C221: Reunited Angels

“Master, I have a question.”

One day, I was approached by Horkosfon.
I wonder what it’s about?

“Have you already finished the small-grained natto? How about trying edamame natto next?”
“No, it’s not about that. But I’d like to know more about edamame natto later in detail.”

It’s not about natto?
That’s weird, considering it’s Horkosfon. What does she want?

“…But I’d still like to know more about edamame natto later!!!”
“Okay, okay. Let’s move on to the main subject.”
“Do you still remember my ally whom you restored some time ago, Master?”

Oh, her.

Horkosfon belongs to a race called angels, bioweapons sent by the celestial gods thousands of years ago to invade the earth.
When the earth was on the verge of collapse, all the gods came together to stop and destroy the angels except Horkosfon.

However, a second angel has recently been resurrected.
Yours truly resurrected her by assembling unearthed parts from different angels.
And so, based on those parts, the angel was…resurrected? Born? Anyway, the outcome wasn’t satisfactory. Thankfully, Hermes, a god, came with the right timing to retrieve her and left behind the words, “I will tune her to perfection.”

Several months have passed since then.

“But my ally has yet to return until this very day.”

Now that she mentions it, it has been quite a long time.
He did say he’ll tune her, but since this is the work of the gods, we can’t really say for sure how long it will take.
Though, I doubt it’d be this long…

If we haven’t heard anything from them, then I guess we’ll just have to inquire ourselves.

“You know the drill, Sensei.”

When it comes to god-summoning, Sensei’s our man.
Part of this is his hobby, so he happily accepted our request.


Sensei’s summoning chants keep on getting sloppier and sloppier.
Still, Hermes was summoned.


I should be accustomed to this by now, but they really pop out just like that, huh?
Are you fine with this, gods?

“…I witnessed an elder spirit being summoned just recently…”

Before I knew it, Batemy had appeared behind me.
Her stealthy approach spooked me out.

“Summoning the elder spirit, a being far lower in rank than a god, was done by hundreds of carefully selected summoners who vomited blood in the process…”

And then, Batemy left without elaborating further.

I knew Sensei was awesome!!!

“Yoo-hoo, Saint! I couldst have paid a visit without being summoned if only thee told me so.”

Hermes doesn’t even hide his enthusiasm or frivolity.

“What kind of feast shall thee lavish upon me today? Oh, I also knoweth that Bacchus hast taken up residence here! I am so lucky to be able to quaff alcohol mad by that alcohol lover’s skills combined with Saint’s knowledge before Uncle Hades and the rest! Ah, I also wanteth some of thy edamame!!!”
“Then take this.”

Horkosfon fires her mana cannon at full blast with neither reserve nor consideration.
Hermes narrowly dodges it and the stray blast shoots up into the sky and blows away the clouds.

“What doth thou think thee art doing, angel?! Here I thought thee has’t becometh more docile since thee started living with the saint, but from the looks of it, thouest just became crazier!!!”
“That’s not true. I’m learning how to behave like an intellectual every day under Master.”
“Thou art lying! Then what was that violent act?!”
“That wasn’t violence. That was a tsukkomi.”

Tsukkomis are a part of our culture.
Not that any of that matters.

“That tsukkomi was payback for your months-long boke. But if that wasn’t a boke, then you’ve done something negligent.”
“What happened to the tuning of my ally we entrusted to you? I asked Master and Sensei to summon you to ask that question.”

Sensei is busy playing with Pochi since he’s already finished his part.
So, now, it’s a face-to-face discussion between Hermes and Horkosfon.

“You took my ally under the guise of ‘tuning her’ and promised to bring her back immediately, but we haven’t heard anything from you in months. Did you break your promise?”

I don’t think that’s how you should talk to a god…
But what she said was right, nonetheless.

“I knew all the celestial gods were nasty. Do you eat natto? Eating it can cleanse that corrupted soul of yours.”
“…If thou art asking about her tuning, we has’t already finished it and hath sent her back to thee long ago.”
“Thou art talking about Songokufon, art thou not? We finished tuning her in just a few days after thouest passed her to me. Ahh! Wait! Doth not shoot, doth not shoot, doth not shoot!!!”

Horkosfon’s Destroy Mode eyes glow red as she points her muzzle at the god.

“What? Didst thou not hear of it? I thought Puffer told thee!”

