C267: Delicious Meat Stick

And so, in cooperation with Pops, we finished the sausage filling machine.

“It uses pressure to push the minced meat into the skin. It also operates manually, so anyone can use it.”

Thank you so much!
As expected of dwarves who excel in the art of smithing!!!
Your knowledge and skills have been a massive help!
If only you don’t have such a tendency to die easily!

I immediately tried making sausages with the new filling machine.

“Let’s see, I’ll place the skin here… and then it will stuff the minced meat in…”

It’s really going in.
The minced meat is stuffed into the skin and forms the shape of a sausage I’m familiar with.
After twisting them at the right place and tying them with string, they look exactly like sausages.

I could smoke them now to improve their shelf life, but I decided to skip that step.
I mean, It’s a pain.
I’m going to eat them right away anyway.

I throw them into the pot and boil them.


Otherworldly sausage with the help of a dwarf!

“Come on, let us have some already.”

Platy and Veil are already standing by.
They’re so perceptive to my new dishes.

Well, I did want a taste tester, so I willingly offered my freshly boiled sausages.
I also prepared ketchup and mustard beforehand, so they could add whichever they liked.


The intestines of the horned boar used for the sausage were thicker and bigger than the wiener sausages I’m familiar with in my world.
Maybe as thick as frankfurters?
But to avoid confusion, we’ll just keep calling them sausages.

Such a big, thick meat stick enters Platy and Veil’s mouths.
The meat stick slides through the ladies’ plump, glossy lips and breaks off with a crisp sound right in the middle.


Their reactions are as great as always.

“Is… Is this also square boar meat?! The taste and texture feel like they’re in between grilling it as is and making it into a burger patty!”
“It’s so, SO crispy! Crispy crisp!”

The otherworldly sausage seems to be a great success.

And as usual, their delight has invited the other residents over.
I stuffed more skins with meat at a rapid pace for my new customers.

“We’re going to use up all the meat Mr. Shax gave us!”

That’s the main reason I made sausages, anyway.
If there are any leftovers, we can smoke and store them, so we’ll just stuff the rest in the filler single-mindedly!
It’s said that the emptier the intestines, the more meat you can stuff into them!

Gobukichi! I leave the boiling and grilling of the sausages to you!
I’ll keep stuffing more sausages in the meantime!

“Oh, yeah. Please have some sausages too, Pops!”

I owe this success to you, after all!

…Or so I thought, but he’s already having his beer with sausages on the side.
As expected of alcohol-loving dwarves, they have a sophisticated palate.
He has perfected the German combo of beer and sausage without anyone telling him.

“Hey, Bacchus! Another round of booze here!”
“It’s about time even the god of alcohol stops you. You’ve been drinking ever since you got here!”
“Can you blame me? I need to be drunk all the time! Otherwise, if I stay in this place sober, I’ll never know when I’ll have another heart attack!”

Am I… putting more strain on him than I expected?

If so, I was unconsciously doing something wrong.
I need to boil a lot of sausages for him. Or maybe I should grill them instead.

Since he specializes in blacksmithing, I wonder if he’d be happy if I told him about the time I restored Mrs. Astres’ holy sword?

“Lord Saint, Lord Saint.”

What is it?
If you want more sausages, they’re not ready yet.

“You have a visitor. It’s Mr. Shax of the Pandemonium Trading Company.”

He’s here again?
I’m a little busy right now, so lead him here.

“Lord Saint. I’ve acquired yet another rare item for you… Oh?”

Mr. Shax immediately notices the strange work I’m doing.

It’s going to be a hassle answering his next question, so I’ll explain things now.

“You see… You do it like this…”
“Grill or boil it…”
“I see…”
“Then, it becomes edible.”

When I finished explaining to him the gist of it, I expected Mr. Shax to be astonished.
Instead, he made a serious expression.

“…Um, would you like one?”

I hand him both boiled and grilled sausages.
He can have it with ketchup or mustard, maybe even both, so he can eat them as he desires.
This elderly gentleman with a dandy beard brings the plump meat stick to his mouth and puts it inside without a hint of hesitation.

He eats it in silence… and contemplates its flavor and texture.
What’s with the inappropriate seriousness of this scene?

“I-Isn’t it amazing? That was made from meat you gave to me!”
“Lord Saint!” he interrupts. “Is it possible to mass-produce this device?”

He points to the sausage-filling machine.

“Mass production? I wonder… It’s made entirely of mana metal.”
“Why do you keep making things entirely of mana metal?!”

Except for that fact, it’s pretty easy to make.
For more details, please ask Edward, our collaborator.

“Edward? Oh! Are you perhaps Edward Smith the Dwarf King?!”
“Who are you?!”
“It’s me! I’m the chairman of the Pandemonium Trading Company. We’ve met before!!!”

As expected of two big wigs, they’re acquainted with each other.
They seem to be discussing something.

“I already have the design for this sausage filler in mind, and as long as we can replace the materials with cheaper ones, we can mass produce it in your empire.”
“Seriously?! Yeehaw!!!”


“But since the idea came from Lord Saint, you can’t do it without his permission, nor will we make our move till then.”
“Lord Saint!”

Mr. Shax approaches me again!

“Please, Lord Saint! Please give me permission to mass-produce and sell this sausage filler!”
“Huh?! You’re going to sell that?”
“This novel meat product is sure to be a blockbuster! Of course, we’ll pay you a fortune for your idea! We just need your permission!!!”

No, I don’t need the money.
I also don’t want to hog all the good food to myself, so I’d be more than satisfied if you simply spread the word about it.

“But we wouldn’t want any food poisoning here, so please make sure you know how to make them properly. There’s also a preservation process for them.”
“Of course!”

And so, Mr. Shax saw a business opportunity and started selling the sausage fillers.
As expected of a prosperous merchant. He’s quick to spot an opportunity and take advantage of it to the fullest.

He even enticed Pops and commissioned the Underground Dwarven Empire.

The dwarves’ sausage filler became an instant hit and proceeded to invade the Demon Kingdom.
Then, it further spread to the former Human Kingdom now under the demons’ occupation…

At this time, I had no idea a sausage hullabaloo would take the world by storm.

not sure if this was intentional, but id like to share with you guys that the author literally used 肉(meat)棒(rod/stick) in the raw. when put together, it’s one way to say d*ck :’)

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4 months ago

Isn’t the usual sausage making machine combining both automated mincing of meat scraps and filling the sausage casing with the minced meat just by turning its handle?

shadow monarch
shadow monarch
4 months ago

This part right here “Such a big, thick meat stick enters Platy and Veil’s mouths.
The meat stick slides through the ladies’ plump, glossy lips and breaks off with a crisp sound right in the middle.”
This was sus and it got me contemplating my life choices.

4 months ago

And yet the female hero is still missing. I wonder if she gave up her mission when the humans lost the war?

4 months ago

Single entendre there.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
4 months ago

So, that’s the dwarf king. Was wondering how important he was.

And, he’s right. Unless you adjust to that farms craziness, you can’t operate sober there. xD

4 months ago

I don’t think there was an attempt to hide it. Did you read the translator note. It clearly hints at the entendre being there.

4 months ago

So I’m not the only one who read this and saw multiple double entendre right?

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