C46: Idle Talk 2 (A Certain Group of VTubers’ Day)

This story is about the final day of an event held in Akihabara after Yuki and his friend had gone home.

Given that it’s the final day, the perks for those who made purchases over 10,000 yen have ended. Incidentally, a talk show was planned.

The participants of this talk show are renowned figures who had secured a certain title on V-Live and Imananji, famously known as the Million-Livers.

There are two participants from Imananji: Seiso Nano from the first generation and Fuwari Ukigumo from the seventh generation.
Similarly, V-Live has two: Glint of Schwartz and Knighthart the Tornado from the first generation.

The event proceeded with these four.

“Ahem, hello, everyone, I’m Glint of Schwartz.”
“Hello, every-nano!”
“Hey folks, how’s it goin’!”
“Konfuwarin, everyoneee.”

The crowd responds with a chaotic blend of greetings to their biases.

“Wow, everyone’s cheers are so chaotic.”
“Yeahhhh, I can’t even pick up what they’re saying anymoreeee.”
“That’s the festival vibe for you.”
“I feel like fewer people are calling out for me, nano.”

“But we’ve got quite a star-studded lineup here.”
“You could say that again, leader.”

“Who are you calling leader? I’m just a fellow first-generation like you.”
“But to me, you look nothing but a leader, nano.”
“I can’t deny thatttttt.”
“See, everyone agrees!”

“…Haa, let’s just go with that; we don’t want to waste too much time.”
“That’s true, nano.”

“We four, the so-called Million-Livers, are here for this program today. In fact, we received questions from our Tweeter followers.”

“So, today, we’re gonna answer…”
“…those questions, nano.”

“Don’t steal my lines, Nano-chwaaan!”
“It’s your fault for leaving yourself open, nano.”

“We have picked out some questions alreadyyy, but at some point, we’ll also pick random people from the audienceee, so please stick arounddd.”

The audience’s energy hit its peak at Fuwari Ukigumo’s statement.
The place is filled with loud cheers.

“Here’s the first questionnn.”
“How long did it take for you, the Million-Livers, to reach a million subscribers?”

“That’s a frequently asked question. In my case, it took about three years.”

“For me, it was about two years, nano.”

“I took four. You guys are just too fast.”

“It was about a year and a half for meee.”

“The way your subscribers grew is crazy, Fuwa-chan!”
“Even I’m surprised, nano.”
“Haha, it really was quick. As expected.”

“It’s probably my chaotic energy that made me go viralll.”
“It’s hard to say whether that’s good or bad.”
“I wouldn’t wanna mimic that…”
“Fuwari, introduce me to some cute boys and girls next time, nano.”

“Absolutely not!!!”

“You’re showing your true self.”
“Filter, nano.”
“You’ve shown your true colors.”

“OOH, SCARYYYY” nano.”

“Mmh, l-let’s move on to the second questionnn.”

“Are you married? If so, do you have children?”

“I’m married and have a child with my spose.”
“I’m not married yet, nano. I’m still looking for my Prince Charming, nano.”
“I’m also married. I have two kids.”
“I’m currently looking for a cuuute shota to add to my collectionnn.”

“You’re copying speech patterns nowww?!”
Fuwari Ukigumo, caught off guard, is teased by everyone.

“Ahem. Up next isss…”
“Changing the topic, aincha?”
“Such a swift change of topic. Normal people would’ve missed it.”
“Indeed, nano.”

“Listen upppp! I’m reading the next question!”
“Your tone, nano.”

“Who’s your current favorite VTuber? It can be someone from your generation or not.”

“I’d say my recent favorite is probably our 8th-gen Swordflash Akiya-kun.”
“I wonder why half of V-Live has chuunibyou names, nano.”
“For real, man. They must’ve found us, including our leader, amusing. It’s pretty lighthearted stuff.”
“It’s strange how our agency appears decent in that aspecttt.”

“HOW” nano.”

“Next, it’s Nano’s turn. I’m really into Mane-Oji lately, nano.”

“Never hearda ‘im.”
“I don’t know him either.”
“Who is thatttt?”

“He’s a VTuber who imitates female voices, nano.”
“Sounds crazy in all sorta ways.”
“I wonder who they’re appealing to.”
“I hate to admit it, but I’m actually curiousss.”

