C182: Sister Showdown

Results: They were beaten in a single blow.
The Five Legitimate Holy Witches were outmatched by Puffer and Puffer alone.


Puffer’s so strong.
I’ve only ever seen Lampeye and Platy do all the fighting so far, but as I thought, she’s strong.

I guess she isn’t called the Witch of the Bitter Cold for nothing.

Without even showing any visible signs of using the potion, the surrounding area was cooled to below freezing temperature, which immobilized the Five something-something Witches in one fell swoop.

She gave them a taste of their overwhelming difference.

“Puffer, try not to get too ahead of yourself. Didn’t they just declare their challenge?” protests Lampeye.
“Wasn’t that enough? The fact that they expressed their willingness to fight means that we can strike at any time. In fact, taking it easy would be a mistake.”

Yikes. This witch scares me.
She’s just like those bloodthirsty delinquents.

“I’m trying to regain my fighting instincts as much as I can here since I’m going to be doing a lot of roughhousing on Prince Arowana’s travels, but it’s not going great. They’re not even worthy of being my sparring partners.”
“No wonder you’re unusually barbaric.”
“From the looks of it, they’re all students of Pharmaceutical Magic School. Maybe they’re just self-proclaimed witches?”
“Absolutely. They’re not witches even if they’re honor students at the school, as prestigious as it may be. They can’t win against you no matter how hard they try.”

Now, they’re making their difference in ranks clear.
And then, Platy shows up.

“Aren’t they just members of the school’s Six Witches fan club founded by Angel? Pretty immature of you to go against them like that, Puffer.”
“Oh, Platy.”

Platy smoothly slips past Puffer and stands in front of her younger sister, frozen stiff along with the four other girls.

“Lady Angel! The ice! The ice has frozen us!”
“Do something about this, Veiltail! Aren’t you the Witch of Fire?!”
“The antidote isn’t working at all! At this rate, I’ll use up all of it!”
“Ah, I’m starting to feel drowsy!!!”

Then, with a dash of Platy’s potion on the frozen lump of five chaotic girls, Puffer’s ice evaporates.

“I’d like to greet you with a ‘long time no see, Angel,’ but shouldn’t you be studying at school instead of idling your time away like this? You dunce.”
“Sister Platy! Duel me right now!!!”

But as soon as Angel readied her stance, she was directly hit by Platy’s potion, spinning in place about ten times.

“You’re ten years too young to be challenging me. Are you telling me you followed Hendra all the way here just for that?”

It’s been a long time since they last met, so shouldn’t they have a more touching reunion?
How can she be so savage?

“Sorry about this, Dear. Angel is my sister.”
“Yeah, I’ve heard that.”
“Despite being my sister, she often gets carried away and causes a lot of trouble. I’ve been scolding her over and over, but she never seems to learn her lesson, like today…”
“I think that’s what makes you two sisters.”

And then…

“Angel. What is with this turn of events? You came here to attack me, you say?”
“I know we’re not that close as sisters, but I don’t think we’re that hostile either for you to go through the trouble of chasing after me all the way to land. What happened after I got married?”


“Sis, it’s all your fault!!! You left without a word! Do you have any idea how worried I was?!”

Is this the pouty tsundere pattern I sense?

“Because of that, every political affair has been left to me to handle! I can’t sleep at night worrying about it! I’m stressed day after day, it’s going to make me go bald!!!”

…Or not. I guess I was wrong.

“Our nation is in ruin because you didn’t marry a demon! Dad is being criticized almost every day! The insensitive fools are even telling me to become the demon king’s concubine to pacify them! Me! A concubine!!!”

Hearing this, I look at Hendra and he nods back emphatically in return.
So, this must be the invasion controversy he mentioned when he first arrived.

“I absolutely hate it! First of all, I don’t want to be a concubine! And to the Demon King, too! Demons are smelly, stupid, and definitely have ugly faces like devil stingers! So no, thank you! You’re more suited to be the Demon King’s concubine, Sis! That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time!”

