C111: A Benevolent Dragon

This is a recount of the events that happened during Veil’s six-day absence.

Veil set her mind on retaliating for the humiliation she received from the dragon milk incident.
She thought that if she could resolve the root of the problem with her own efforts, she can prove herself superior to Platy.

First, she barged in at Sensei’s cave dungeon.

“Why him?”
“That pseudo-corpse has lived long enough to know most of everything.”

That’s true.

Veil replied brazenly.

However, there were points worthy of questioning, such as why she was so eager to solve the problem on her own that she had to rely on others, or the connection with Sensei’s immortality as Lifeless King.

“Anyway, I heard from that pseudo-corpse about the satyrs, a kind of therianthropic race. They are famous for the delicious milk that they produce.”

After receiving that information, Veil immediately rushed to the satyr’s settlement.
With her dragon wings, she can travel from one end of the world to the other in no time flat.

“Their settlement was right where that corpse told me—on an alpine surrounded by steep, rocky mountains.”

A place so steep not even typical humans or demons could reach.

Such is the survival strategy of the therianthropic satyrs.
Settling in a place where only they can traverse precipitous cliffs with ease has blocked off any kind of invasion from other races.

If there was one other race that could casually visit such a place, it would be a dragon.
Then, that very same dragon came.

“…Um, wasn’t it chaotic?” I ask the alluring satyr.

Surely, they must have been scared seeing a dragon suddenly appear at their settlement.
Even if I were to try and put myself in their shoes, I would still panic just thinking about the most terrifying creature flying in the sky one peaceful day.

“We had no such worries…”
“Because even before Lady Veil came, we were already in a panic.”


“Truth is, another dragon was already there before me,” says Veil.


Aren’t you the dragon? What’s this about another dragon present before your arrival?

“Another dragon was trying to attack the satyrs…or should I say, about to attack, to be more precise.”

The conversation began to shift in an ambiguous direction.
There was a different dragon before Veil came who was about to attack the satyrs?

The satyr leader took over and spoke:

“That dragon introduced himself as Glintz Dragon Dalper. He also showed up one year ago, and demanded that we give him our treasured Golden Goat Fur.”
“Golden Goat Fur?”
“It is the satyr race’s most treasured article. The Golden Goat Fur is said to have been brought by one of our ancestors from a foreign country during their adventures. We have cherished that very treasure and passed it down from one generation to another.”

And this Glintz Dragon Dalper was compelling them to hand it over.

“But why?”
“It’s the same reason when I wanted Dreischwartz,” says Veil. “Do you remember the story of my father, Geyser Dragon, giving us various trials in order to determine who will be his successor?”
“Ah, yeah…”
“It seems that was the trial that was imposed on Dalper. If he comes back with the Golden Goat Fur from the satyr race, he passes the first stage of the selection process.”

I wonder if dragons have a habit of collecting treasure…
Naturally, the satyrs denied his request.

The treasure is very important to them, and besides, Dalper’s request was too irrational.
Nonetheless, they’re up against a dragon.

If he felt like it, he could’ve eradicated them in a flash.
But Dalper didn’t resort to such a straightforward method.

While the satyr’s settlement being surrounded by steep precipitous is a good thing, he cornered them bit by bit by sealing the few openings that they have, got rid of any water source, and burnt down their meadows.
Tormented by Dalper’s actions, they were almost forced to give him want he wanted…until Veil showed up.

My name is Grinzel Dragon Veil! I came here on my master, Saint Kidan’s orders, to get your milk!” was apparently the first thing she said after opening her mouth.

Her request was far easier than Darpel’s, but the satyrs were having none of it.
At the same time, they cannot allow themselves to be burnt to ashes by Glintz Dragon Dalper.

In fact, their settlement was running out of reserves, so it was a matter of life or death for them.
They have no extra milk to share with others when they themselves are about to starve to death.
They begged for Veil’s mercy after explaining the situation to her, but then, they were flabbergasted by her reply:

“In that case, I’ll get rid of Dalper. If your settlement’s situation reverts to its original state with him gone, you’ll be able to produce lots of milk too.”

And then Veil proceeded to battle Dalper and defeated him.
It was a battle between two fellow dragons, but it seems Veil won unilaterally.

“Dalper is just an idiotic younger brother! A weak dragon who is given a task so easy as to bully therianthropes isn’t worth considering my enemy!”

Are you really sure about that?
Aren’t you two family?
Anyway, after Veil got rid of Dalper, she became the satyrs’ hero. They sang their praises as they expressed their gratitude.

“We as a race are greatly indebted to you, Lady Veil. In order to repay your kindness, we would like to grant your meager request no matter what!”

At first, Veil said that she’d be more than happy to receive just a portion of their milk, but after the satyrs listened to her story in further detail, they guessed that our farm was in need of a stable milk production system.

“That’s why we volunteered to move where Lady Veil lives. Hence our reason for being here!”

About ten other satyrs shouted in unison with the seductive leader.

All of them were young, and…
A certain part of their body was remarkably striking.

“We heard that it was you, Lord Saint, who sent Lady Veil to us! We will do our best to provide you with our milk to repay you for saving our race from peril!!!”

You yourselves are going to provide us with the milk that we will be using as food and beverage!

As much as I’d like to rejoice because I finally secured a stable production for the milk I’ve always wanted…
Does any of this sound all right from an imaginative standpoint?!

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Oh Gee San
Oh Gee San
1 year ago

“…almost forced to give him want they want” should probably be “… almost forced to give him what he wanted” and yeah, I’m terrible at editing my own stuff, too.

1 year ago

Thnx for the Translations~

Yess, Milk them good ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

1 year ago

One of later arcs of Monster Musume? But that wasn’t exactly a hentai manga…

1 year ago

Hmm… if also satyrs start producing milk only after getting pregnant, then what to do?

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter

Ortho Maleq
Ortho Maleq
1 year ago

I think there’s a hentai manga about that somewhere…

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