Hello, this is where I’ll be posting updates on the web novel Isekai de Tochi o Katte Noujou o Tsukurou every three days, but if you can’t wait, there’s always my Patreon for early access! Naturally, I only do this as a pastime, but any support will help me cover my expenses as I prepare to move out.

More about myself as an individual, I’m a hobbyist Japanese-English translator who has translated for scanlation groups, solo clients, and a few companies, mainly in the literary and entertainment field. My other pastimes include searching for undiscovered gems in music (mostly Japanese), singing my heart out, baking, calligraphy, learning languages (both foreign languages and the scientific study of language as a whole), and applying this on social platforms like VRChat.

That’s it for now; I hope you’re patient with me and any mistakes I make throughout my translations. I’m very interactive with people who comment, so any corrections, suggestions, or even a simple word of thanks are more than accepted and appreciated.

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