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ITK C44: The Demon King

Thus, began the lives of Miss Astres and her two aides on my reclaimed land.
Continuing to call the two other girls “aides” is sad, so how about calling them by their actual names instead: Batemy and Belena.

I made the three of them do farm work alongside Gobukichi’s team. I thought they’d throw in the towel right away, but they’re actually giving it their all.
Obsessed with the thought of having nowhere else to go if they’re driven out of here, they must be desperate as well.

I wonder what kind of people the demons are in this world? An evil race? A stronger version of humans?
As it turns out, they’re an entirely separate race created by a different god.

The human race was made by the god of the heavens, Zeus, the demon race by god of the underworld, Hades, and the mermaid race by Poseidon, god of the seas. Different gods, different races. That’s all there is to it, I think.
They don’t differ in their morals and relative merits either, only how they originated. But it’s apparently the reason why they’ve been fighting for thousands of years.

But none of those matters to me. As long as they don’t come here to pick a fight, anyone is welcome.

“Sorry, Dear…”

Platy apologizes out of nowhere.
It seems she’s been looking for the right timing to talk to me in seclusion.

“What are you apologizing for?”
“All of this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for me. I’m really, really sorry!”

It wasn’t like her to say something like this. Such a formal attitude doesn’t suit her at all.

“It’s good to have bumps along the way. Of course, peace and quiet times are the ideal, but if small events such as this don’t happen, it won’t be worthwhile.”
“Right?! I also thought bringing over some trouble should spice things up!” Platy says as she gets overly elated.

We continued to spend the rest of the days like so.

Everyone has their strong and weak points.
Miss Astres, Batemy, and Belena, who used to be part of the demon race’s elites, excel in combat. That’s why I tasked them to take care of hunting monsters in the dungeons.

Today, they ventured towards the mountain dungeon early in the morning and planned to bring home many monster meat.

As for the others, Platy is holed up in the brewery researching and making potions and fermented food, while Veil is lazing around in her room, the usual.
Gobukichi and the other goblins are giving it their all doing field work as always.
Meanwhile, I, Orkubo, and the rest of the orc team are planning to create a huge furnace for making ceramics.

And then there came a visitor.

“A visitor?”

I can only think of two people who come here to visit—Sensei from the nearby cave dungeon or Prince Arowana, Platy’s brother. But today’s visitor was neither the two of them. It was a stranger.

“Pleased to meet you.”

Just from one look, I can tell he’s no ordinary man. Maybe he’s a hero?
A respectable man with a strong and muscular physique.
Yet I don’t sense any intimidating air about him. He has more of a dignified aura that enchants others — Extremely courteous with no trace of hostility.

Maybe that’s why Gobukichi and the others readily escorted him here without fighting.

“I sincerely apologize for coming here uninvited, but our side is pressed with urgent matters as well.”
“First, let me verify something. This is Kidan the Saint’s residence, is it not?”
“Yes, that’s right…”

Why do I feel like I’m being investigated thoroughly?

“I am Zedan the Demon King.”

…Demon King? Did he just say he’s the Demon King?

“Um…Pardon me for asking something stupid, but isn’t a Demon King a remarkable person?”
“I suppose you could say that. It’s a title given to the ruler of the demon race.”

I knew it! There’s no way a Demon King isn’t someone remarkable!

“Alas, it does not represent my grandeur. It is but an exaggerated title that has been continuously passed down by my predecessors. I myself am just an inexperienced person who inherited its heavy responsibility.”

What a humble person! Even though his social standing is high, he’s not being haughty about it!!!

“If there’s anyone here who is remarkable, it’s you, Saint Kidan.”
“Commanding this world’s two most terrifying beings—a dragon and a Lifeless King and having the Holy Sword Dreischwartz, said to have been lost for years, in your possession. It isn’t even an overstatement to say that you’re the most threatening person in this world.”

People’s view of me is starting to become extradimensional.
Is this also because of what Veil did? She did put on quite the flashy show just to terrify them, after all. Thanks to that, my bad reputation is reverberating across the world.

“But wait! Just because this is where the saint lives doesn’t mean I’m the saint!”

I struggled to come up with an excuse even though it’s probably going to be pointless.

“No. You’re the Saint Kidan. There’s no doubt about it.”

I knew it was pointless.

“I know for a fact that it’s you because the Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz you possess resonates with my Furious-Holy Sword Einrot,” says Zedan as he unsheathes the sword from the scabbard.

The aura emitted by the blade was very reminiscent. It’s like I’ve seen it somewhere before.

“Lord Saint. This may be bold of me to ask, but please let me have a bout with you. We shall see which sword triumphs over the other, your Dreischwartz or my Einrot.”

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9 months ago

What simplistic names for swords. Einrot – one red, Dreischwartz – three black (in German). If there are seven of them, I would expect them to have names taken from the colors of the rainbow instead. Still reeks of chuunibyou regardless.

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Why does the Demon King have a Holy Sword?

2 years ago
Reply to  Gautam

Basically one of the gods can’t remember which one created a series of 7 “sacred” swords of power and granted each a level of sentience and commanded them to seek out wielders and fight until only the strongest remained. This was related in a chapter or SS. So the mortals call these divinely created blades Holy Swords due to their creation and power while none of them have any true alignment to good or evil and more so the demons aren’t anymore an evil race than the humans in this case just the “other” in a long standing conflict as stated by Kidan himself this chapter.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gautam

Basically, there’s no evil race
They’re just humanoid with different characteristic

The different one is dragon & pop up monster from mana/MP

in this world, they just have 7 Legendary sword from God, not the creation by a mere human with just Mana metal
Humanoid can’t craft Legendary sword, so God present 7 sword across the world to fight with each other

This God is whicked to want to see the war lol

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