C214: With the Excess Money

“And there you have it.”

Leviasa would bring back big news whenever she returns.

“The tableware made by Team Aileron is all the rage in the Demon Capital now.”

Aileron’s group is ecstatic.
Their delight is justified since they felt left out while the other three groups have already made their debut in the market.

“Demons had this notion that eating was just a matter of taking in nutrients, and the same was true for the dishes merely holding those, so the eye-catching dishes they made were considered a rarity.”

I see.

“They became popular, especially among the upper-class demons. Even The Potter’s Guild has been inspired to make similar tableware, but they seem to be struggling with the colors not showing up as well as they would like and the distorted shapes caused them to break.”
“Obviously! Our technology isn’t something that can be easily imitated!”

Aileron is getting carried away.

“The dishes we fired are masterpieces born of generations-old technology combined with Lord Saint’s wit! The demons will never be able to catch up even if it takes them a thousand years!”
“Aileron, a little modesty please.”

It is true that I helped make the enamels and instructed them how to shape the pottery…

“In any case, enjoying a lavish meal with Noujou-made tableware has become the trend in the capital, and they’re selling like hot cakes.”

That’s the brand name we use for our products.
I guess we’re pretty all-rounded with what we produce, not just limiting ourselves to one type of product.

“I left everything else to Pandemonium to sell it at their premium price after receiving Lord Baal’s seal of approval… Here you go.”

And then, she takes out another huge leather bag…

“This is the payment for it.”

The elves made a lot of money again.

Leviasa would return with a huge amount of gold coins every time she would take the elves’ crafts to the capital with her.

The elves’ eyes sparkle like the mountain of gold before them.

“So many gold coins!”
“Unlike anything we’ve ever looted during our time as bandits!”
“We wouldn’t be able to make a run for it if we were carrying this many!”

Not only the Aileron’s group, but Maelga’s leatherwork group, Poel’s glasswork group, and Mieral’s woodwork group are all making huge profits, so they should have accumulated a considerable amount of money by now.

I’m happy that their efforts are being recognized, but…

“We made so much money…”

The elves piled the money they earned into one huge, towering mountain of gold.

“What should we spend it on?”
“Good question.”

And then we face another problem.

It’s what makes the world go round.

The system is designed in a way that they leave your hand one way or another after obtaining it.
This is how money circulates and keeps the economy alive.

However, the providence of the market economy doesn’t apply to our farm.

Why not?
Because the food, clothing, and shelter we provide ourselves with are more than sufficient.

“I want to eat good fooood.”
“Lord Saint’s dishes are the best in the world.”
“I want to wear pretty clothesss.”
“The clothes Batemy makes are both comfortable and stylish.”
“I want to live in a niiice house.”
“It is our pride as elves to live in forests!!!”

They can’t come up with anything to spend their money on like so.

If you ask me, our farm’s motto is self-sufficiency.
I want to make what we eat, wear, use, and sleep in with our own efforts.
I’ve built my farm with this goal in mind, so I’m actually glad to see that they have come to the same conclusion of making everything we need here.

I always want to say with a smug look on my face that the concept of buying doesn’t exist on our farm.

So, it’s only natural that the elves would have trouble spending the money they made.

Even Batemy who got into the market before them and made a lot of money also had trouble spending at first.

She eventually seems to have spent it on all sorts of fashion-related items.

“She’s not doing that anymore.”
“Wait, really?”

Batemy’s partner, Belena, suddenly told me that.

“She’s been saving up all the money she gets from selling her clothes now.”
“Saving up for what?”

With that elite soldier back in the Demon Kingdom?

After she had said all she had to say, Belena left with a face devoid of any expression.
…Her character is pretty much wandering off now.

Batemy has established a valid use for her earnings, so that’s fine. But what about our elves?

“Lord Saint!”
“We’ve thought of something!”

Aileron and Maelga come to me.
They were originally the leader and second-in-command during their banditry times, so they represent their race on our farm.

In the past, they stole left and right from the humans and the demons and ended up at our farm where they were eventually caught after all that running away from their pursuers.
And to atone for their sins, they work here.
That’s how they came to live with us.

“Do you remember how we became bandits, Lord Saint? I think we told you before.”
“Yeah, the forest you used to live in withered and died, right?”

Elves are forest-dwellers and they can’t live without them.
Hence, they resorted to banditry after they lost their home.

“I heard sometime later that the thaumaturgy used by the human race consumes a great deal of the naturally circulating mana and brings adverse effects to nature.”
“If our forest was destroyed because of the human’s activities, then now that the demon race has destroyed them, the negative effects brought by their magic should’ve also disappeared.”
“Now may be the time to revive the forest we once lost!”

I see.
With the disappearance of the humans’ magic and the return of the exploited mana to the earth’s surface, the desolate lands may be revived.

“We want to use our money to fund that cause!”


“I think we can do something with this much money to help bring back the forest where we were born!”
“If we just let nature take its course, it may take hundreds of years, but with extra hands, it may come back even faster!”

I’d say that’s a good way to use their money.

The first thing that comes to mind as a way to revive a dying forest is, of course, afforestation—planting tree saplings and letting them grow.

“But to do this, we need people to grow saplings and plant them…”

If the money earned by Aileron and the others could be used to pay for such helpers, wouldn’t that be a wholesome splurge?

“Thanks, Lord Saint! You’re a walking source of good ideas!”

Positive responses were elicited from Aileron and Maelga after my explanation.

We’re going to start a project to revive the elves’ forest, funded by our farm’s elf team!

“So, who’s going to take the lead in afforestation? Are you going to do it yourselves?”
“No way. We’ll have to leave the farm to do that. And we don’t want that.”

They’ve become accustomed to living here.

“We can eat good food every day and have a rewarding job. It’s heaven!”
“And we can visit Lady Veil’s mountain dungeon whenever we feel homesick!”

They’ve lost their wildness, too.

Oh well, I don’t mind.
I don’t want them to leave, either.

“So that means someone else will take action…”

And then, a certain someone came into my sight.

It’s Leviasa of the Heavenly Four who has been impressing us with her abilities recently.
She’s currently in the middle of stuffing her cheeks with the deluxe pudding I made as a reward for her efforts.

“Can you please stop calling me ‘Competent’ in place of my real name?”

No one’s more suited for the role than her.

The Demon King’s army is said to have too much manpower after their war with the human race is over. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, as they can effectively use their manpower and have costs borne by a different source.


In response, Leviasa responded not with words, but just a sour expression on her face, which, without a doubt, meant…

“…That’s just annoying.”

Afforestation is a huge responsibility, a hundred times harder than selling products.


Leviasa calls out to Aeshma, another member of the Heavenly Four temporarily staying with us.

“I think you should do it. You know, tree planting.”
“Say what?! What are you planning to do, giving the job to someone else?!”
“Don’t you think the Heavenly Four should learn to cooperate? I’ve already contributed enough. It’s your turn now.”

Aeshma, taking Leviasa’s words seriously, is moved to tears.

“I’m sorry. It seems I misunderstood you. I thought you knew that I was easily manipulated and used that to your advantage!”

Why doesn’t she doubt her despite knowing that much then?

“It’s okay. The new Heavenly Four should cultivate a better understanding of each other.”
“Thank you. I will see through this duty on your behalf!”

And so, the elven financing and afforestation will proceed under Aeshma’s leadership.

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1 year ago

Aeshma being manipulated again after she saying she won’t
Well Leviasa only said the truth Aeshma haven’t really done any contribution

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! Yep, Aeshma is being easily manipulated again.

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