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ITK C209: The Heavenly Four’s Homestay

Aeshma, one of the new Heavenly Four, will be temporarily living with us.

I don’t think someone of such high military ranking as her can still learn something new by living with us, but it’d be great if she does.

“Gahahahaha! Let’s have a match!!!”

Veil has reverted to her dragon form and is going on a rampage for some reason.
She’s facing Horkosfon as her opponent.

Horkosfon’s wings flutter about in the air as she dodges Veil’s dragon breaths splendidly.

“Seeing yesterday’s fight made my body tingle too! Play along with me, bird woman!”
“Please wrap this up quickly. I’m supposed to be making ground natto today.”

Nonetheless, Horkosfon, who has devoted her heart and soul to making natto, sincerely comes at Veil with her mana cannon.

“T-There’s the dragon… And it’s fighting someone!”

Aeshma’s knees are giving way at the sight of the two.
Is this really such a surprise?

“Veil has a previous record of intruding into the humans and demons’ war, so you knew she’d be here, didn’t you?
“Some things still come off as shocking even if you’ve anticipated them!”

Yeah, I get what you mean.

“The dragon was already more than enough! But what is that winged creature? She’s fighting the dragon on equal ground!”
“Horkosfon is from the ancient angel race. They’re said to have power equivalent to dragons.”
“Equivalent power?!”
“You can forget about that for now and let me show you around the farm. We need to find you a job that suits you.”
“Forget it? Aren’t we going to do something about the Dragon?! They might end up destroying the world at this rate!”
“Don’t worry, she’ll stop once she’s gotten bored.”

In reality, Horkosfon got impatient first and sent Veil flying with the blast from her mana cannon at maximum power.

“No fair! You’re not supposed to get serious in a little game!”

“I now understand why Astres wanted to stop me from invading this place!” says Aeshma as her face turns pale as a ghost while following me. “The strength of our forces is too different. We will certainly be beaten at our own game even if we mobilize the entire demon army.”
“Oh, no, no. You’re just exaggerating…”
“You have not only the Dragon but also such menacing threats like the orc and goblin I fought earlier! They were clearly mutants! Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins are said to possess power equivalent to one army!”

I hesitated whether I should say it or not, but I still did in the end.

“…The truth is, our farm has a hundred of those mutant orcs and goblins…”
“Are you trying to destroy the world?!”
“No, not at all! But ten of those hundred underwent Stage-Two Mutation…”

What were they called again?

“Ah, I believe they’re called Legatus Orcs and Brave Goblins. Man, they all grow so fast, don’t they?”

As I laughed jokingly, I felt a tap on my shoulder.
I turned around and saw one of Orkubo’s men.
What’s up?

“Um… I didn’t mean to eavesdrop or interrupt, but I’d like to report something to you, My Lord.”
“Yeah? What is it?”
“The Legatus Orcs and Brave Goblins are indeed our group leaders, but Leader Orkubo and Leader Gobukichi have further mutated…”

“They’re the Stage-Three Mutated Julius Caesar Orc and Takehaya Susano-o Goblin. According to Sensei’s explanation, their combat power is already equivalent to The World’s Two Greatest Calamities!”

No wonder Orkubo and Gobukichi have a dignified look to them lately!
They mutated further without my notice.
I guess children do grow up even without their parents…

Amidst my emotional moment, Aeshma passed out…while standing still.

“Please forgive me.”

Aeshma once again got down on her knees.
The demon race seems to do this a lot.

“I was a fool for trying to invade your land, Lord Saint. This wasn’t the consensus of the entire demon race, it was my own decision alone. So, please…”
“You don’t have to keep apologizing, it’s okay.”

In fact, I doubt she’d ever come up with anything remotely close to invading with how much our farm has freaked her out.

“Can we still expect a good relationship with the Demon Kingdom?”

It’d be great if so.

“…I wonder about that.”
“Huh? Who’s there?!”

A stranger stands before us.

You can tell from her skin tone that she is a demoness.
Her characteristically long bangs that can almost cover her eyes are enough to leave a lasting impression on you.

“Leviasa! Where the hell have you been?”
“She’s a newly appointed member of the Heavenly Four, just like me. She used to be Lady Glasya’s aide.”

That reminds me, there was someone else besides Aeshma who insisted on attacking the farm.
Wasn’t she also sent flying by the orc and goblin earlier?

“Greetings. I am Leviasa the Malicious, Lady Glasya’s successor. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She came here on the farm with Aeshma but I didn’t notice her at all.
Does she have that weak of a presence?

“Hey, Leviasa! You need to apologize to Lord Saint too!”

Aeshma is in a bad mood.

“You also insisted on dispatching troops to the farm just like me, so you had better bow down to him!”
“The only reason I dispatched the troops was to incite you…”
“I immediately knew Lady Glasya was hiding something, she’s bad at lying, after all. So, I thought that if I could get you to make a fuss, it would lead me to the answer.”

What an unexpected response.
Then what?
This whole sequence of events has been exactly as she planned?

“I now know what His Majesty and the others are hiding. With this, I can help Lady Glasya.”
“I’ll be in your care, Lord Saint,” says Leviasa as she slightly bows her head.

What’s this completely different vibe she gives?

“…Hmph. You can’t just say that and expect to be able to save the Demon King and the Demon Queen. Talk big only if you have the skills to back it up.”

Aeshma’s words were rather harsh.
They must consider each other rivals, just like their superiors.

“…Why don’t you see the power of the new Malicious One for yourself?” says Leviasa as she thrusts her tightly clenched fist at us.

In her fist…
Is a cat teaser.


Veil is in a bad mood because she lost to Horkosfon earlier.
Now, she’s back in her human form.

“What do you want? I’m in a very bad mood right now.”

But her gaze is drawn to a certain item.
It’s the cat teaser Leviasa is swishing around.

When the cat teaser goes to the right, Veil’s gaze is also drawn to the right.
When the cat teaser goes to the left, Veil’s gaze is also drawn to the left.


She finally lost all self-control and pounced on it!
But Leviasa moved it away at the perfect timing.

“Meow! Meow! Meowww!!!”

Veil relentlessly tries to catch the cat teaser.
I realized she was becoming more and more like a cat recently, but this is just…

Still, Leviasa immediately sees through her movements and keeps leading Veil by the nose.

“…Is this what it means to be competent?!”

We’ve got another respectable person with us on the farm.

“Ahh! Veil got too excited and turned into a dragon again!!!”
“Everyone, fall back!”
“Somebody, calm her down!!!”

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9 months ago

Veil is slowly losing her mind 😀

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
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Thanks for the chapter!

Good thing normal cats can’t transform into a dragon when they get frustrated!

1 year ago
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Huh, I thought that cat transform into dragon when they are excited

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Or I die many times already because I annoyed by stray cat pooping backyard I spray them with water spray set into straight shot lol

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