Detective in Another World

A lackluster detective and devoted mystery aficionado has met his demise. Yet, he finds himself reborn in a classic fantasy realm of swords, magic, monsters, and dungeons, all while retaining his previous life’s memories. He now goes by the name Van, a commoner with an extraordinary talent for magic and a wealth of knowledge from his past life. Despite his lowly status, Van manages to climb the ranks and make a name for himself.

However, his journey takes a dark turn when an inexplicable murder occurs right in front of him. The victim is none other than a Dragon Eater, an immortal transcendent being. Making matters more perplexing, there exists a Prophecy Machine capable of predicting everything, yet this particular murder was never foreseen. The baffling question now stands: How was the transcendent being murdered in an event that escaped the prophecy?

Table of Contents

Author: 片里鴎(カタザト)
Translator: v-rus

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Isekai
Status: Ongoing
Manga: Isekai no Meitantei
Official Release (JP): Book Walker, Amazon

Release Schedule: Minimum 1/week

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