C121: Cake

Thanks to the satyrs, our farm now has its own milk supply.
Not cow milk, mind you. 

And with the production of milk, we were able to obtain other dairy products, opening another door of possibility in front of me—confectionary. 

That’s right, confectionery.
It’s essential, so I have to mention it twice.
Cakes, cookies, cream puffs, pies, tarts, chocolate, and ice cream.
Just listing them like this is enough to make my mouth water.

I’m thinking of making one from that list today.
Most western confectionaries use flour, eggs, and butter, and I think that’s not biased.

If we don’t have those three main ingredients, we won’t be able to make sweets.
We had access to flour and eggs relatively early, but butter and other dairy products weren’t available during the first year.
But now that we have the satyrs making them for us, there’s no reason why we should keep postponing our plan.

I had the elves make the necessary tools, such as the whisk, bowl, and sieve! The main house is also furnished with an oven!
We now have everything with us! Nothing else is missing!

Time to dominate the world! Just kidding. 
Time to bake a cake!

I decided to bake a cake first since it’s the standard.
I have a vague recollection of its recipe back in my world, but what’s most important is to keep the proper measurements. You can’t eyeball it.

We must be accurate by the gram at all times.
However, measuring devices don’t exist in this world. 

I almost thought of putting off my plan for some other time until I remembered that I have the Hand of Supremacy with me.

As long as I leave it to my power, it can provide me with the correct measurements and make up for the detailed parts of the recipe I don’t know about. The moment I let the Hand of Supremacy take over my hand, it will choose the best way to make the tastiest cake!

Isn’t it super convenient?
I began making the cake on this lighthearted note.

First, the batter.
I tossed the eggs and sugar into the bowl and started mixing them.

Isn’t the sugar a little too much?

I know I’m leaving everything to the Hand of Supremacy right now, but isn’t this too much sugar?
It’s the right amount?

The response I felt from my hands convinced me so.
I continued mixing the batter with my hands.

Well, I am using a whisk, but it’s not like we have an electric one.

This is a different world.
Electric-powered items are unorthodox of unorthodoxies in a different world!
Time to make use of my wrists after all that farming!

So, I continued mixing the eggs and sugar (I reduced its amount a little) in the bowl.

…I want an electric mixer already.

Sorry. I give up.
Stirring is so tiring. My wrists already hurt.

Speaking of which, I’ve entrusted most of the labor to Gobukichi and his team.

…Wow, I’m kind of useless.
Have I been neglecting even the most basic tasks now that the farm is getting back on track?
I didn’t know baking a cake was so much noble work!

..Trying to escape from reality is pointless.
All right. I’ll shut up and continue stirring.

I’ll ask Belena and the elves to create a mixer with their magic.
That’s right, even if electricity doesn’t exist in this world, there’s still magic!
Magic can solve all of our problems! Viva magical civilization!!!

I had to entertain myself with such baloney. Otherwise, I don’t think I can keep doing something so monotonous as stirring the batter.
Depending on the thickness of the batter, I add milk, flour, and butter.

“Butter! Butter!”
“Are you going to give us butter? Yay!”

The earth spirits were able to smell the butter?!

“Wait! Wait, you guys! I need this butter to make something new!”
“No food is superior to butter.”
“Listen! I’ll make something far more delicious than butter, so be good and wait still!”
“Far more dewicious than butter?!”
“Such a thing exists?!”

Oops, I slipped my tongue.
In the end, I still had to give them some butter.

Thank goodness I prepared excess butter in anticipation of this event happening.

All right, now that the batter is ready (with its intricacies entrusted to the Hand of Supremacy), let’s put it in the mold and bake it in the oven!

Burn, firewood, burn!
Just like Honnoji did that day!

It’s done!
It puffed up nicely.

This is my first try, but it turned out better than expected, thanks to the Hand of Supremacy.
After it cooled down, I spread whipped cream all over it. Of course, this is also another blessing given by the satyrs.

Then, once I gave it some shape, I decorated the top with strawberries.
And… Done!

One classic strawberry cake, ready to serve!
Mm-hmm, this was a success.

Now, what about its taste…
Where should I eat it, I wonder? Maybe my room? 
But as soon as I left the kitchen with cake in both hands…

I met an army of zombies.


Wait, no.

An army of women!
There are dozens of them, from mermaids to demons, to elves and satyrs, all stretching out their arms in front of me!
Their pose looks so similar to that of zombies from the movies I saw back in my world that I ended up mistaking them for one.

Hold on, their eyes are bloodshot like the zombies!
But why?!

“Dear! Dear!!!” says Platy on behalf of the female zombie army. “You made something sweet, didn’t you?! Don’t play dumb with us! We could smell the sweetness from miles away!!!”

All of you gathered here because of the sweet smell?!
It can’t be… The ladies’ minds have been taken over by the sweet aroma, making them act like zombies!

“Lord Saint! Just one bite! Please, please, please let us have just one bite of that tasty thing!!!”
“You used our milk to make that, didn’t you?! We have the right to get our share!”
“Is that the thing that’s even tastier than butter?!”
“Let us have it!!!”

How does a simple cake have power over these ladies’ sanities?!
I guess no matter what world I’m in, the fact that girls fawn over sweets will never change!

“That crazy sweet smell! My gut tells me that it will cause an even bigger fever than the zenzai with mochi last time! Give it to us!!!”
“Let me have some too!!!”

The chaos at the scene reached its maximum when Veil came rushing in her dragon form.
Ultimately, I had to spend the rest of my day baking because the first cake that I made wasn’t enough for everyone.

I kept stirring the batter with the whisk…
Stirring… And stirring…

…My wrists!
Tendonitis awaits my poor wrists!!!

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2 months ago

And cheesecake is not especially labor-intensive compared to other types, accidentally.

1 year ago

Women and sweets will newer mesh together, when a male is related xD

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Agreed. If they want the cake, they can participate!

1 year ago

Make a condition that only those that participate in stirring the batter will participate in tasting the cake, you fool.

Gareth no Ryu
1 year ago
Reply to  Exfernal

With his blessing a single swish should have the batter perfectly mixed tho, right???

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