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ITK C104: Spring

Winter is finally over, which marks the coming of spring.
The melted snow is flowing down the river and into the sea.
Everyone was delighted with the passing of the enduring season.

But… is it all right for me to assume that it has been a year since I was transported into this world now that spring has come?
Thinking about it now, I indulged in doing whatever I wanted before winter.

While I did plow the fields, it was with the help of the Hand of Supremacy and the hyper fertilizer that we were able to grow a wide variety of crops without ever stopping.
I’ve even lost count of the number of times we harvested every month.
But the fact that I was able to do so much means that I arrived here sometime around spring.

During my time here, I remember there being a hot period which was followed by cooler days as time passed on.
And now, a new spring has come.

It’s been a year, huh?
We sure did all sorts of things.

Looking back on what we have done, I suppose now’s the time to be setting new goals.

What we made last year…
Were the fields, first of all.

Since this is a farm.

With the ultimate cheat combo of the Hand of Supremacy to produce seedlings and the hyper fertilizer to accelerate their growth, we mass-produced anything that we wanted. We’ve also been expanding our land in line with the increasing number of residents that I can no longer grasp its actual size.
I don’t even know how to measure a hectare anyway.

But if I consider one compartment of a field, I’d say we have around…80 right now?

I planted the seeds during our first cultivation (although it was more just me touching the ground with the Hand of Supremacy), and left the rest of its maintenance to Gobukichi and his team.

One part of it has been transformed into a rice paddy.
I even connected a waterway to it all because of my love for rice. But everyone else began liking rice after our first harvest, so we had to expand our paddies.

Well, they actually want to eat mochi more, so they demand we increase our production of glutinous rice instead.
I think this is all that I have to say about our fields.

Our farm is also blessed with mountains and seas surrounding it.

It’s even more of a blessing that this level ground has plenty of arable lands.

The mountains and the sea are a treasure trove of nature’s blessings.
Of course, it can also cause terrifying disasters at times, but when our harvest is unsatisfactory, we can go to either one and gather food there. Just thinking about it reassures me.

In fact, even if we don’t starve, we often go to the mountains or the sea on days we crave a taste different from the fields. Particularly in Veil’s mountain dungeon, where Orkubo and the others often go to search for delicious monster meat.
Even Lampeye and the elves go there every now and then for a quick workout or a simple change of atmosphere.

The same thing also goes for Sensei’s cave dungeon.
Whenever they drop by, he happily sends out monsters of appropriate difficulty as if his grandchildren have come to play.
The materials that you can acquire from the dungeons include delicious wild boar meat as well as the precious mana metal that can only be found in the cave dungeon.

Naturally, there’s more, but it all depends on whether or not we can utilize them effectively with our capabilities.
In order to acquire a wider range of materials and ingredients, Veil remodeled and expanded her dungeon. I further made things interesting by adding some finishing touches to it.
But I’ll get back to that at a later point in time.

Next is related to our buildings.
At the core of it is the main house where I live in.
It used to be called a mansion, but more and more buildings were built around it that it came to be called the main house for distinction.

This is where I, the owner of this farm, and my wife, Platy, live in.
We also added separate sleeping quarters for the demon duo Batemy and Belena and for the mermaid trio Puffer, Lampeye, and Garra Rufa.

Batemy’s workplace can also be found here.
We kept the detached building where the royal demon couple used to stay at as it is.  It is maintained regularly so that they have a comfortable place to sleep whenever they come over, just like last time.

The monster longhouse is right next to it.

Our monster family increased from a mere ten to a whopping one hundred, so the scale of the rebuilt longhouse is quite overwhelming.
When the monsters don’t have work to do, they train in their own rooms, gather together to amuse themselves in games, or grow potted plants on their own.
They’re so civilized.

Let’s not forget our elven newcomers. I also wanted to build a separate place for them to stay, but they refused.

Being forest dwellers, they have this pride of not being able to sleep under a roof, so I withdrew the suggestion for the time being.

Instead, they sleep huddled together at their workplaces or spread a hammock in the woods to take a breather.
But not long after, they started taking interest in the cute pajamas Platy and the others are wearing, wanting to wear the same.
And so, they rushed to our tailor Batemy…

“Huh?” You’ll just sleep outdoors and get them covered in the mud overnight!”

A flat-out rejection from her.
Hence, they forced themselves to sleep in the hut they built near the main house.

Did they want to wear the cute pajamas that much?
Their fashionable, maiden hearts triumphed over their pride as a race.

Oh, and, what they built actually looked something like a log house.
That’s all that I can say about our housing circumstances, but of course, we also built other buildings meant for specific purposes.

One of them includes the general brewery under the mermaid team’s control.

It is where miso, soy sauce, pickles, and other fermented articles are made, which is the kind of work that only the mermaids who use pharmaceutical magic can do.
If you exclude me, the owner of this farm, the oldest resident here would be Platy, hence this brewery was also made early on.

I’m really grateful for all her help thus far.
Thanks to her, I was able to savor the taste of my hometown relatively quickly.

We also have a food depository where we preserve the crops we have harvested and monster meat that we hunted from the dungeons.
The temperature inside is constantly kept low by pharmaceutical magic, so it feels like a huge refrigerator.

I splurged on its construction and made it as large as the main house, and boy, I am glad I made the right decision. It manages to store all the food we get from the fields, dungeons, and the sea.
We were able to get through winter without any difficulties exactly because we had a lot of stocked-up food in the depository.
It has been managed normally up until now, but ever since our ex-bandit elves joined us, a suggestion of tightening its security was brought forward.

It’s not that I want to doubt my cohabitants, but when Lampeye set up a magic trap to prevent intruders, the elves set it off and got caught up in its blast.
When I listened to their story afterward, it turns out it was because they wanted to grab a quick snack.
…I could’ve whipped up something simple for them if they had come to me directly.

And then, there’s also the sake brewery managed by Garra Rufa.
I expect this department to attract the most attention this year now that it can produce beer.
Alcohol enriches one’s life, but it’s best to do it in moderation. As the saying goes: control your alcohol and don’t let it control you.

Garra Rufa is still pumped up and seems to want to brew another kind of alcohol while establishing a secure system for mass-producing beer.
Now that we have rice, we can make Japanese sake and shochu. I don’t exactly remember what whiskey and vodka are made of, though.
Wine, however, is still out of the question since we haven’t grown any grapes for it.

That will be coming to an end soon, though.

We also have a coop for the chicken monster, yoschamo, that provides us nutritious eggs every morning, as well as a silkworm room for the adamantine silkworms who spew their silk.

Looking at it in closer detail, we made all sorts of buildings that it’s hard to keep count of them all.

We also have all sorts of kilns–one for cooking, one for making pottery, and one for burning charcoal.
We’re even used to the toilets made from starfish now.

…Oh, now that we can make pottery, we baked a Western-style toilet bowl that was received well by everyone!
And then… And then!

Come to think of it…

We haven’t made a bathhouse yet!
What negligence!
I had been so focused on the rice paddies and kiln that I completely forgot about it!

All right, this year’s goal is set.

We’re going to make a bathhouse!

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2 years ago

Thnx for the Translations~

I wonder when will he make out with Platy and have a child…
Like, from what I see in this series Illustration on NovelUpdates, it seems like they have one..
(I’m fine with spoilers)

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Different from Demolition Man that used the 3 sea shells we have the star fish for number 2.

Pushyanth Kumar
Pushyanth Kumar
2 years ago

Bathhouse is the year’s goal? They will not even take a week to get it done….. well, as long as they don’t try to make it an onset……

2 years ago

oh boy…

2 years ago

kinda like a recap.. thanks for the chapter

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