C90: Creeping Crisis

My name is Belena, a fine soldier of the Demon King’s army and aide to Her Majesty, Miss Astres. In other words, I am an elite.

There aren’t many fortunate young people like me whose talent is recognized and selected to assist royalty. I am fairly confident in my ability to use swords, magic, and tactics that provide support to Miss Astres.

Sooner or later, I would eventually go out and become an independent general who would command an entire army in the war against the human race. Such are my dreams as a young soldier.

But then, a sudden turning point came into my life, when Miss Astress received bizarre orders to capture the mermaid princess.
In hindsight, not doubting such a strange order is the greatest mistake of my life. Because of it, I put Miss Astres in a dilemma.

Nonetheless, I can’t fully regret it even if I wanted to, because I never would’ve expected that it would lead to Miss Astres marrying Lord Zedan.

How did things become this way? The development was all too sudden that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. Yet, Batemy, an aide just like me, readily accepted everything as if it was to be expected, and that irked me.

After some time had passed, Miss Astres and His Majesty went back to the Demon Kingdom together. However, I couldn’t accompany them because I was tasked with managing the waypoints to connect them here at the farm run by Saint Kidan.

A pity…
Who would’ve thought that the same transportation magic that has brought me instant success would backfire this way?

No, that’s not quite it.

Saint Kidan’s existence is vital to the demon race’s fate. Maintaining a good relationship with him is key to our nation’s strategy. And being entrusted with such an important task is more than an honor. As the person responsible for managing the route that connects the demon kingdom to Lord Saint, I am more than willing to put my blood, sweat, and tears into it!

Thus began my life here on the farm.
As I mentioned earlier, my main job is to manage the waypoints whose codes are known only to His Majesty.

I’d like to take this moment and explain once again that waypoints are created by magic completely different from that of teleportation. By incorporating a complex coordinate code consisting of the digits 1-7-6 into the chant, it is possible to jump to its corresponding waypoint.

This is important because the only places that can be visited through teleportation are places that have waypoints.

Even so, some precautions still need to be taken. If the immediate environment changes drastically due to a disaster or weathering, it can cause the waypoints to disappear. That’s why someone must be assigned to maintain these in order to prevent that from happening, and such is the role that I play.

Though an important job as it may be, you only ever have to check the waypoints once a day, make sure they’re functioning well, clean and pick some trash here and there, and I’m done. In fact, I get it all done while humming a tune. It’s just that easy.

Since I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day after completing my task, I help out at the farm – field work, hunting, gathering at the sea, cleaning rooms, anything.

Batemy immediately found a stable job as a tailor, so I’m left all alone to myself.

Things used to be better during our first few days after Miss Astres’ departure. Back then, the farm was still lacking in human resources, so every station always had a chronic need for a helping hand. That’s where I pitch in as an all-rounder.

However, even Lord Saint is no fool to leave the matter of labor shortage unattended, so he stabilized the system by bringing in monster and mermaid reinforcements.

As a result, I lost whatever work I used to do.

Farm work, hunting, and construction work were completely taken over by the newly recruited goblin and orc teams. Brewery work became more and more specialized as the mermaid recruits took over, so it was no longer a job I, an amateur, could do.

I started getting impatient.
What’s the point of me being on this farm when there isn’t anything that I can do?
Just when I was resting on my laurels as an all-rounder who can do anything, I was demoted to a freeloader before I even knew it!

This is bad! If I don’t do something about this, I’ll eventually end up as a nobody with no role to play on this farm!

I won’t allow a demon elite such as myself to be unemployed! It’s making me undergo an identity crisis!

My woes were further made apparent the other day when we challenged Lady Veil’s remodeled dungeon.

Although I was brought as a representative of the demon race, I wasn’t able to contribute to anything at all! In fact, I seemed so non-existent during the whole exploration that Lord Saint hardly called my name, nor did anyone else notice my presence!!!

This situation is becoming graver and graver.

I’m one of the many soldiers recruited by the demon army, so I had all the right to feel confident about my fighting abilities…yet there I was, as unnoticeable as air!!!

At this rate, I’m really going to end up as an unemployed good-for-nothing.
I need to do something about this, pronto!!!

“And that’s why you came to me for advice?”

Batemy, who is another aide of Miss Astres, is now in an indispensable position as the farm’s tailor.
Lord Saint even built a personal clothing room for her to use freely, so there’s a huge difference between us, especially now that I’m on the verge of being unemployed.

We both started at the same time and at the same place, but how and where did we end up being so different?!

“…You know, I’ve been dead busy making all these work uniforms after the sudden increase of workers on the farm. It’s driving me insane.”

Then let’s reunite here and let me help you, just like in old times!

“No way. You’re clumsy with your hands. Terribly clumsy.”

Yeah, but…you don’t have to be so blunt about it!!!

“If the seams are a mess, I have to resew them again, so it’s literally just double the effort. I know you’re not suited for this job because we’ve been working together for many years.”

Oh, partner.
I’m not sure whether it’s the effect of your murderous workload, but I feel absolutely zero mercy from the way you word things.

What am I supposed to do then?!
I don’t want to be unemployed! Anything but that!!!

My pride won’t allow me to do that after I drove on the highway to elite success at the Demon King’s army!

“Elites are such a pain in the butt!”

Don’t make such a face that looks like it’s forsaking its fellow soldier, Batemy!
Help me get out of this wretched condition!

“Why don’t you ask either Miss Astres or Lord Zedan to dismiss you from your duties instead? That way, you can also return to the army.”

Huh?! But what about managing the waypoints?!

“That’s just a matter of cleaning and checking for any abnormalities, I can still do that much. Besides, if it really does break, I’m sure Sensei or Lady Veil will do something about it if we ask them.”

I don’t want to hear any more of this!
Of course, those two omnipotent beings can do anything!

Don’t take away my last reason for existing!!!
And for your information, I can’t just resign from the task our respected Miss Astres gave me!

“Well then, how about you become Lord Saint’s nightly companion? I mean, you still have the face, you’re just kinda flat…”

W-W -What are you talking about?!
My pride won’t allow me to assume a position without relying on my abilities!

“…You really are such a pain.”

Did she really just say that?!
She may have said it under her breath, but I definitely heard her say that I’m a pain!!!

“Oh, right. Didn’t Lord Saint say he’s going to start something again?”

Don’t change the subject!
I can’t believe you would call your long-time partner “a pain!”

…Wait, huh?
Something new?

“The big kiln he’s been working on for so long is finally finished. Lord Saint says he wants to do something with it.”

And what’s that?

“That I don’t know much about. A commoner like me has no way of knowing what the saint is thinking at any point in time.”

That’s true.

“But if you volunteer straight away, he might give you a new job. Why don’t you go and ask Lord Saint yourself right now?”

That’s great news!

Thanks, Batemy! As expected of my kindred spirit!
I’m going to Lord Saint to ask for a new job!!!

“Had you gone to Lord Saint from the beginning, I’m sure he would’ve given you something.”

My partner’s words no longer reached me as I headed out in a frenzy.

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1 year ago

Lord Saint really could have a harem if he wanted.

Live Anime
1 year ago

Elle sait casser la tête, alors qu’elle aurait pu juste aller voir, le big bosse 😂 MERCIII

1 year ago

She could do the administration, contability and inventory XD

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