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ITK C213: A Dining Table of Jests

I am Bebegitt, a demon potter.

I live my days firing plates in my workshop located on the outskirts of the Demon Capital.
I knead and fire, knead and fire, knead and fire.

I’ve been doing this for 40 years and will continue to fire plates to my heart’s desire!!!

“Please leave the job to us and go. Don’t you have a dinner to attend to today?”

What’s that, sonny?
No matter what you say, I have to bask in the kiln’s heat at least once a day or I can’t get in the groove!

“Still, you’re having dinner with the Great Demon King. We don’t want to upset His Majesty and have our workshop shut down, so please leave now so as not to be late.”

The Great Demon King Baal?
What does that retired geezer want with me now of all times?
He’s been finding fault with my dishes ever since he was the Demon King.

He’s retired now, but if he still dares to ask for something unreasonable, he’s going to get it from me this time!
And then I’ll beg to the current Demon King in tears!

All right, I’m off!
I’m going to show him the spirit of a true craftsman!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to his retirement home, but as usual, it’s teeming with bizarre things of all shapes and sizes.

Hm? What’s with this bunch of wooden statues?
Why are there so many of them lined up in one corner of the room?

“You really do have a discerning eye for spotting those statues right away,” says the Great Demon King Baal.

He has bequeathed all his responsibilities of Demon King to his son, Lord Zedan, and is now living a peaceful retired life.
Must be nice to be him.

“I’ve always wondered if you had an aesthetic sense worthy of being a potter, but if you are impressed by these wooden idols, then you more or less pass as one.”
“Psh, you and your ever-constant impertinent talk.”

This geezer has always been a bit of a nag about the weirdest things.
He always finds fault with my plates.
Still, I can’t go against the head of the Demon Kingdom. I thought senility was going to lead to his retirement, but he stopped being the Great Demon King and is now yappier than ever!

“I bought these statues from a certain person. Each statue looks like the real thing, don’t you think? From now on, our kingdom must pay a fortune for this kind of thing.”
“Did you summon me here just to brag about that? You sure got a lot of time on your hands, Great Demon King.”

Well, it’s true that they’re all very well-made…
But I also resent this person’s hobbies, so I won’t openly agree with his statement.

“Bebegitt. You’re a craftsman I’ve always been watching over, yet you still haven’t improved at all. You can make the world a more gorgeous place if you could incorporate ‘beauty’ into your works, but no.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. We make plates and cups, utensils for daily use. Every day will be a hassle if such things are flippant.”
“I’m telling you that’s what you need. You never learn, no matter how many years pass, do you?”

This is why I hate this old man. Every time we meet, he blabbers non-stop.

Even though my dishes have been highly praised by many people, this old man is the only one who lambasts my works with incomprehensible remarks.


That’s what he wants in his dishes?
Oh, please.
Tableware should hold food and not spill it.
As long as it fulfills that function, nothing else matters!

“You’re probably fed up with my lecturing. My business today was to have dinner with you anyway. Feel free to eat as much as you like.”
“Don’t mind if I do. It’s free food, after all.”

But why a dinner at this time?

I don’t think it’s going to end with just eating.
Still, I have no idea what he wants to talk to me about on this occasion.

What on earth is this geezer’s purpose in calling me here?

As soon as we started having dinner, I discovered what his aim was.

When I saw the food on the table…or rather the plates on which the food was placed, I was stupefied!

“W-W-What are these plates?!”

They’re completely different from the plates we make!
Their colors… Their shapes!
Can they really be called tableware?!

“You noticed right away, didn’t you? If you didn’t, calling yourself a potter is laughable.”

He’s just thinking out loud, isn’t he?
He’s even smirking.

“The plates you make are all basic—white and circular, the same shape and color. There’s nothing interesting about them at all.”
“That’s the most efficient way to do it, of course! Do you mean to say something else is needed?!”
“Creativity, like these dishes.”

The plates that he showed me are multicolored, from green and blue to black and earthy colors, and even have detailed patterns on them!

Their shapes aren’t limited to being circular, either. Some are deliberately square, oval, or oddly distorted!

But why?
This distorted shape. Instead of seeing it as a completely inefficient design…

It looks fancy!

“This is the tableware I’ve been looking for.”
“Great Demon King?!”
“If it’s just for the intake of food, having any sort of decoration is unnecessary and just tread the most efficient path of making them. However, these plates dared to step outside the limitations of such efficiency!”

Vibrant colors.
Eye-catching shapes.

The colors of the ingredients are even more accentuated by the tableware, making the dining table look gorgeous.

“The demon race will not just eat and live in the new era. Now that the war with the humans is over, the demons must also enrich their minds.”
“Hence the peculiar tableware?”
“I bought these dishes from Leviasa to state this opinion of mine and paid a lot of money in the process to spread awareness on it.”
“A lot?! How much are we talking about here?!”

Hearing the exact price made my jaw drop.

It’s several hundred times the price of the plates we sell!
One plate is worth enough money to build a mansion!

“Dare to make plates as good as these with your title on the line? Hm, demon potter?”

I see!
So, that’s why he summoned me here today!

He wanted to ignite the craftsman spirit in me by showing these plates!

Fair enough.
I’m going to create something way better with my own two hands!

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

I’m surprised they haven’t had anything fancy like this before considering noble clothes exist. Noble pottery would be a hit I’d think to show off your wealth and personality with unique tableware during party/dinners?

1 year ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

Noble clothes already done lol
I suprised that they haven’t trading food
Even dog food in the farm can considered as Noble for them

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Yamijoma

That’s what I mean. They have noble clothes (and even better ones after Batemy?) so the next elevation status would be your art or fancy parties. Having fancy tableware would create an elevated party.

1 year ago

Former Demon King Baal is now Cultural King Baal leader of the cultural revolution.

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