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ITK C274: The Farm’s Next Generation Development Plan

Hey, it’s me again.
Today, we’ve invited young demons to our farm for a training session.

First, they watched a mock battle between Veil and Horkofoson to get a feel of the world’s strongest classes. Next, they were personally warned by Hades, the god of the demon race.
I’m sure this will make any demon change their mind.

“What terrible behavior!” exclaims Platy(whose baby belly is starting to become prominent), shuddering as she watches from the side.
“Platy, we’d better get the food ready.”
“Oh, yeah.”

We can’t just call a god and make him leave without treating him to something.

“Thank you for going out of your way to come here, Your Mightiness. May you enjoy your bamboo shoot rice.”

To satisfy this god, we should offer him his favorite food.
Such is our farm’s wisdom.

“Please put some natto on top.”
“Stop that, angel!”

Mixing natto would be a little too adventurous, even for a god, so Hades eats it separately.
The young demons who had come for the induction course have all fainted from the shock, so they can’t witness the god feeling right at home.

“Our sincerest apologies for troubling Your Mightiness over and over,” says the Demon King, bowing apologetically. “This should trigger a change in the fools’ conceited minds. As I thought, any problem can be solved by asking you, Lord Saint.”
“But something bothers me…”

I look at these ten or so young demons who have passed out.

“Not all of them have become conceited, haven’t they?”

I noticed a few of them were giving cold stares to their haughty comrades earlier.
Well, all of them are unconscious right now, though, having been overwhelmed by a god, an angel, a dragon, and a Lifeless King.

Isn’t this considered mild bullying?

“I knew you’d notice that, Lord Saint.”
“So not all of them are arrogant, after all…”
“It’s an everlasting wonder to come to your farm.”

Huh? Where did that come from?

“It’s not just about witnessing the strongest species alive. One can learn a lot of valuable things here. Just a one-time visit can make a big difference to the ignorant.”

Come on, you’re exaggerating.
Flattery won’t get you anything.
Oh, phooey. Please serve bamboo shoot rice to the Demon King too.

“I felt bad just bringing problem children with me, you see.”
“Oh, that’s why you brought well-behaved ones as well.”
“There’s a lot to be learned on this farm that I’d rather bring the more promising ones if anything. The arrogant ones present here were brilliant individuals selected from among dozens of others,” he laughs at himself, thinking that the primary purpose of this visit is amiss. “I said this induction course was for correcting their conceited attitude, but it turned into a place for training the elites before I knew it!”
“Haha, it’s fine, don’t worry about that.”

If these kids who came here grow up to be successful, they’ll be able to control those under them and avoid a situation like this in the future.

This course is scheduled to continue for a few more weeks.
We’ll use that time to dedicate all of our farm’s energy to raising them into soldiers of elite character, so they can properly lead the world!
Our farm must also contribute to that cause!

“In that case…” says Hades.

He’s still here.
And he heard our entire conversation?

“Do thee not think something is missing?”
“Something missing?”

What could it be?
It’s hard for me, a mortal, to understand the profound thoughts of a god.

“Demon King, didst thee not mention before that thee wanted to rule with thine enemies as residents of the same earth?”

Did he?

I try to recall…

Was that when the Demon King defeated the Human Kingdom and reported to Hades?
I was impressed by his magnanimity to deem the humans, his enemy, as a race with equal rights to rule the earth alongside his own people.

“And yet, thee has’t only gathered demons here as future elite candidates. Thou art contradicting thine claim of ruling without racial distinction.”

As if he’s going to assign all the important posts to his own brethren while the humans stay ruled forever, that kind of thing?
I suppose a god would take notice of that.

“Ho-ho-ho. A deity’s viewpoint is different… On that note, another bowl of bamboo shooteth rice, prithee.”
“Here you go.”
“I hath said bamboo shooteth rice, not natto!”

Horkosfon’s so brave to control the god from being self-complacent.
Hades grumbles, but he still accepts the natto and mixes it with the rice.
Meanwhile, the Demon King writhes in agony, greatly perplexed.

“It is as Your Mightiness said!!!”

He looks like a Baroque sculpture anguishing in that position.

“I… I’ve ruled the Human Kingdom and made the humans my subjects, but… I unconsciously restricted the seats to demons only! I’ve become hypocritical, admonishing my conceited men when I myself have become one!”

Woah, woah, woah.

“It’s because I have such a distorted mind that it has transmitted to my subordinates, causing problems! I’m the main cause of it all!”
“T-Thee do not has’t to be so critical of thyself! I just hath brought it up casually!”

Hades is taken aback by the Demon King.

“Doth not be disheartened. Doth thee want some bamboo shoot rice?”
“Natto, please.”

I guess I’ll have to help a friend in need.

“Why don’t you invite the humans too?”

You know, it’s as that French aristocrat once said; let them eat cake if there’s no bread.

“Why don’t we find some promising humans and let them study here?”

I add while looking at the still-conscious demons, “Let them study with these kids. Doing so will help develop camaraderie with each other. It’s like killing two birds with one stone and achieving harmony.”
“But I can’t put any more burden on you, Lord Saint…” says the Demon King while eating natto.
“It’s okay. We’re also contributing to the world by doing this,” I reply, also eating natto.

We already have a mermaid branch school on our farm, where many mermaids are studying.
First mermaids, then demons. Humans will be left out if we don’t invite them over too.

“Let’s make this a place where all three races can learn without any racial differentiation!”

Studying on a farm.
I wondered if that was what a farm was for, but I stopped caring about the minor details.
There would be world peace if the humans, demons, and mermaids could interact and deepen their bond here.
Now’s the time to start an otherworldy farm study program for the three races!

“All right! I’ll immediately notify the occupation government in the former Human Kingdom and recruit future leaders!” says the Demon King while still eating natto.
“Ho-ho-ho! We shalt achieve racial harmony at a faster rate. That way, the earth that I govern shall prosper more and more,” says Hades, also eating natto.
“World peace is the most important thing, indeed!” I say, also eating natto.

Let’s all eat natto and make the world a better place!

Why the hell are we all eating natto?!

Hey, Horkosfon!
Don’t subliminally propagate natto!
That’s enough!!!

it’s my birthday today, so i uploaded 2 extra chapters as my treat to everyone. whether you belong to the group of people who leave comments or read silently, i really appreciate each of you for sticking around ^^

to the people asking about the momoko pov story/first 30 chapters of this series, i have plans on doing both, but can only start committing after uni. if you would like to help (tl/editor) please don’t hesitate to reach out

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