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ITK C134: A God’s Request

“I’m summoning the gods.”

It was unusual for Sensei to pay a sudden visit, but then he said something even more unusual.

Sensei is a Lifeless King, the most ominous monster among the undead. More than a thousand years have passed since he became immortal. He has already forgotten his own name, so we nicknamed him “Sensei” instead.

Usually, he dwells deep within the cave dungeon adjacent to our farm, but he drops by now and then like today. And whenever he does, we enjoy having idle talks over his favorite food, pickled radishes. But today, he suddenly said that he was going to summon the gods.

I tell him in a joking tone, “…Sensei, didn’t you just summon a god not so long ago?”

He summoned Hades, God of the Underworld, so that Demon King Zedan could report his victory over the Human Kingdom. Not much time had passed since that incident.

“Even so, I’m going to summon the gods.”

What is with his stubbornness?

“Um…Sensei? You understand full well that god-summoning is a serious matter, right?”

It’s an arduous task, too.

Besides, we’re talking about a god here, a god.
G. O. D.

Platy and the elves told me that both the human and demon races also have their own summoning magic but are only limited to summoning spirits or fiends.

By using that information as the basis of comparison, summoning a god would be…
Nope, not at all.
They said it’s impossible!!!

Just the idea of it is so absurd that people would verbally abuse your lack of commonsense. No god has ever been summoned in the history of magic among demons, humans, or mermaids.

How is such a thing possible then?
It’s only because Sensei, an undead king of the most atrocious existence, has one foot in the myths!

“So, you see, Sensei? Thoughtlessly summoning a god would only bring us trouble. You understand that it might destroy the balance of the world, right?”

Try imagining being in the shoes of the summoned god.
As divine beings who govern the world, quickly being summoned will make them lose face.

It won’t be funny if they decide to regain their dignity by having the minority get on an ark and cause a great flood after.
To not aggravate the situation any further, I tried persuading Sensei.

“I can’t give up here.”

He just won’t listen to me for some reason.

Then again, trying to reason with The Lifeless King is a reckless thing to do…

“I don’t plan to conduct today’s summoning for my own interests. I’ve never done such a thing my whole life.”

Well, he hasn’t summoned a god before without some sort of excuse, after all.
I guess he really does have the wisdom of an elderly.

“…Then, what’s the reason this time?”
“I was given an oracle.”

The oracle says: We wish thee to summon us—Hades, husband of the Mother Earth Goddess & Poseidon, God of the Seas.

“They wish to be summoned?!”

But why?
What’s the meaning of this?!

“If this is the oracle of not only Hades, God of the Underworld, but as well as Poseidon, God of the Seas, then there is no reason for me not to obey it. My honor as an immortal king is on the line; therefore, I will do my best to summon them both!” said Sensei with a huff from his nose.

It may be his duty, but Sensei also feels joy in indulging in his hobby of god-summoning by receiving permission from the gods.

The same also goes for Demon King. There sure are a lot of influential people in this world who are gung-ho about their hobbies.
Even Prince Arowana is crazy obsessed with sumo.

I need to be careful when I introduce a new game to the people of this world.

And so, the spotlight for Sensei’s god-summoning session has come.

The residents of our farm gathered around as curious onlookers.

I thought to myself, “They never learn, huh? All of them chickened out the last time when Hades was summoned.”

“Of course, we’ll be caught off guard. We weren’t expecting to see a god in front of our very eyes!”
“I’m actually very grateful! I regretted running away after I calmed down, but now that there’s a second chance, I’ll be sure to stay!”
“I’ll definitely pay my respects! Oh, and throw an offertory!”

Since this world has a medieval level of culture, religious piety is still going strong.
It seems that if they’re the gods that created them, then that alone is enough reason for worship.

But please refrain from throwing offertories; it looks like that’ll hurt.

“He’s summoning not only Hades but also Poseidon? That’s the god who created us mermaids!”
“I must be present for this as a follower of The God of the Seas!”

Puffer, Lampeye, and the rest of the mermaids who are now old-timers at our farm seemed very interested in today’s summoning.

Now that it had become quite lively, Sensei proceeded with his ritual.

“Hunjara, honjara… Hyup!”

Is it just me, or is the incantation becoming sloppier and sloppier?
Nonetheless, it was still a success.

The gods were summoned.
We’re already used to the spectacle of Hades and his glorious beard, but the sight of the divine god next to him was new to our eyes.

He’s naked from the upper half of his body, exposing his firm chest. But what’s even more eye-catching is the trident that he holds, as if showing off that that’s his trademark.

His long, white hair waved in the wind like white-crested waves, and his dignified personality can be discerned just from the way he stood.

This god is definitely…

“…Poseidon, God of the Seas. Praise be to me.”

Not only the mermaids but the other races fell prostrate like a surging avalanche.

“…They didn’t do that to me the first time I showed up…” peevishly says Hades beside Poseidon.

…Well, your arrival has always been so sudden that we were muddleheaded.
If that’s what the god desires, then we shall do it as well.

Praise Hades!!!

“O’ Undead King, thou hast done well. Thou hast answered the oracle’s call and summoned us.”
“Just as the gods would have wanted it.”

Sensei gives a deep, reverent bow.
Seeing one of the two Greatest Disasters of this world abase himself in front of a divine presence such as a god struck me with awe once again.

“…Well then, let’s get down to business.”
“Yes, let’s.”

The god of the earth and the god of the sea nod to each other.

Today’s summoning was done at the desire of the gods themselves.
In other words, they have some business to do down here. I wonder what it is?

“In the name of the gods, I command thee to feed the god of the sea bamboo shoot rice!”
“Mm-hm, let me try some of this bamboo shoot rice!”

What the…

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9 months ago

Couldn’t these two divine freeloaders replicate their favorite dishes with a miracle perfectly if they tasted them once? That might be easier and done with less hassle that getting summoned just to have it served to them.

Pushyanth Kumar
Pushyanth Kumar
2 years ago

Goddammit….. almost fell off my seat with that last ‘what the’….. damn
Thanks for the chapter…..

2 years ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Why use Uber Eats when you can just go to the source for the food?

Although, I guess you could technically consider sensei an Uber driver?

1 year ago
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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! LMAO! I knew it was going to be a dumb reason.

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