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ITK C84: Attack!

We arrived at the entrance of the dungeon, or the foot of the mountain, so to speak.
As soon as we got there, a swarm of monsters already showed up and attacked us, but with just a swish from Sensei’s finger, they all vanished like smoke.

“You’re so strong, Sensei!”

As expected of our Lifeless King!
Not even the low-class monsters are a match for his magic.

And this is how we’re going to conquer this dungeon, quite the genius strategy, right?
No matter how difficult and unconquerable the dungeon is, with Sensei by our side, this will be like a walk in the park.

“Ahhh!!! That’s unfair!!!” shouts Veil, who came flying from the skies in her dragon form.

I wonder what’s a mountain dungeon’s sky is like?
Though I suppose it’s pointless to think about it.

“You’re such a bully, Master! If you bring in this pseudo-corpse with you, then this makes everything a dead rubber from the very start!!!”

Yes, and that’s exactly why we brought him with us.

“I cannot tolerate cheating, so I’m going to confiscate this pseudo-corpse! You hear? Confiscated!!! I’ll be watching over him at the summit!”
“Lord Saint, I’ll be waiting for you at the goal.”

And so, Sensei was taken away by dragon Veil like an eagle flying away with its prey in tow.
Well, knowing Sensei’s power, he could’ve easily refused, so it was more like Veil was escorting him all the way to the summit first.

“The deepest part of the dungeon where both the Dragon and the Lifeless King are waiting, huh?”
“Shall we head back?”

I can only sense despair from their words.

“It’s fine! The pseudo-corpse is just a mere spectator!”
“I await the Saint’s arrival at the final area.”

I don’t know how it even worked, but I heard both of their voices like they were coming from speakers of a broadcast. It seems they can monitor and talk to anyone from anywhere at any time in the dungeon.

They’re really enriching the attraction feel of this.

“…There, there,” says Platy to pacify me. “It does sound a little unfair having Sensei help us conquer the dungeon, so I think this is fine. Even Veil is in a playful mood, so let’s just entertain her.”

I guess so. Well then, let’s all work together to conquer this dungeon without cheating.

“Bwahahaha! Come, you lowlifes! See if you can survive my hellish dungeon without dying on the battlefield!!!”

“Doesn’t it feel like Veil’s the one cheating here?”
“Who knows? Game masters tend to be reckless with this kind of stuff anyway.”

We might as well be relentless with our foul play in an immorally set game such as this.
Once again, we proceeded to climb our way up to the final point of the dungeon, the summit.

Though it’s called a dungeon, it’s still a mountain, so I still don’t feel that habituated with things here just yet.

Normally, a dungeon is an underground cave that goes deeper and deeper. Calling an open area such as this a “dungeon” only elicits confused looks. Although I did often come across dungeons named XXX Mountain in the video games I used to play back in my world. They were the kind that usually had a flying dragon at the summit, which lets you ride it to go to the Demon Lord’s castle or to the next continent.

In reality, mountains have an intricate terrain and a dense forest, making it easy to get lost, so there’s bound to be someone in distress somewhere. Doesn’t it seem like a labyrinth that’s several times more difficult than some shabby cave?

We continued to press on for some time, but as it turns out, it wasn’t that complicated. Veil got all psyched up and said she remodeled it, but the monsters we’ve encountered thus far were the same as before.
Just which exact part of the dungeon did she tinker?

“Heh he he. You’re wondering what makes this dungeon different from last time, aren’t you?”

At that moment, we heard Veil’s broadcast echoing.

“Don’t worry, you’re only at the first checkpoint.”
“The first checkpoint?”

I guess she’s referring to this area as something like the first floor in a cave dungeon.

“I kept the first checkpoint the same as before with regards to its structure and the monsters that dwell in it. It would be impossible to catch square boars again had I remodeled it!”

She has a point.
Veil didn’t forget that her main objective in remodeling the dungeon was to find new monsters as potential resources. While finding new resources is important in its own right, keeping effective ones that already exist is also a must.

“My neo-dungeon has five areas from starting from the first to the fifth checkpoint!”

Ah, so it’s half of ten, which is the norm for most mountains.

“From the second checkpoint, you will confront new monsters! Hurry and get there!”

Veil must be eager to show off the new areas she worked so hard on.
Oh well, let’s just live up to her expectations and climb as quickly as we can.

“Oh? Are you sure about rushing like that? Who knows, you might step on a trap If you’re careless.”

On second thought, let’s take a quick break before we leave.

“Very well. Feast your eyes on one of the many areas I, Grinzel Dragon Veil, created with my power!”

Oh, it’s starting to get brighter and brighter as we enter a clearing.

“…The Spring Area!”

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