So, in short, the recent changes in the situation have caused anxiety and a growing fear of the demon race in the Mermaid Kingdom.
On this occasion, an irresponsible party started to make a fuss.
As a means to appease the demon race, they suggested that the second princess, Angel, be offered to the demon king as his concubine.
Hearing this, Angel was in a panic. She doesn’t want to be the demon king’s concubine.
That’s why she wanted to use her sister, Platy, as a scapegoat, hence the duel proposal.

“She’s awfully terrible.”
“You can only expect so much from a student like her.”

Hendra and I stand side-by-side, dumbfounded.

“I knew you’d say that. Geez, you really are a hopeless sister!”
“But your persistence deserves a reward for finding this place. And that is…”
“A reward? What is it? Are you going to be the demon king’s concubine?!”
“Hell no! I’m already married to Dear! …As your reward, let’s ask the Demon King himself.”

Oh, the Demon King.
He came again today.

“What do you think, Demon King? Now that you’ve seen my shameful, idiotic sister, do you want her to be your concubine?”
“…No. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we demons hold no malice towards merfolk. Moreover, I’ve already received Hades’ blessings.”

Hades, the god of the underworld, isn’t into adultery unlike the other deities, and those who receive his blessings must also follow suit.

“I was somehow granted an exception with Glasya’s case, so I don’t think I’ll be granted another one, nor do I have any plans to. Even if she were officially asked to marry me, I’ll have to politely decline for the above reasons.”
“There you have it! Isn’t that great, Angel?”

Angel is overcome with surprise, unable to understand that the burly man before her is the Demon King.
I had no choice but to take over and thank the Demon King for his kind cooperation.

“Thank you as always, Demon King.”
“Oh, no. This much is natural for Prince Arowana and you, Lord Saint.”

Meanwhile, Angel is gradually coming to grips with the situation as shown on her gleaming face.

“Yes! That’s my sister for you! You solved the problem in a jiffy! I love you, I love you, I love you!!!”
“You really didn’t grow up one bit even before I got married… Oh well, I’m glad I can help you since we haven’t seen each other in a while,” says Platy as she slightly smiles.

“Have you ever heard of the saying, ‘you reap what you sow’?”

Two strong female demons are standing behind Angel.

It’s Mrs. Astres and Mrs. Glasya, the two demon queens.

“Hey, lass, mind repeating what you said earlier, in front of us?”
“Did you say our Demon King is smelly, stupid, and ugly?”

Looks like the whole family is visiting us today.
Then there’s Angel who cursed the Demon King where his two wives can hear him.

…It’s over for her.

“Platy, just out of curiosity, are you not going to help her?”
“She needs to get rid of that habit of attracting trouble to herself because of her own careless remarks before she graduates, so this should be a great opportunity to teach her a lesson,” she says.
“If time and circumstances permitted, you might have even ended up serving the Demon King with us. Since we’re already here, we’ll let you personally experience what it’s like to be demon queen for a day.”
“It’ll be a good experience for you too since you’re royalty of the Mermaid Kingdom! I don’t think a vegetable like you can stay on the same track as us for even a day, though!”

Mrs. Astres and Mrs. Glasya drag Angel away by her shoulders.
From now on, two former members of the Heavenly Four will begin their hellish training.

But Mrs. Astres’ belly is getting bigger and bigger, is it okay for her to move around like that?


Angel’s screams for help grow fainter and more distant.

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1 year ago

Wouldn’t they be attached to the farm as a student studying under the 5 mad witches?

1 year ago
Reply to  Darkwhiz

They not studying under the 6 mad witch its more fanatic

1 year ago

Oi! Wasn’t she supposed to be additional man I mean merpower for the farm?

1 year ago
Reply to  dadamori

That’s still to be seen. A single day of training is not much of an obstacle.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Exfernal

But, did they die? They can still work as long as they’re not dead. And, even if die, they can just become undead instead.

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