I Was Heartbroken, So I Became A VTuber, But Then I Became Popular with the Older Ladies

Shocked after Yuki Himemura found out that the club senpai he was crushing on got a boyfriend, he decided to become a VTuber—something both he and his senpai have always liked—and used his savings to assemble his equipment.

He gets his virtual character designed only to discover that it’s a 3D model of a cute girl and, in the process, unintentionally ends up portraying one!

Not only that but the person who designed and rigged his model and his favorite VTubers are starting to take a liking to him…?

*You can still enjoy reading this novel even if you don’t know what VTubers are.

Table of Contents

Author: 二兎凛
Translator: v-rus

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
Status: Ongoing
Raw (JP): syosetu.com

Release Frequency: 2-3 chapters weekly

This web novel is also hosted on Re:Library as an affiliate partner.

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4 months ago


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Best Regards,

The Re:Library Team

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