C321: A Touching Meeting

It’s me again.

We’re coming up with a plan to bring Goetia and Marine to meet their grandfather.

We discovered from various intel that the valued client who was buying the elves’ crafts was the Great Demon King.
Realizing how small the world was, I wondered if I could use this to our advantage.

After much careful thought… we settled with luring him in with our work.

“It seems that this Great Demon King likes arts and crafts. And our farm just so happens to be teeming with such articles.”

Pottery, leather goods, glasswork, and so on. It’s mostly the elves making it, but if we can use that as bait, I’m sure the Great Demon King will come.

“Then, we’ll make him meet Goetia and Marine! What do you think?”
“Sounds like a plan.”

After getting everyone’s approval, we decided to put things into action.

The first thing to do is to write him an invitation.
I asked the Demon King to act as an intermediary, but he said he wouldn’t dare trick his own father.

He sure is an honest man.

Overall, our conversation went well, and it was decided that we’d welcome him with open arms once he came.

Today is the day the Great Demon King visits us.

We’re waiting for him at the waypoint.

The only way to get to our farm from the Demon Kingdom is through teleportation, so this style of greeting is the norm.
After a spatial shift caused by the magic, two burly demons appear.

One is the Demon King, and the other, older one, is his father, the Great Demon King.


Great Demon King Baal looks a lot like the Demon King, as they are indeed father and son.
Naturally, he’s way older, but he still has a well-built physique. You can tell even from his clothes that he has a lean body, strong enough to defeat a young man in a fight.

“Great Demon King Baal has a reputation for his gaudy fancies, but he’s also famous in the field of martial arts,” explains Belena beside them.

As expected, she knows a lot about her motherland’s situation.

“When he was king, he stood at the frontline of the Human-Demon War, wielding the Furious-Holy Sword Einrot and driving away humans by the thousands. That’s why it was hard to comment on his hobby…”
“Kind of makes it hard to tell whether or not he’s competent…”
“He is competent, but sometimes intensely incompetent was the assessment of many. Either that or he’s alternating between the two…”

What a difficult person to judge.
It’s because of that kind of person that the Demon King can’t dislike him, still struggling to mend their relationship.

I’ll also do my best to help him out.

“Allow me to show you the way to the main building first. This way, please…”

That’s all he ever says.
I wonder if he’s a man of few words or just nervous.
It’s difficult to break the ice with him.

There, the two demon queens, Mrs. Astres and Mrs. Glasya, are waiting for us, their babies in their arms.

“G-Great Demon King! It’s so nice to see you!”

They greet their father-in-law, who is also the father of their nation.
Mrs. Glasya, who worked her way up from a mere soldier, is not used to etiquette, so it’s concerning in many ways.


The Great Demon King responds with a hand gesture.
And finally, the demon prince Goetia and demon princess Marine meet their grandfather.

“I’ve heard about this place from Zedan. Since it’s not under any power’s territory, it’s the same as if this place doesn’t exist. Therefore, our meeting today doesn’t officially exist, either.”
“Yes, sir!”
“That’s why I agreed to this, don’t you forget that.”

In other words, he’s trying to say, “Don’t get the wrong idea! This doesn’t mean I’ve made peace with you!”
Anyway, Mrs. Astres steps forward first.

“This is the demon prince Goetia, your grandson.”

He takes the one-year-old infant from Mrs. Astres’ arms.

“Hoho, he’s a lively one, ain’t he? He’s as rambunctious as a fawn.”

Goetia is as energetic as he said, curiously grabbing and trying to pull on his beard.

“Seeing how healthy he is and how his mother is the heir to the Wild-Holy Sword Sechweiss, surely, the next generation will be a tranquil one.”
“I am awed by your generous words.”

After returning Goetia, next is the second demon queen, Glasya, and her daughter, Marine.

“Zedan having a second wife was a surprise in itself… Then again, he’s an earnest fool. Are you from the family who inherited the other holy sword?”
“Um, no, sir! I’m from a branch family of a branch family, so I’m not related to the head family as much…”
“Zedan’s ability to raise such a nameless soldier like you to the rank of the Heavenly One and still produce results is what makes him so highly regarded. I do find it frustrating, albeit…”

After holding Marine for a while, he returns her to Mrs. Glasya.

“For those in power, it is important to give birth to an heir. You’ve done exceptionally well in that, Zedan.”
“No, this is entirely Astres and Glasya’s efforts…” replies the Demon King humbly.

Seeing his grandfather and his grandchildren finally come face to face, he’s moved to tears.

“Ultimately, it may have been the right decision to give up the throne to you. You ended the Human-Demon War, which was thought to go on forever, and formed friendly relations with the Mermaid Kingdom. Thanks to you and your skills, the world is heading toward peace…”

So far, so good.

The Great Demon King, who couldn’t be honest all this time, finally recognizes his son’s achievements. Will they be able to reconcile today?!

“…I think it’s time I leave all the nation’s affairs to you and let this old man step aside. Do whatever you desire. Meanwhile, I…”

He breaks into a run.

“I’m going to tour this place to my heart’s content!”

I managed to stop him in the nick of time as he kicked the door open and tried to escape.

“Please wait! We invited you today so you could bond with your grandchildren; why rush things and get away from here?!”
“I knew that was your goal, but my only purpose here is to see where those wonderful plates and statues are made! Take me there!”
“As if I will! Dote on your grandchildren more!!!”

I thought that if he had direct contact with them, he’d instantly grow attached and be so devoted to them that he wouldn’t care about anything else, but I was too optimistic.

Is this old man only ever interested in his own hobbies?!

“Shut upppppp! I’m the Great Demon King, a distinguished figure! Listen to me and hand over all your craftsmen! I’ll provide them with the best working environment!!!”
“Don’t just smoothly make demands! I won’t let you take a step out of this room until you’ve doted on your grandchildren for all the time you’ve neglected themmmmmm!!!”

I finally understood what “competent but also intensely incompetent” meant.

The Great Demon King and I went back and forth, arguing about whether or not to let him out of the room.
I could see the Demon King’s family smiling wryly as they watched us.

“It’s okay, Lord Saint… I know better than anyone how Father is…”

They leave me no choice but to use my last resort.

“Please, Sensei!”
“Got it.”

I had the Sensei on standby in the next room in anticipation of this…
And had him summon a god.

This time, he summoned the demon race’s guardian deity—Hades.

“Woah! He looks just like the statue I have back at home. Wait, don’t tell me-”

Seeing Hades in person, the Great Demon King trembles with fear.
The god seems to bear enmity toward him, glaring intensely…

“Hark, demon… Adultery, I say, is most vile and loathsome!!!”

And starts lecturing him.

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