for me to make a decision, but I’m just not that conceited.”
“What are you saying, Lord Zedan?!”
“It’s exactly because of your wisdom that I am more than willing to devote my body and heart to you!!!”

Protested the two Heavenly Kings.
Their harmony is amazing.

“Glasya is the best of the Four Heavenly Kings in terms of valor. It would be a shame to cast away an exceptional person like her. On top of this, I simply cannot ignore her because of her strong feelings for me.”

In other words, if she can’t become queen, then she should just get killed.

“What do you plan to do?”
“Most of my retainers are of the opinion that I should have her as my concubine.”

As expected of the Demon King. He’s the demon race’s ruler, after all, so he can have as many wives as he wants.

“It’s the only way to calm her down and consider her request. Naturally, she’s still pressed with charges of mutiny, so she would have to apologize for that first before she marries into my servitude.”
“That’s too generous of a favor. No matter how much Glasya persists, I’m sure even she would be convinced she can’t get a deal any better than this.”

But Glasya didn’t look one bit convinced.
However, it’s undeniable that she has no other choice but to accept this compromise.
So, she silently complied with a sullen look.

“But here’s the big problem.”

There doesn’t seem to be any particular problem to me, though?
Shouldn’t the Demon King be all smiles now that he’s going to have two wives?

“Oh, are you perhaps wondering if Mrs. Astres is against it?”

No one wants their beloved spouse to cheat on them, after all.

“Please don’t underestimate me, Lord Saint. As I am married to the ruler of the demon race, I understand the predicament my husband is in.”

I-I see…

“In order to unite a diverse faction each with their own thinking, it is inevitable to have several wives who hold special connections.”
“Hah, you talk so big now that you’re married.”
“Sorry, did a war freak whose only talent is to go berserk on the front lines say something?”
“Excuse me, but the same goes for you! Do you even have any idea what they call us on the battlefield?! The Muscle-Brained Kings!!!”
“Well, you’re also one of those people, so stop acting pompous!!!”
“All I wanted to say is that it’s not one bit admirable that another war freak like you suddenly became the queen! You big, big dummy!!!”
“Their relationship has always been like this. And it’s certainly not because of the riot that happened recently…” says the Demon King with a glum look.

I mean, being love rivals is probably the main reason why they don’t get along…
So? What’s the real problem here?
Why can’t you just marry Glasya and create your own harem?

“I have been greatly indebted to you for many things in the past. Among those…do you still remember our audience with Hades, god of the underworld?”

Why of course, no one can easily forget an incident like that.
Sensei went overboard and accidentally summoned Hades himself when he only wanted to pray for the couple’s marriage.
Hades, the god of the underworld, is also the god who created the demon race.
By receiving his direct blessing, the Demon King and his wife were able to obtain a bond that no one can sever. That’s just how powerful the blessing is.

“The Blessing of Mother Earth’s Husband bestowed upon us by Hades, is the most powerful blessing a demon could receive. It has multiple effects, and one of them is that…you mustn’t cheat on your spouse for the rest of your life.”

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C76: The Demon King Revisits

Just after we finished planting all the seedlings, Mr. Zedan the Demon King came to visit us again.
He can come and go as he pleases all thanks to the waypoints Belena has been managing up till now.

Nonetheless, it has been a while since the last time he visited, so everyone was in a welcoming mood.
Naturally, Mrs. Astres, now Demon Queen, is also with him. She was happy to see her former subordinates Batemy and Belena again.

“We missed you, Miss Astres!”
“You became even more beautiful during the short time you were away!”

A complete bystander like me can tell that their words weren’t mere flattery.

Mrs. Astres, former Heavenly King now promoted to the wife of the Demon King, has truly become beautiful as if to match her title as Demon Queen. Her beauty has a sense of dignity to it and though her new dress made by Batemy may restrict her movements, it makes her look more like royalty.

The couple looks the same as before…except there was something a little different this time.

“…Who is she?” I ask, referring to the other woman accompanying them.

However, it was difficult to tell if she is a woman or not from a glance because of her muscular and wild-looking appearance. Her dark skin, characteristic of the demon race, is also darker probably from getting tanned. Even her height was almost similar to that of the Demon Lord’s.

“Let me introduce her to you. This is one of the Heavenly Four, Glasya the Malicious.”

Ohh, I see.

“Before I go into a detailed explanation about this person, please let me apologize for my long absence.”

According to him, cleaning up the rebels causing havoc during his absence took a lot of time.
He only finished everything the other day, apparently.

“As expected, it was the other Heavenly Kings who took the liberty of discussing my marriage with Lady Platy and plotted Astres’ expulsion.”

“…Is it perhaps that person who caused it all?” I asked as I glanced at the sulking Miss Heavenly King.
“No, she’s different. I already made the rest of them take full responsibility and step down from their position as Heavenly King. So, I came to bring good news that things are finally settled.”
“That’s good to hear! But then, who is this person you brought with you?”

Everyone couldn’t divert their interest away from the sulking Miss Heavenly King.
Our Demon Queen on the other hand only kept smiling bitterly.

