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ITK C82: Katsudon

Now that we’ve obtained rice, we can embark on yet another new journey!
I greased a deep-frying pan I made from mana metal and heated it over the fire.

While it was heating up, I sliced some horned boar (formally known as square boar) meat I took out from our food storage, covered it in flour, egg wash, then in breadcrumbs.

Who can guess what I’m making? — That’s right, tonkatsu!
At last! Our settlement has become civilized enough for us to be able to make proper meals!!!

“So, this is the best way to eat square boar meat?”
“I’ve been hearing about this for quite some time already, you’ve been making us wait for so long! My patience is at its limit!!!”

Platy and Veil were so excited about the tonkatsu that they took position right next to the pan and didn’t want to move an inch.
But they must, for it will be dangerous should the oil splash on them.

Both of them had known about tonkatsu ever since I started cooking horned boar, but due to our lack of ingredients and equipment, they haven’t seen the real thing up until now.

They have been anticipating for this very day.
This started making me slightly uneasy whether I will be able to exceed their expectations regarding its taste.

And then, it was finished cooking.
One tonkatsu serving, ready to eat!


I cut them into bite-sized pieces as it made crunchy noises on the cutting board. It would’ve been perfect garnished with some shredded cabbage, but we have one problem; we don’t have sauce to drizzle on the tonkatsu. It’s an essential ingredient, but we can’t make it just yet. Because unlike soy sauce and sugar, I have no idea about its recipe. I don’t even know what goes in it, so I never bothered to think about making it.

So, do you eat tonkatsu without its sauce?

Absolutely not!
We shall spice things up a bit and simmer the tonkatsu with one more beaten egg and place it on a large bowl of rice.

You get katsudon, one of the peak accomplishments achieved in the pursuit of pork cuisine.

Thanks to the rice we grew and harvested in our own paddy fields, we were finally able to make it.
Now, eat.

“Soooooooooooooooooo good!!!”
“What is this?! I never knew square boars can be enjoyed like this! Even the brothy white rice tastes. So. Gooooooooooooooood!!!”

Platy and Veil were so delighted they wolfed down their food.


Our settlement is also capable of making katsudon now. It felt like a long journey to get here, especially since we needed all sorts of ingredients such as eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs to make tonkatsu aside from the staple ingredients rice and pork.

But even if we can make tonkatsu, we still need soy sauce, dashi, mirin, and onions to make it egg-bound-style.

I had Garra Rufa come up with an improvised mirin. Whether or not we can make the real thing depends on the fruits of her research.
However, now that our settlement has developed so much, I believe now’s the time to move on and call it something else.
Hm, let’s see…

“We’ll call it a farm!”

A farm that can provide all the necessary things we need to be self-sufficient.

“The Saint’s Farm!”
“It is the farm that Master manages, so there’s no other fitting name than it!”

Come on, don’t just interrupt my monologue like that.
And there are rice grains all over your face. Just how good was the katsudon I made?

…The Saint’s Farm, huh?
I don’t like being called something exaggerated as “saint,” but I guess now’s also the time to move on and accept it.

Let’s accept it…
Let’s accept…

Nope, I really can’t.
The day went by with me cooking katsudon for everyone as soon as they came to know about its glorious existence.

Anyway, these are what has been going on at the Saint’s Farm lately.

Our fields have expanded and we’re growing all sorts of crops such as tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, eggplants, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, leeks, corn, soybeans, red beans, wheat, and barley among others.

We recently made paddy fields to grow rice, and a team of fifty goblins, lead by Gobukichi, who has now mutated into a brave goblin, is responsible for maintaining it.
Our crops also grow at a tremendously fast rate thanks to the hyper-fertilizer made from the fish-monster Ba Herring-G. And because of this, we can harvest multiple times a year. While they’re all kept in our storage until further use, a portion of it is sent to the two breweries Platy oversees.

Each of the two breweries is managed by the mermaids Puffer and Garra Rufa. The brewery Puffer looks after processes miso, soy sauce, and other seasonings, as well as our famous pickled radishes loved by Sensei and Prince Arowana.

We only recently started the sake brewery, so though we entrusted it to our highly motivated Garra Rufa, we are still in its testing phase. Currently, she’s continuing her research on making beer from barley and wheat.
Our house is located at the center of our farm, where Platy and the other mermaids, Veil, Batemy and Belena also live. We’ve been expanding it as our residents increase, and I’m sure we will keep on expanding it. The monsters that live with us also have their own place to stay at the monster longhouse, so we’re quite the big family.

In one corner of our house, we have a silkworm room where we get our high-quality thread. Then, Batemy make clothes from the high-quality adamantine silk woven from this thread as well as from the cotton we grow in the fields. I’m really grateful that she’s talented in that area.

I can’t make decent clothes for the life of me because not even the Hand of Supremacy can save my non-existent aesthetic sense!

Alongside the goblin team, we also have an orc team of fifty that’s in charge of construction work. We wouldn’t have our houses or waterways had they not been here to help. Whenever they don’t have any constructing to do, I have them hunt in the dungeons. We recently made a kiln as well, so now I can try my hand at pottery. I’m sure we’ll build something new again in the future, so I’m going to need their help when that time comes.

All right, what shall we make next?

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malheureusement, cela va continuer pendant un certain temps
(oh et, je suis la seule personne à travailler sur ce roman, haha)

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Hm… Ok… Tout façon je préfère ne pas lire tout d’un coup surtout quand c’est se genre de novel (SlowLife farming) 😏

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