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ITK C98: Elven Haven

I am Aileron, and I used to be the head of elven bandits called Thunderstorm Stonecutters.
Alas, we finally ran out of luck as Lord Kidan captured us in a flash after stealing from his luxurious farm situated in the middle of nowhere.

We have always been prepared for the consequences of our actions, whether we were stealing from humans or demons, most likely getting our heads chopped off as a penalty. Worst case scenario, they’ll take notice of our beauty as elves instead and be kept as sex toys by wretched aristocrats until we break.
…But neither of those happened.

Lord Saint captured us and gave us work to do to compensate for our crimes.
And that work is something we elves enjoy the most—crafting tools.

As we are forest nomads by nature, our race indulges in crafting tools with our nimble fingers all day long on days when we don’t go out to hunt or gather seeds.
I was appointed as the group leader for making pottery, so I spend my days facing the kiln.

I wonder how long has it been since things were this calm?

Naturally, facing the kiln for an extended period of time made me sweat, so I went out of the workshop to get some fresh air. There, I met our calm-headed second-in-command, Malega.
Oops, I suppose it would be more appropriate to call her group leader for leatherworks now.

“I’ll always be your second in command. Work here is enjoyable, though.”

Enjoyable, huh?
As calm-headed as ever.

“Not even in my wildest dreams did I expect things to turn out this way.”

Me neither.
The last time we were able to live in peace was before we were chased out of our forest birthplace.

Maelga and I weren’t always thieves.
The both of us grew up in the same forest, so you could say that we’re childhood friends.

However, that forest is no more.
That forest, belonging to the Human Kingdom’s territory, suddenly withered and vanished one day.

It was only later on that I knew about its cause. They exhausted their mana to cast a large-scale magic spell.

The thaumaturgy used by the human race is less versatile than that of the demon race, but once used, it’s incredibly powerful, so it consumes a large amount of mana.

It’s mostly made up of natural mana that flows with the human race’s domain, hence the effects of abusing it are also harsh in return, as seen from what happened to our home-forest.
We were forced to leave our homes and part our families, and we could no longer find out whether they are safe or not.

No race is more miserable than elves who have lost their forest.
Having lost our way of life, it wasn’t long until we resorted to banditry. As revenge, we stole from aristocrats and wealthy merchants who have filled their own pockets through illegal means, perhaps that being our only saving grace.

“By the way, Boss, did you know that Lord Saint isn’t a human from our world?”

What do you mean?

“The human race possesses a thaumaturgic spell that allows them to connect our world with another and call upon heroes from there. Lord Saint is one of those summoned otherworlders.”

You mean they holler at them to come over?

“No, they were summoned here against their will. That’s why Lord Saint severed his connections with the Human Kingdom and began living a peaceful life here.”

He fell victim to the human race’s magic just like us, then.
I’m starting to like this fellow more and more.

“You thought so too, Boss?” said Maelga as she saw right through me.

There are no males in our group since elves only ever give birth to females.
Even I have no idea why, but the point is that we must mingle with other races to procreate.

It doesn’t matter which race we mingle with because we will always give birth to elves. Once we’re at the right age, we leave our home-forest in search of a man.
There is no better candidate to create a superior generation than Lord Saint, who created this farm and commands elite monsters.

“Our problem is Princess Platy and the dragon being his wives.”

Those two are really scary, especially the dragon. I don’t think I’ll be able to survive what’s going to come if I get on her bad side.

“Someone as exceptional as Lord Saint shouldn’t have any problems raping any woman he fancies. What we want is his seed, not to be his wife. If we play our cards well, things shouldn’t turn out too rough.”

I expected nothing less from our calm-headed Maelga!
I know nothing much about the bedroom situations of the humans or demons, though.
I wish we had some sort of opening.

“Look at that, Boss.”

There is an elf running around as she gasps for air.
Of course, she also used to be one of my subordinates, and her name is Poel. Now, she has been promoted to the group leader for making glassware.

“It seems she goes to Lord Saint every day for a quality check of the goods and to talk about new ones. Even on days when she doesn’t have any particular business with him, she still shows up.”

Why is she doing something so pointless?

“It’s all for the sake of getting more opportunities to come in contact with Lord Saint and make him attached to her.”

Is that what elves do nowadays to attract men?

I thought I could just assault and wring out the men of other races… but now that I think about it, I doubt that’s going to work with Lord Saint.
If she succeeds, I’ll follow the same and get close to him.
Until then, I’ll just enjoy my life here.

All right, I better get back to work and get those hundred dishes baked.

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1 year ago

Why can they not mate with the orks and goblins?

1 year ago

fuck these fucking bitches fucking hell novelupdates fucking shit. this fucking novel didnt have a harem tag yet this fucking novel has a lot of them fuck dropped

2 years ago

Thnx for the translations~

Let’s just hope that the Elves had their chance to appeal about that to Lord Saint, just like a certain Novel does.
(Isekai Nonbiri Nouka)

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago
Reply to  Firsan

If more elves show like Nonbiri, I wonder if there will be a ranking as well. Though, the elves there seem to be more carnivorous than the ones in this series.

2 years ago

The elves have always been a vicious bunch. Why, just the other day I was watching naked chicks from my vantage point in the big public forest in my city when I saw two elves creep forward and cart away the naked chick from her dozing man. I was shocked! But then when I looked again, everyone was gone . . .

— Catxman


2 years ago

So many women, so little inclination….

Thanks for all your hard work!

Anderson Sanchez
2 years ago

Son elfos o sucubos??
Gracias por traducir

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