“She’s the reason for our visit today. It pains me to say this, but I need your help once again, Lord Saint.”
“What do you mean by that?”

Apparently, this Glasya turned against the Demon King to take over his position during his absence.
Other mobs attempted the same, but they were also exterminated altogether in one fell swoop with the Demon King’s clever tactics.
Now, everything is ideal enough to establish a new order of things with Mrs. Astres as the Demon Queen.

“Only Glasya remains the sole problem in this situation,” says the Demon King hesitantly. “She’s the highest-ranking person among those who participated in the recent mutiny. Even the flamboyance of her actions surpassed the rest. After all, she boldly declared that she will overthrow me and become the next Demon King.”
“Ah, there really is no turning back on that one. But are you going to execute her now that you’ve oppressed her?”

The Demon King shakes his head in response to Platy’s frightening question.

“I commend Glasya’s splendor and bravery. She was unlike the others who were only beating around the bush and were trying to use cheap tricks to legally force me out of my title,” says the Demon King so on and so forth. “Thus, in order to spare someone as remarkable as her, I decided to keep her position as Heavenly King. I figured if I could thoroughly oppress her and make her surrender, this could convince the people around me and uphold discipline.”

By the way, the rest of the mobs who tried to snatch the throne from the Demon King through their schemes didn’t get away scot-free. As punishment, they were revoked of their territory, were fired from their position, and the like.
In any case, they were stripped of any power they can use to plot against their ruler.

“…However, Glasya is steadfast in her decision. No matter how many times we knocked her down or pressed her to submit to me, she wouldn’t budge. She won’t even utter a single word of apology, so she leaves us no choice but to execute her. It’s stumping, I must say,” says Demon King with a sincere look of distress.

I’m sure he wants to avoid any casualties. He truly is a kind man.

“I understand the troublesome situation you’re in, but why us?”

Did he come to ask for advice from us?
Hearing the specifics of his story, it sounds like an internal affair within the demon race, not something for us to stick our noses in.

“About that…” mumbles the Demon King.

That’s rare.
I wonder what is he hesitating to say?

“Lord Zedan, please leave the rest of this discussion to me,” says Mrs. Astres with a tone of dignity.

I can somehow feel the mellowness in her voice.

“The problem is that Glasya is in love with Lord Zedan.”
“She only keeps making difficulties for us by insisting that she be made the Demon Queen or execute her if the former is not plausible.”

The riot that shook the Demon Kingdom took a blander turn than expected.

Note: My image of Glasya that I could never erase from my head after translating this chapter.

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C75: Rice Planting

Thus began the very first rice planting race amongst the ladies at our settlement.
It looks like the person who plants the most seedlings in the shortest time possible will be declared the winner.

Prize? None.
I never intended this activity to be a competition in the first place.

It was supposed to have everyone get along and experience rice planting together.
And yet, each of them took it upon themselves and put their dignity on the line.

So, they better not be coming to me for a prize, because I didn’t prepare any.

“The winner of this competition…”
“…will receive even greater favor from Master!!!”

What absurd prize are they making up now?!

Sparks continue to form between Platy and Veil.

“I want nothing more than to be of service to Princess Platy. On the occasion that I win, I will offer the prize to the princess,” says Lampeye, unwavering in her resolve.

As for Puffer…

“Hmph. That doesn’t fire me up. Why would I concern myself with a lanky land-dweller? Maybe I should just withdraw like Garra Rufa…”
“If you win, I’ll set you up on a special date with my stupid brother.”
“Stop getting the wrong idea!!!”

Although Puffer denied it through words, she patted her cheeks and braced herself.
Aren’t they being too excited about this?
Just don’t go too far and get yourselves hurt, okay?

As mentioned earlier, the person who plants the most seedlings within the given time limit will be declared the winner. And before I realized it, Orkubo and co. have made and set up a scoreboard to count the seedlings planted by each contestant. Even the monster army had already chosen which contestant to root for. The venue was filled with a competitive feeling in the air.

And then, the competition started.


The first to head straight for a dash were the oldest residents; Platy and Veil, as they bend and thrust seedlings one after the other into the mud. Their speed was almost double that of the other contestants.

If you think about it, there’s no way Veil would fall behind the others in any kind of competition. She’s a dragon, after all.

Her transcendental magic allows her to shift back and forth between her human and dragon forms at will.
Out of curiosity, I once asked how strong she is in her human form. She told me that she can use her dragon magic with ease regardless of her physical appearance.

So, even if she were to fight against the human or demon race in her current form, she can still annihilate them all with one hand. In fact, thanks to her smaller stature compared to when she’s a dragon, she can even perform minute tasks, making it more convenient. This time, she strengthened her human form with magic and planted the seedlings at a tremendous speed.

But Platy won’t be outdone with this, either.

Merfolk have always had strong muscles. As a race that swims in the oceans, their strong hips allow them to twist and wade through the water. This point was ultimately proven during the time Prince Arowana emerged as the champion in the sumo tournament. Platy submerges her hips into the slippery mud as she steadily plants the seedlings.

