C272: Farm Induction Course

Just when we sent Elzariel off, another visitor showed up soon after.
This time, however, I was a little relieved because it was a familiar face— Demon King Zedan.

“I’ve come to consult with you about something today, Lord Saint.”

His tone is as solemn as always.

“Why so formal?”

Aren’t we buddies? I’ve also been indebted to you in many ways, so please don’t hesitate to rely on me as well.

“Won’t you conduct an induction course?”
“An induction course?”
“I’d like some promising young men of the army to experience life at your farm.”

He’s saying odd things again.

I know what an induction course is.
It’s training to gain special skills or knowledge, right?
I think it makes sense for an army to have some kind of induction course, but why our farm?

“Even if we teach them about farming, it won’t be beneficial to their operation, right?”
“I disagree. This farm can teach other important things as well, essential for the army’s future. So, please!”

I can’t say turn down someone who wholeheartedly asks a favor from me.
Besides, the Demon King and I go a long way back, so I gladly accepted his offer.

Thus, our farm welcomes about ten young demons.
It seems that they’re all expected to shoulder the future of the Demon King’s army.
The moment they arrived…

“Show your respect to us demonsss!!!”

They started by acting cocky.

“We, the demon race! Are the world’s number oneeeeee!!!”
“We, who have defeated the human race! Are worthy of being the rulers of the earthhhhh!!!”
“Praise us! Bow down! And submit yourselves to usssss!!!”
“The Demon Kingdoooooom’s! Dominionnnnnn! Is the world’s beeeeeeeeeeest!!!”

What’s the meaning of this?
These young demons are so overbearing that I can’t tell whether they’re hoodlums or imperial guards.

“…Demon King, could you explain this to us?” I puzzledly ask.

He looks apologetic and embarrassed.

“…This is the prevailing problem within our army. No, rather than just our army, it’s spreading throughout the entire demon race!”

An illness gnawing the minds of the demons.
Its name is…

“We have ended our long war with the human race and won against them. While it is an auspicious occasion in itself, it has brought about an unexpected side effect.”

Some demons began to behave arrogantly, acting as if their race was the supreme ruler of the earth.

“Hey, youuu!!!”

One of the young demons lashes out at me.

“How dare you act over-familiar toward His Majesty! That man is the king of the demon race, now the best king in the world! It’s outrageous of you to think that you can talk to him on equal grounds when you’re not even a demon yourself!!!”

He’s upset that the Demon King and I are talking like we’re friends.

“Where are your manners?! It baffles me that you have the guts to directly look His Majesty in the eye! Do you not realize how terrifying the world’s ruler i- Oogh!!!”

He fell silent.
Because the Demon King hit him and smashed his face into the ground.

“I am beyond embarrassed,” says the Demon King, shaking off the fist he used to wallop one of his men. “Our triumph is a matter of great congratulation, but it’s just sad to see them lose sight of themselves the moment they let it get to their head. No matter how many times I admonish them, they never seem to change.”

He hit and silenced one of them, but there are still many other young demons present here.
They shudder at the Demon King’s anger, but from the looks on their faces, none of them seem to have changed their minds.

“If we don’t do something, there’s no guarantee that these fools won’t cause trouble for the humans and mermaids one day. Hence, I want to eradicate this mental illness as quickly as possible!”

Which is why he brought them to our farm.
Got it.
We’ll do everything we can to live up to your expectations!

So, we’ll teach the young demons who came for an induction course through…

“A hit-and-cover rock-paper-scissors game!”

We’ll show them two people playing rock-paper-scissors. The winner attacks, while the loser defends.
Let the game begin!

“Hit and cover.”

Scissors : Paper.
The winner is decided.

“Heck yeah! Take this, dragon breath!”

Veil (dragon ver.), who played scissors, immediately breathes fire.
As a dragon, she has the scale and power to reduce an entire army to ashes.

“Mana field deployed. Threat shutout rate at 100%.”

Horkosfon, who played paper, produces a barrier-like field to safeguard herself.
She’s one of the Destruction Angels that once destroyed the world.

The only people on our farm who can stand up to Veil are she or Sensei.
Since we can’t just keep troubling Sensei, Horkosfon’s rate of pitching in is higher.

“Gahahaha! Good job deflecting my attack, bird woman!”
“Master’s every word is my command.”

One more time.

“Hit and cover.”

Rock : Rock.
A draw.

“One more time!!!”

Rock : Paper.
Horkosfon wins.

“Mana cannon barrage.”

Horkosfon mercilessly aims and fires her beam cannons toward Veil.
I could see from the sidelines that its destructive power could easily blow up a mountain or two.

Dragon Veil takes a direct hit.
But lo and behold, she doesn’t flinch in the slightest. Instead, she just dissipates the beam.

“Gahahaha! Your lame beams won’t work on my dragon magic-enhanced scales!”

Veil has been playing around with Horkosfon multiple times in the past, after all.
I wonder if she has acquired the defensive power to suppress Horkosfon’s mana cannon beams through their many mock battles.

“…Very well. I’ll give you a real shot of my mana cannon this time.”
“Say that only after you’ve won in rock-paper-scissors! I’ll win every round from now on!”
“Late plays are considered foul play, just so you know.”

Thus, the young demons witness a life-threatening rock-paper-scissors tournament between two of the strongest species unfold.

“I wonder if this made them realize things, even a little?”

Hopefully, watching Veil and Horkosfon’s frolicking will make them understand that there are many stronger beings out there and that they shouldn’t get carried away.

18 more chapters till kidan jr. i am terrible with countdowns.

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
8 months ago

Rock, scissors, paper on a higher level than what Saitama had against Fang. xD

Live Anime
8 months ago

Pourrons t’ils même comprendre c’est TROP féroce 😂😂,

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