C51: The Shocking Truth

I took a breather after ending my streaming.

“There were so many questions that I ended up streaming for the usual duration… But everyone seemed to have fun, so that’s good.”
I murmured to myself, alone in my room.

“My off-collab with Hana-san is scheduled for the end of next week, so I wonder when I should go visit my parents back home.”
I decided to send an email to my mother.
I had to show my face at home every once in a while, lest my family worry.

After sending the email and preparing for bed, I fell asleep.

Morning came, and I woke up to go to work.
I had initially taken time off after Comiket, but after a school day, I had to go to my part-time job.
Of course, it was only in the morning.

After work, a reply from my mom was waiting for me.

It seems my dad would be coming home at the beginning of the week.
He often travels for work, so it must be tough.

If that’s the case, I’ll let them know I’m coming home on Monday, and I spent my time editing and shooting videos to make up for the recent lack of content.

By the way, I’m currently playing an FPS game.
This peculiar game, which is a battle royale game that mainly features TPS, only has an FPS perspective.
I don’t know if it’s a good match for me, but I can get pretty far in the game, although I still lose to the pros.

However, in the case of games, I need to clip the footage myself because I play live, not offline.

So, unlike with R*, the way I edit is slightly different.

Still, there is the advantage that I don’t have to put in detailed edits, but the time it takes is a problem.

Also, getting a bit foul-mouthed is common in such games.
If you worry about it, you lose.

And so, I spent a busy weekend editing and going to work, and before I knew it, it was already Monday.
The day to visit my family had arrived.

My family home is in Gifu, so some might think it’s close to Nagoya, where I am.
Their home is right in the prefectural capital, Gifu City.

But getting there from Nagoya via public transportation takes more than an hour and a half.

It’s quite a strain, really. The cost for just the bus and train rides is almost like shelling out rent for a studio apartment.

I mean, just those fares cost around 2,000 yen a day already. Waking up early and paying that amount every single day is insane.

It feels like living alone would be more cost-effective, even if I have to work part-time.

However, thanks to the tuition fee for high school becoming free, it has become very easy to choose a school, and I am grateful to the government for that.

By the way, Yuuto was scouted by the track and field team and was enrolled as a special student.
He’s an amazing guy who can both study and play sports.

That aside, I’m currently watching Schwartz-san’s stream on my way home.

Apparently, he had some unavoidable business tomorrow, so he changed it to today.
As I listened to the stream, thinking it was unusual for it to be still before noon, I arrived at the bus stop near my house.

It seems that the Marshmallow Corner had just started, and he was answering questions from his viewers.

[About my son?]
Schwartz-san has a son, and according to him, he’s cute.

[He’s a good boy, can cook, clean, and looks good. His personality is… maybe a bit too innocent, I think.]
Surely, if someone had a dad like that, their kids would turn out good, I thought, reaching my home’s entrance.

When I entered the house using the key, my mother was surprised.

“Ah, Yuki-chan, welcome back.
Today’s Monday? I must’ve been mistaken…”

“Mom, I’m home!… You’re still out of touch with dates, huh…”
“It’s been like that since the old days, so there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I’m going to put my luggage away first, okay?”
“Of course. It must have been hot. Would you like some tea?”

“Okay, go ahead and put your luggage away first.
Your dad is in the room; you might want to call out to him.”

“Got it!”

And so, I entered my dad’s room on the second floor, one earphone still in my ear.

“Dad, I’m home!”
[Dad, I’m home!]


I heard my own voice in my ear.

My dad jolted and let out a scream.

And then, the voice, the sound I heard in my ear, told me the truth.

Who could have imagined that my dad was Glint of Schwartz?

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18 days ago

Thank you for the chapter! It’s faster than I thought lol

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Bobb Tenders
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Ortho maleq
22 days ago

Well, we knew a few chapters ago but who woulda thought you’d find out this way. And Yuki boya, knock before entering

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