“Looks like things really turned into a one-on-one heated battle between the two of them as speculated.”
“There’s a speculation going on?!”
“The odds are 1:2 for Lady Platy and 1:1 for Lady Veil.”
“You’re betting on them?!”

This is Orkubo reporting live. I will be providing the commentary.
But the situation seems to be in favor of the strongest race, the dragon.
The number of seedlings Veil has planted is steadily outnumbering Platy.

“Oh no! At this rate, Princess Platy will suffer defeat!” grumbles Lampeye who is planting the seedlings at her own pace.

“I, Lampeye, will turn into a snake or a moray for the sake of the princess. I shall become a steppingstone to the princess’ victory!!!”

The rest of the ladies continue to plant the seedlings, unaffected by the situation around them.
However, Lampeye increased her speed several folds and charged at Veil like a fighting bull.
Veil was still immersed in rice planting, so she didn’t notice Lampeye coming at her from behind.

As a result, they collided head-on…or should I say, butt-on?
But of course, because Veil’s body, including her butt, is currently strengthened by dragon magic, Lampeye, who collided one-sidedly with her, was sent flying.


Lampeye; retired for sabotage and going outside the field.

Even though Veil has a human form that resembles that of a loli’s, Lampeye’s muscular butt lost over a small one.

I guess Veil really is going to totally win this.
But just when I was thinking that the wall of the strongest race was too formidable, an unanticipated development occurred.

“I’m fed up with this.”

Veil, who had the lead over every other contestant by a long shot, suddenly said that.
Dragons, who seemed to be flawless beings at a glance, lacked one thing: concentration.
They lacked the patience to keep doing the same thing for an extended period of time.

It hasn’t even been over thirty minutes since they started, but Veil was already showing signs of boredom.
Planting rice requires an excruciating effort that lasts for several days.

“I can’t be bothered with something so plain and boring. Just hurry up and declare me as the winner so I can go play!”

As the strongest race, dragons can kill most opponents in one turn. As a result, they never developed the tenacity to settle down and deal with something for a long time.

“Even one of those fish legs already retired. If there are any meddlers, I’ll use my breath to wipe them out and claim my victory.”

No. That’s a disqualification for you. Even Lampeye was eliminated for going out of her lane.

“Hmph! Then this doesn’t make it a competition anymore!!!” says Platy as she immediately assesses the situation.
“Everyone! Let’s all work together against Veil!”
“Understood, Miss Platy!!!”

The demon combo of Batemy and Belena followed Platy, threw themselves upon Veil from three different sides, and held her down firmly.

“What’s with this weak power? Do you really think you can restrict me with just this?”
“I can break free as soon as I revert to my dragon form. In fact, I can do that now…”
“Wait,” says Platy with a hint of desperation in her voice. “…This is the first time I ever experienced running on slushy and slippery mud. I might actually lose my footing here more than I anticipated.”
“The more you run the more you lose balance…”
“And you immediately slip if you stop, so you’re left with no choice but to keep running!”

It seems Batemy and Belena felt the same way.

“Just when I was about to fall, I decided to grab on to Veil. She’s still our target after all!”
“You also thought of the same thing too, Miss Platy?”
“Hence, we can only keep our balance by leaning on you, Miss Veil! Even now, my feet keep sinking into the mud, I feel like I’m going to slip at any time!”

Just as they said, their slanting posture is slowly getting shallower and shallower as the three of them lean on Veil at an inclined angle.
Turns out, it was the muddy field that was to be feared, not Veil.

“You blockheads! Damn it! Get off me! Fall into the mud for all I care!!!”
“Don’t be like that, Miss Veil!!!”
“She’s right! I made these clothes specifically for today’s activity. It would be too sad to have it covered in mud on the very first day we wear it!” says Batemy, as she cries out in grief.
“You think I care about that?! How about I just transform into a dragon now and use that momentum to send the three of you flying?!”

I call out to her from outside the field.

“If you transform into a dragon or use offensive magic from where you stand, we’ll disqualify you. Not only that, but I also won’t give you food for three days.”

She leaves me no choice.
Her transformation will only ruin the paddy field.

“What am I supposed to do then?! Stop leaning on me and stop groping my chest! Who’s the one shoving their face in my butt?!”
“Ah! Stop flailing around! Your movements will just make us sink further into the mud!”
“Miss Veil, let’s all just get covered in mud and become fertilizer for the rice paddies.”

Thus, Veil, Platy, Batemy, and Belena crashed into each other and retired from the competition.

I thought this match was going to be voided because of everyone’s self-sabotage, but there was one more person in the field: Puffer.
She continued to plant the seedlings steadily and quietly, unperturbed neither by Veil’s rampage nor by Platy’s sedition. She topped everyone’s records, making her win the race.
She may have a delinquent-like attitude, but she can actually work hard and steadily.

After the commotion that just happened, all of us, including the monster army, planted rice in the remaining rice paddies. Now, we wait for the ears to bear fruit. Thanks to Platy’s hyper-fertilizer that we spread earlier; their growth is also enhanced.
I can’t wait for harvesting season to come.

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