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ITK C212: The Outcome

“And that’s how I sold them.”

Our farm is absolutely shocked to hear Leviasa’s report.

“No. Freaking. Way!”
“Sold out?!”
“And at a much higher price than any of us expected!!!”

The most excited bunch are, of course, Mieral and her team who made the statues.
They certainly must be very happy that their work was recognized. They’re hugging each other with tears of joy.

“So, here’s their payment. Heave…ho!”
“Oh, wow.”

That’s one HUGE bag.
Is it full of coins, perhaps?

“All gold coins.”

The elves’ voices are no longer within the normal vocal range.

“They sure bought them at quite the high price. Who in the world actually has the money to pay for all of that?”
“Oh, they’re just some eccentric person.”

Leviasa didn’t say much about her client.

It was only later that I realized that she also sold my and Sensei’s statue.
But was that really a good idea?

Sensei’s statue can still pass off as divine, but wouldn’t my statue be just completely out-of-place?
Nonetheless, they still bought the entire set.
This must be like the marketing scheme online shopping channels on TV use where you get an extra item for free if you buy them right away…

“Well done! Well done, Leviasa!”

Leviasa’s superior, Mrs. Glasya, is also delighted.

“If we keep this up, we won’t lose to Team Astres! My reputation will undeniably increase with this!!!”

The elves are tossing Leviasa into the air in front of her.

“You’re so competent, Leviasa!”
“Really competent!”
“Leave everything to Leviasa to solve your worries!”
“Master Leviasa!!!”
“Master Leviasa of the Heavenly Four!!!”

They’re being tremendously generous with their praises.


Mrs. Glasya continues to stare at them.

“…Hey, did my reputation really go up? It’s as if only Leviasa’s reputation increased.”
“That’s not true at all, my queen.”

Leviasa makes a clean and swift landing from her position mid-air.

“I’m your loyal subordinate and will always be, Queen Glasya. A subordinate’s achievement is also their superior’s. This is universal common sense.”
“Oh! You’re right! I’m so lucky to have such a good subordinate!”

Seeing Leviasa smoothly cajole Mrs. Glasya made me remember how competent she really is.

But not everyone is happy.
While there are joyful elves, there are also upset ones.

“Why did you sell just Mieral’s stuff?!” angrily asks Aileron.

Leviasa agreed to sell two kinds of products for us: Team Mieral’s woodworks and Team Aileron’s pottery.
Only one of the two was sold this time with Team Aileron’s products still on hand.

If we also take into account Team Maelga’s leather goods and Team Poel’s glasswork that are still selling well through Mrs. Astres, only Aileron’s group is completely left behind, so her anger is understandable.

“Don’t panic. There is a certain order to things,” says Leviasa to appease Aileron. “The potteries you have made are all of remarkable quality. It’s only natural for me to sell them at a price they deserve.”
“Competent once again!”

We’re still not going to get over calling her that, huh?

“Regarding that order, the other party put their complete trust in me after my business with them. They said they can’t go wrong with my offers. That’s why I’m going to make use of that trust to sell your pottery at a high price!”
“You’re not going to do anything shady, are you?!”
“There’s something I’d like to ask you, Lord Saint.”

According to what Leviasa told me, the value of dishes and other related items, including pottery, is uniformly low at present in the Demon Kingdom.
For example, there is not much of a difference between the plates used by the common people and the plates used by royalty at parties. And this trend is widespread throughout the entire nation.

—Their rule of thumb is: “If it’s usable, it works.”

Moreover, this way of thinking is also prevalent in the former Human Kingdom, hence they aren’t worth all that much.

In such a world, women’s desire to be beautiful remains immortal, which is why clothes sell well, while Poel’s glasswork reminds people of crystal jewelry.

“That’s why we have to be very deliberate in selling elven pottery,” says Leviasa.

“I was surprised when I saw the unusual pottery they made for the first time.”
“They’re just plates and cups meant to be used daily, but they’re all dyed in different colors such as green, red, black, and blue, some even with patterns on them. They also vary in shapes and are distorted in funny ways, but for some reason, they don’t look like flops to me!”


There was this manga revolving around making artistic bowls that I was hooked on in my world…
Wanting to imitate this, I told Aileron all about it which also got her excited.
Her group made different enamels, remodeled the kiln, and kept on making this ‘unusual’ tableware Leviasa calls out of their overflowing enthusiasm.

“If I can find a way to sell them, they’ll be worth far more than just mere tableware. This is where my question comes in, Lord Saint.”
“What is it, Miss Competent?”
“How did you feel when you tried to make them? I’m going to use that in my sales talk, so explain it to me in detail!”
“Please go into the minutest details!”

Why don’t you ask Aileron’s group that?! They’re the artists!
You found out I was the one who gave them orders?

…Thus, I was forced to perform the embarrassing act of explaining my state of mind during their creation.

And then…

The next day…

“All sold.”
“Too competent!”

Leviasa’s rapid advance knows no bounds.

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lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter! I guess she sold them as “art” by using the creators thought process.

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!!! Did the author made the story of the summoned ones?

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