“Guess I’m next, eh? I’m into an indie VTuber recently, a girl named Yuka Shirahime. It’s unbelievable that she’s an indie with her model’s quality. ‘sides, she’s adorbs, and who the heck wouldn’t like a trap? Anyway, she’s just my type.”

Suddenly, Glint of Schwartz chokes on something.

“Huh?! What’s up, leader?”
“Koff… I’m fine, I just choked a bit. Sorry for worrying you.”

“I didn’t expect to find a comrade hereeee. My current favorite is also Yuka-channnn.”


“Are ya really okay?!”
“N-No… problem… I’m sorry.”

“A-Are you sure about thatttt…?”
“I have no idea what’s going on, nano.”

“W-Well, let’s wrap up the Q&A session for now. We have an announcement to make.”
“Perk up those ears, every-nano.”

“Ahem… For the last two years, we haven’t been onboarding any new VTubers. But now, Imananji and V-Live are collaborating to recruit the tenth generation. The four of us will act as the primary judges, and the auditions will be managed by the respective staff of each agency. We eagerly await applications from those who aspire to share the stage with us.”

“In terms of preferences, V-Live typically leans towards individuals with cute or seductive voices, whereas Imananji favors unique personalities. Therefore, by joining forces for recruitment, we’ll be able to assess applicants from both agencies. Essentially, you can consider it as doubling your chances. You can look at it from that perspective.”

“We look forward to collaborating with you alllll.”

“I’d be over the moon for cute girls, so please send in those applications, nano.”

“Since we’ve covered the simple questions we planned for, we still have time for about four more questionssss.”
Each person singled out someone to ask a question to and got their response.
As soon as all four were done, it was time to wrap up.

“That concludes our talk show. Please be careful on your way home, everyone.”
“If you get into an accident, we won’t forgive you, so be careful out there, nano.”
“Your safety comes first. Be aware of dangers such as using your phone while walking.”
“Please be careful when exiting. We’ve seen plenty of people have a little mishap while leaving, so please queue up and exit in an orderly manner!”

“All right, let’s do our customary farewell greetings!”

“Thank you for today.”
The power of the large monitor was turned off, and people began to exit the venue.
Everything ended harmoniously, with no one hurt.

“Great work today!”
“Senpai, you change personalities way too quickly!”

“Hahaha, I’m usually like this, you know?”
“Well yea, but…”

“You’re embodying your Knighthart persona a little too much.”
“Oh, shoot. Thanks, Senpai.”
The two of them walk side by side and entered the place where the live performers they had worked with were.

“Good job today, Imananji members!”
“Great work, you too.”
Upon entering the room where Hana and her companions were, the pair offered comforting words.

“Um, the blonde hair…”
“Ah, me? I’m Haruhito Sasaki, the person behind Knighthart. Nice to meet you.”

“And I’m Yuto Himemura, the person behind the Glint of Schwartz. Nice to meetcha.”

“Oh, thank you for the polite introductions. I’m Hana Utsurogi, the person behind Fuwari Ukigumo.”

“…I’m Ayano Nagashima. Seiso Nano. Nice to…meet you.”

“We’re just getting to know each other today, so don’t stress out too much. Plus, we already have kids and aren’t looking to establish anything more than a friendly relationship with you.”
“True. We’ll probably meet again in the future, so let’s keep things cordial.”

“Likewise! (Himemura is a rare surname, right? Yuka-chan also has the same last name. He’s not her father, is he?… Probably not.)”
Hana whispers into Yuuto’s ear.


“Huh? Senpai? Something wrong?”
“What happened?”
“Just how probable is this turn of events?”

“Please, don’t ask me…”
“Silence can be taken as a yes, you know, Senpai…”
“May I call you Father?!”
“You change your character too quickly!”
“Please give your son to me.”
“Aren’t you too abrupt?! And how did you know I have a son?!”
“Well, I wouldn’t mind calling you Father either.”

“Can’t. I have a wife whom I love.”
“A shame…”

Afterward, they had a casual chat and then dispersed for the day.

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Thank you for the chapter! That’s quick. Apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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