C80: The Oath of Demon Supremacy

In order for Miss Glasya to break the blessing given by Hades and marry the Demon King, she must use the restored holy sword to obliterate the human race.
It sounds a bit of a tall order for a reward, though…

“What’s will it be, Demon King?” asks Hades.

Only he can make this crucial decision, so it’s natural that Hades would ask the ruler of his men.
I wonder how he will respond to this.

“I should’ve…thought about the previous matter with Astres harder,” gravely says the Demon King. “There was nothing to hesitate about marrying the woman whom I’ve yearned for a long time. However, I should have stopped for a moment and thought about it as the person who bears the heavy responsibility as the Demon King. But because I neglected to do so, we are met with this tricky situation.”

The Demon King did not waver and accepted the Blessing of Mother Earth’s Husband which allowed him to have only one wife.
But it was also clear as day that his heroicness and his position as king will not be settled with making just one woman happy.
I guess this is how harems are made.

“Even my instincts warn me this time around not to take matters lightly. Putting an end to our war with the human race is the most important duty as the person who rules our race.”

So, he has no reason to refuse the gods’ offer. However…

“However, the humans are also a race that has taken root on this earth and has been living here for thousands of years. Must we really obliterate them at the expense of our gods’ circumstances? The humans were also born here and are earnestly living their lives! O’ Hades, I, Demon King Zedan, hereby swear to destroy the human race’s regime instead.”
“Their regime…you say?”

The Demon King continued his explanation.

“Among the human race, only the royalty and those in the church believe they are superior by serving their god, Zeus. If we massacre them and destroy their unity as a nation destroy, they will be no different from us who are living our days earnestly.”
“Doing so will also make me fulfill my duties as Demon King protecting the earth, so I hope this will still grant Glasya her reward.”
“However, Zeus’ children will always have something up their sleeves.”

Hades’ reaction wasn’t very satisfactory.

“I think it’s all right, love,” commented Demetersephone, Hades’ beloved wife.
“Since the Great Destruction four thousand years ago, we gods lost the power to interfere in any significant way. If the human race’s king and church are destroyed, not even Zeus can do anything about it.”
“I-Is that so?”
“Above all, it was very commendable of you to come to such an amicable solution, Demon King. Just like how an earthling should behave.”

The gods have been convinced.

“Well then, Demon King of this generation. I’ll deem this proposal of yours acceptable. Actually, you and your wives.”
“I am ever so grateful!”

The Demon King went down on his knees to express his respect.

“We’ll grant you your reward in advance.”

As Mother Earth Goddess held her hand, it emitted light that split into two and enveloped the two ladies.

“Me too?!”

Mrs. Astres and Miss Glasya were both enveloped in Demetersephone’s light.

“You have been given the Blessing of Mother Earth Goddess. Originally, this blessing is granted to one person each generation only. Whoever has this blessing has the right to marry any hero recognized by my husband.”
“Is that true?!”
“All right!”

Miss Glasya was overjoyed upon hearing the good news Detemersephone brought.

“Love, aren’t you being too generous by rewarding them in advance even though they haven’t accomplished anything yet?”
“Don’t worry, love. Remember the seven holy swords you made to ensure our children’s victory? Originally, having one true holy sword would’ve sufficed, but now we have two with us. Right?”

As soon as Mother Earth Goddess said that, she immediately shifted her gaze towards me.

“You’ll restore that young woman’s holy sword, won’t you?”

I guess she must be referring to Miss Glasya’s holy sword.

“I will… I will, but…”

Why is she pressing me so much about it?

“Hephaestus is said to be best god smith, but his unsightly appearance has earned him nothing but neglect from his father Zeus. It would surely be exhilarating to see Zeus’ ambitions crushed by his own son’s gift.”

Hades chuckled like a child who just finished reading about an ill-fated man’s end.

“You were supposed to belong to the other side, what after being summoned by the miracle of Zeus and received Hephaestus’ gift. Are you really all right in offering your support to my children?”


Sure, the king of the human race may have summoned me here, but I consider my relationship with him non-existent after I bought this land for nine gold coins.
I’m greatly indebted to Hephaestus for blessing me with the Hand of Supremacy, but that has nothing to do with Zeus at all. In fact, he’s like a nobody to me.

“Fortune must be smiling upon us if he’s on such good terms with our children.”
“You may be right. In order to secure their relationship, I will also exercise my power.”

Hades held up his hand as light emanated from it that scattered in all directions.

“I have blessed this entire land with my blessings as the god of the earth. Fret not, for it is a weak blessing that comes at no cost to you.”
“We don’t have anything else we can give you since you already have Hephaestus’ gift. One of the many promises we gods must keep is not to grant too many blessings to one person.”
“It’s a blessing that will only slightly improve the quality of crops you harvest here. I hope you will continue to get along with our children without any conflict.”

With that, the godly couple vanished shortly after, as if they have nothing else to say.
Problem solved…I guess?

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6 months ago

I wonder if these gods can see, or at least consistently enough guess the future. Otherwise giving blessings entirely ‘on credit’ is nothing but a folly even if they can be taken back later. The blow to their dignity would remain regardless.

2 years ago

Thnx for the Translations~

Oof, now I wish that the Reign of the Foolish king of humans is ended…
And then it became a true Laid back Series like “Isekai Nonbiri Nouka”

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