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ITK C358: Dragon Paradise Cherubim

Eyo, it’s me, Shabe.
I’m still hard at work as an adventurer and am currently devoting my time to conquering the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden.
This is the best dungeon in the world ruled by the most powerful dragon, Lord Alexander.

Challenging it teaches you many things as an adventurer.

The dungeon itself is vast with various types of fields, so you can experience multiple environments, encounter various monsters and learn more about them.
Furthermore, it attracts many adventurers, providing many opportunities to work with veterans A rank or higher.

Everyone’s kind and tells you all sorts of things.
There’s no other dungeon where you can learn so much.

In addition, Lord Alexander is friendly to humans, so there are higher chances of making it out alive.

I first treated the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden as a tourist attraction, but now I’m taking it seriously.
I believe continuing to challenge this ultimate dungeon is the best way for me to improve myself.

And I actually am improving.

At first, I used to run out of energy right after the first stratum and retreat. Now, I can almost reach the halfway point!

It’s amazing!
According to the Adventurer’s Guild’s rules, any solo adventurer who can reach this stratum is unconditionally promoted to C rank!
In order for me to be advance, I’m going to make it there on my next mission!

All right!
I’m in tip-top shape today!

Luck or not, I didn’t encounter any nasty monsters on the way, and I still have plenty of items and energy to spare!
I’ve got plenty of time too, so I can keep going on!

I’m almost at the end of the familiar path, and once I’m in uncharted territory, the halfway point should be around the corner.

As long as I can keep up this pace, I’m sure I’ll make it.
The title of C-rank adventurer is within reach!

With C-rank, I can enter more dungeons and make more money.
The more money I have, the more I can focus on finding the Saint’s Farm!

I can feel myself gradually getting closer to my dream!
No, I shouldn’t get carried away. I will get the results that I want. It’d be a shame to my idol Silver Wolf if I forget to stay level-headed!

Let’s go!
I’ll reach the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden’s halfway point, the condition for promotion to C rank!
Just one more step…

…It’s me, Hakkai the Flamines Orc.

Man, I miss this feeling.
I’m here at Lord Alexander’s dungeon, the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden, watching over my former traveling companion, Songokufon.

She has been officially appointed as a dungeon boss.

“Hey, hey, hey! Come at me from anywhere ya like!” she says, randomly firing her mana cannon.

She has regulated its power to not kill a person even if they were hit.

The reason why this is happening started with an etiquette test conducted by the god Hermes.
However, the results weren’t satisfactory, and it was decided that Songokufon needed more guidance.

Lord Alexander was chosen as her new mentor.

“He has the power to destroy even gods, yet he is a genuinely sensible person. Alexander is the only one who can teach common sense to Songokufon!” they say.

It seems to have helped that she used to work here before.

“Please look after her until she has learned proper social etiquette!”

The strongest dragon readily agreed to Hermes’ selfish request, saying, “A person as strong as Songokufon walking around without any common sense would certainly be troublesome. I’d be willing to guide her as best as I can.”

What sensible words.
With that, Songkufon became a full-fledged member of the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden while learning many things under Lord Alexander.

I, Hakkai, came to see her as Lord Saint’s representative, but from a quick glance, she seems to be doing okay.
She’s doing her job well, mowing down the adventurers conquering the dungeon.


One adventurer in range was blown away by her mana cannon attack.

Songokufon’s hits are so accurate and agile that, well, they’re impossible to dodge.
Defending is also out of the question.
The impact is just suppressed to prevent death.

“Hey!!! This is foul play!” screams one adventurer in desperation. “Didn’t I tell you it’s impossible to break through your defenses?! You just had to make camp here, of all places!”
“Oh, it’s you pops. Ya doin’ good?”

Songokufon seems acquainted with that middle-aged adventurer.

“Hey, pops. Remember when I said I’d only be here for a short time? That wuz a lie.”
“Am officially working here now, so I’ll keep destroyin’ ya mercilessly. Teehee!”
“Don’t teehee me!”

For the human adventurers, it was as if they had hit a dead end.
A mid-boss with the strength of a last boss is certainly an inconvenience.

“This isn’t over yet!”

A different adventurer stood up.
He’s young. He must be a novice.

“…I’ve decided I’m going to do whatever it takes to reach the halfway point and move up to C rank today. It doesn’t matter what obstacles stand in my way! I’ll overcome them with my passionate spirit!”

And then he charges straight at Songokufon.

“Ohhhh! You’re just another wall meant to be brokeeeeeeeeen!”
“Mana cannon, bang.”

The daring young adventurer was sent flying in one hit.
I guess there are situations where spirit alone is not enough. And this is one of them.

Thus, a new feature was born in Lord Alexander’s dungeon: Songokufon, the Angel of Death who incapacitates everyone who encounters her.

“Woohooooo! Isso fun to crush small fries! Imma work hard and steady at ma new base!”

I can imagine a lot of humble adventurers being sacrificed to this lifestyle.

“Oh, yeah. Hakky. Why doncha join me in goin’ out wild since yer here?”

What, me?

“We’ve been through life and death situations togetha, right? Is’sad without Sis and big bro, but we two can still go crazy! Whoo!”

I think I’ll cut loose in memory of my travel days.

“Gahhhhhhhhhh! What the hell is that orc?!”
“He’s strong! I’ve never heard of an orc that can launch holy attacks!”
“Can we even break through their offenseeeee?! This is too much even for an S-rank adventurer!”

Seeing the adventurers being swept away like dust, I began to feel a little sorry.
I should report to Lord Alexander and reconsider Songokufon’s position.

Anyway, it’s too brutal to have her fixed in one place since encountering her is equivalent to an instant game over.
So, I asked her to roam around freely, and if she happened to run into someone, it was game over for them.

Even if everything is going well, one hit from Songokufon can make everything cave in.
With this setup, it’s all but a game of chance, so I can only hope that the adventurers do not feel disheartened and firmly hold their ground.

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