Why did he mention Puffer’s name?

“Songokufon is currently accompanying Arowana the merprince on his journey! Puffer, another member of their group, comes back here oft, does the lady not?!”


It’s true that Platy’s brother, Prince Arowana, is on a pilgrimage to become the next Mermaid King.
He has a few companions, one of whom is Puffer, who travels back and forth between the farm and Prince Arowana’s side every day with her super high-level teleportation magic to perform her duties here at the farm.

“Gonna make Discus ♪ and Veiltail♪ do my work again♪ Then return to my lovey-dovey tour with the prince♪”

We just saw Puffer walk by us humming a song with horrible lyrics.

“All right! Time to return to Prince Arowana’s side with this magic potion…”
“Hold it right there.”

Horkosfon tightly grips Puffer’s shoulders.

“I have something to ask you. You can either spill everything or get blown up by my mana cannon, whichever you prefer.”

This threat is also a tsukkomi which is still within the limits of culture.

Shortly thereafter, Puffer used her potion to bring the patched-up angel back with her.

“’Ey! The name’s Songokufon! Nice ta meecha!!!”

She looks much better than when we first met her. Even her patched-up parts look seamless.
Her weird way of talking still hasn’t changed, though it seems she has learned some manners to an extent…

“Disciplining her was tough work, I tell you.”

You taught her manners, Puffer?!
You’re literally the last mermaid on the polite list!!!

“This is what they call the fruits of traveling. It’s not just Songokufon. Prince Arowana and Hakkai have also overcome difficulties and are making remarkable improvements.”

So, ‘sending one’s beloved child on a journey,’ showed immediate results, huh?

“I also entrusted Songokufon to Arowana and his group in anticipation of that. Though it is forsooth regrettable that thee were not informed. I thought Puffer told thee already.”
“Simultaneous Mana Cannon Fusillade!” “Count moi in!”

Horkosfon readying her muzzle and Songokufon jumping on the bandwagon is also another tsukkomi.
It’s still within our culture’s standards.


The two angels face each other after leaving Hermes with an afro.

“I’m so glad that you’re back in this world, despite all the ups and downs. Now that you’re here, I’m no longer the only angel in this world.”

Horkosfon embraces Songokufon tightly.
It’s like a touching scene of sisters being reunited.


However, Songokufon soon pushes Horkosfon away like a cat trying to escape from its clingy owner and runs away.

“Huh? Where are you going?!”

She runs toward Puffer and buries her face in her chest.

“Hehe~ It’s much softer and more comfortable to hug Sis…”

It seems Songokufon prefers hugging Puffer more than Horkosfon.

“Sis’ chest is much bigger, I love it~”

Then, we hear a snapping sound come from Horkosfon.

“I’ve heard that the best way to understand each other since ancient times is through fistfights. It seems now’s the time for that!”
“Huh? Ya think that you, an old model, are a match for moi, who was given the latest modifications by that Hepa-god? A bit conceited, aincha?”

Two angels with the power to destroy the world shouldn’t be fighting at my placeee!

I guess… angels, including our Horkosfon, do need good education just as Hermes said.

After a short while…

“All right, it’s about time I return to my beloved. Let’s go, Songoku.”
“Hey, Sis.”

Puffer and Songokufon are about to leave.
Their destination, of course, would be where Prince Arowana is. Wait… what?
Did she just say ‘beloved’?

“No need to be in such a hurry to return. Can’t you take your time and relax a little more?”
“I’d love to, but my beloved’s place is in chaos right now. I have to hurry back and provide support.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”

Is Prince Arowana in some kind of trouble?

“He’s fighting a dragon.”
“Go! Now!!!”

No, that won’t suffice!
We’ll assist you!
Orkubo, Gobukichi! And times like this are when Veil is most needed, but where the hell did that dragon gooooooo?!

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
9 months ago

When there’s a joke and the punchline is months later…

I’m in this chapter and don’t like it. xD

9 months ago

Are they fighting against Veil, 😆

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
9 months ago
Reply to  Darkwhiz223

Probably one of the other dragons from Veil’s acquaintance? Remember each dragon was tasked with something in order to claim supreme dragon or something?

I think Veil’s was to defeat sensei or something? The only other one was the guy dragon who had the task of getting the milk from the satyr’s?

Wonder what the personality of this next dragon and their task is?

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