C330: The Match Between the Students and the Farm’s Five Strongest Residents – Parts 2 & 3

“Princess… Letasreit?”

What’s with the anticlimactic expressions?
Is something wrong with Letasreit being the strongest human on the farm?

“Hehehe… Sorry to say, but I’m not going easy on you. You’d better prepare yourselves!”
“Good luck,” cheers her friend, Horkosfon, from the sides.


“Lady Letasreit is our next opponent?!”

She’s the princess of the now-destroyed Human Kingdom.
That’s how famous she is; several students know her true identity, but…

“Yep, anything wrong with that?”
“No, no, no! We’re talking about the strongest human here, right? How should I say this… I mean, is this fine? She’s the strongest?!”

Yes, but she’s only the strongest “on the farm.”

Aside from her, the only humans living here are the maidens who work with Bacchus and satyrs who make milk, albeit partly human. Neither of them is fit for battle, however.

“As a result, she’s the strongest human on our farm!”
“She’s just a product of the elimination process!!!”

Well, yeah.
The students seem to be losing more interest.

Her appearance is probably unexpected, considering what happened with Belena earlier.
Out of place, even.

“Is this okay? Like…”
“I feel like she’ll burst into tears if we pinch her even a little…”
“No matter how much we have a grudge against the royal human family, this is just…”
“Bullying the weak is unbecoming of a soldier in the Demon King’s Army!”

All of their statements acknowledge how much of a nobody Letasreit is…

“You’re not gonna strike? Okay, I’ll do the honors if you won’t!”

The match has started.
Letasreit runs at speed faster than a swift wind.


The students were caught off guard when they realized Letasreit was standing right before them.


Letasreit throws a punch, but one of the students reflexively defends and grabs her fist.
However, she intended for that to happen.

“How about we have a bout of strength?”
“Huh? Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!”

The student who grabbed Letasreit’s hand screamed, waist bent by the force. He looks as if he’s about to collapse into the ground. The reason why that doesn’t happen, however, is probably that he’s resisting with all his might and trying to push her back.

But Letasreit’s hand didn’t budge.

“Huh? What’s going on?!”
“He’s losing to the princess?!”

The other students are also baffled.
The princess’ opponent seems fairly large and muscular, but both of his hands are still no match for her one hand.

“What’s the meaning of this?! I’ve never heard of the human princess being a musclewoman!”
“If she had so much strength, couldn’t she have played an active role in the war against the demons?!”

They’re all confused by the suddenness of Letasreit’s superhuman strength.
Seeing this, Letasreit looks proud. She’s always been someone who gets carried away easily.

“Hehehe… I wasn’t this splendidly strong at first. Strength is based on a foundation of untiring effort!”

Splendid,’ she says, but it’s a rather unrefined power…

“That’s right, I became strong because I ate a lot of beans!!!”
“You get superpowers from eating beans, like peas, groundnuts, and peanuts! And by eating Holly’s natto every day, I got super muscle strength!!!”

She puts more force into her hand until the other student finally can’t stand his ground anymore, slowly sinking into the earth.
…Wait, sinking?

“What insane strength!”

The power of beans is scary.
It wasn’t an overstatement to say that Letasreit, who had acquired unparalleled strength through beans, was the strongest human on the farm.

“Anyone can be this powerful if they eat beans! Anyone!!!”
“You think we’ll buy that?!”

Letasreit pulls out the student, who got stuck in the ground.
Her opponent was already unconscious from the shock of sinking, but she grabs his legs and…


And lifts him up as if to raise him to the heavens like a stick or something.

“That’s not all!”

She swings and juggles him around, from her right hand to her left, and vice-versa.
It’s like she’s using him as her nunchucks!
She’s swinging a human body around, making a loud whooshing sound and forming dust clouds from the wind pressure!

“Come at it, whenever and from wherever you like!”

But the students, intimidated by the bizarre scene, fled in a stampede.

Letasreit won the second match.

“Beans make you strong!”
“Indeed, Letasreit.”

It was a victory for both Letasreit and Horkosfon, thanks to their love for beans.

“What’s wrong with you guys? Two defeats in a row, how pathetic is that?”

Belena and Letasreit beat up the students in succession.

“Now, let’s move on to the third match.”
“Hey, waittttttttttt!”

A familiar phrase from the students.

“W-We’ve had enough! We know how strong and terrifying the farm is now!”
“But we’ve invited the strongest demon and human already. It wouldn’t be complete without the strongest mermaid showing up, would it?”

That’s right, their third opponent is the farm’s strongest mermaid.
In short, that person.

“LADY PLATYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!” screams the students from the Mermaid Witch Academia Branch School.

“You thought it was going to be Puffer, huh? I wouldn’t have minded if it were her, but I was asked to take over for today,” she says, handing Junior to me. “I’ve been so busy with parenting that I haven’t been able to look after you guys, as Mom asked me. I thought today would be a good opportunity to teach you something…”

Their opponents thus far had been those who had suddenly become more powerful after coming to the farm.
But this time, their opponent has been strong from the start.

“You’ll learn what my title, the Crowned Witch, means!”

As it turned out, the third match was far more one-sided than the previous ones.

Platy’s pharmaceutical magic was overwhelming in ways more than one and perfectly embodied the meaning of “strongest.”
She used Puffer’s freezing magic, Lampeye’s explosive magic, Garra Rufa’s magic bacteria, and Zoth Syra’s creatures to steadily and smoothly trample down her opponents.

“The Crowned Witch is an all-rounder who can do anything, and that’s what makes her so terrifying,” comments Puffer. “She has no outstanding strengths but also has no weaknesses. A formidable opponent, befitting of royalty and how they fight.”

In order for a low-ranking player to beat a high-ranking player, they have to exploit their weaknesses. But Platy has absolutely no such weaknesses, making her the most despairing opponent of all.

Of course, there was no way that a miraculous turn-around would occur. She just mercilessly overpowered the students till the end.

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2 months ago

Is she related to Popeye the sailor?

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With how Letasreit fight you would think that Yuujirou or one of his ancestors got isekaied.

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