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ITK C125: The Princess Invades

Here’s the thing, a princess’s existence is like a political bomb.

She’s the perfect excuse for those who are plotting to revive the Human Kingdom or rebel.
Even if she was exiled to a remote area in the Demon Kingdom, just like the rest of her family, there would still be people who would try and rescue her.

If she gets taken away by them, the rule of the demons over the humans will become topsy-turvy. Hence killing her is the safest choice.

However, our kind Demon King can’t and won’t make that decision, so he came to our farm to ask for help.

We are located far away from both the demon and human races, and our existence isn’t even known to the majority of them.
It’s unlikely that we’ll be found, and even if we were, our invaders would face a lot of hardships before they would even get here.

And if there were people who managed to get past those hardships, the mutated orc and goblin army awaited them. Even the hyelycaons, nicknamed “The Hounds of Hell,” who have now mutated into hypercaons, would chase them to the ends of the earth. As a finishing touch, we have Dragon Veil.
In other words, our farm is more impregnable than any hell in this world.

Anyone can be at ease if they leave a VIP in our care.

After we wrapped our discussions, the Demon King thanked me over and over again before he left. He’s received our help countless times, starting from the case with Mrs. Astres, so it seems he feels sorry.

He really is such a kindhearted person…

“How are they going to bring the princess here? Will the Demon King be the one to bring her?”
“No, they said I will be the one to bring the princess in question,” says Belena.

She used to be one of Mrs. Astres’ aides but is now settling on our farm as a representative of her race.

“You’re leaving the farm, Belena? Is that a good idea? Aren’t you the one managing the waypoints to this place?”

I got worried.
I’ve heard that teleportation magic only works on places with waypoints.
If something goes wrong during her absence, they’ll lose their only way to get here, and it will make things terribly complicated.

“You can just ask Lady Veil or Sensei then.”
“Didn’t I tell you to stop suggesting that?!” argues Batemy, another demoness.

Belena seems emotionally unstable lately… I wonder what happened?

“I suppose it’s a matter of… raison d’etre,” mutters Batemy with dark eyes.

I don’t get it.
I’ve been thinking of talking with her again, but I’ve had so much on my plate lately that I had to postpone things until today.

With the arrival of the princess, I’m sure I’ll become busier again, so that opportunity will get away.

And so, the princess of the human race has arrived.

If I remember correctly, her name is Letasreit?
That sounds a lot like a vegetable.

As one might expect from royalty, she wears lavish clothes. But she herself is also lavish in her own way.
She has shimmering blonde hair and glowing white skin. Even her figure is glamorous enough to garner all the attention.

And a lady like her…

“Bow down to the royal family’s majesty!” were the first words that came out of her mouth after she went through all those waypoints.

“I, a noble royal, will allow the likes of you plebeians to answer directly! Be proud of this in perpetuity, for I am Princess Letasreit, the only daughter of the king who rules the best race—the human race! I grant you the honor of looking after me! Accept the delight of your absolute obedience to me!!!”

Platy walks up to her briskly…
She gives her a power-packed punch!

“You’re so cheeky for a princess of a ruined country,” says Platy.

As expected of the Mermaid Kingdom’s princess.
Letasreit’s “princess aura” didn’t work on her.

“I’ll explain everything from one to ten, but I’ll only say it once, so you better listen and memorize them all! From next time, I’ll use corporal punishment on you.”
“I-I’m sorry!!!”

For a princess of the human race, she sure had her will easily crushed.
Nobles really are all bark and no bite.

“First of all, the Human Kingdom is no more, so your royalty means nothing to us. A royalty’s authority is only backed up by a nation’s power, so royal families who have lost their nation are just commoners. In short, you’re a commoner. Understood?”

The princess is on the verge of tears.

“Even if your motherland is going strong and you have the added value of royalty slathered all over you like butter… Listen well, okay? Because the next part is the most important one…It means absolutely nothing here.”

Platy is relentless with her words.
Why is she being so thorough today?

“This place is neutral when it comes to the affairs of other kingdoms. We aren’t influenced by the royal families of the Demon, Human, Mermaid Kingdom, or some other, nor do their titles mean anything,” says the princess of the Mermaid Kingdom.

“There is also an ex-princess here just like you, ex-thieves, ex-prisoners, monsters, and a dragon. The Demon King, Mermaid Prince, and even The Lifeless King often come here to hang out. What does a princess of the Human Kingdom matter to these entities?”

When she says it all together like that, it does seem like this is one extraordinary place.

“Social titles don’t mean anything here; it’s your abilities and your personality that count. You’ll never fit in here if you keep up that arrogant behavior of yours, so I’m warning you.”
“Don’t tell me you don’t understand. Now that your kingdom has been destroyed, there’s no place left for you in this world. You would’ve been better off executed as originally planned, but the kind Demon King and my considerate husband let you stay here. Without this place, you might as well be rotting in hell by now!”

Um… Platy?
I don’t think you need to be that strict with her…

She just lost her kingdom; why don’t we show a little more compassion?

“Of course, I know all of that! Waaah!!!”

I told you so!
She was so overwhelmed that she started crying!!!

She throws herself on the ground and starts flailing her arms and legs!

“I have nothing! No authority, no retainers, nothing!!! At least let me put up a bold front like this! Waaaah!!!”

I see.
So, her insolent attitude had a hidden meaning.

She managed to keep her crumbling heart in check by putting on airs.

And yet, Platy crushed that bluff of hers with a single blow…

“Just kill me already! I’m prepared for it! Let me die an honorable death as a proud daughter of the royal family!”

Even though the princess has fallen into the depths of despair, Platy mercilessly lands a clean-hit thrust on her abdomen.


The princess lets out a voice as if she’s a frog being crushed.
Well, I kind of saw that coming.

“Stop behaving like a spoiled child.”

Isn’t Platy a little too strict today?

“As long as you live here, you’ll pay for what you eat with your own labor. Work as if you’ve been reborn from today onwards.”

And so, the princess’ life on our farm begins.

Volume 4, here we go. I also updated the cover photo to keep things neat and consistent.

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2 years ago

Lot of truth to those statements. I will say that the education part of royalty allowed them to generally stay in charge until the early 1900’s, so don’t discount it. Once education became common, royalty starts losing it’s meaning.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Nice to see the princess taking after her father in her pride as royalty instead of being spoiled and manipulative.

2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter. I respectfully disagree. If you consider the feudal system in Western Europe, for example, the royalty and nobles were definitely not more intelligent than the average person, just better educated. The loss of genetic variability that arose from centuries of inbreeding aside, the royalty was the most part less intelligent and healthy than their contemporary peers. The major advantages for the royalty and aristocracy was their economic and miliary might, not their intellectual abilities. Obviously, there were intelligent and wise monarchs, but there were significantly more that were mediocre at best.

2 years ago

I think Platy is feeling a threat to her first wife status from this girl, hence the ruthless act and attacks by the Crowned Witch.

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

If I remember correctly, her name is Letasreit?

That sounds a lot like a vegetable.

^- Lettuce, right?

2 years ago
Reply to  v-rus

In the end, she’s currently in the perfect place.

Black Platino
2 years ago
2 years ago

This physical method of reeducation doesn’t look good to me. Smart people (and you can’t stay as royalty without being smarter than the subjects, so it should be heritable) need only a few words to grasp the situation they are in. Too much bullying breeds resentment, so it’s possible to have the princes try to seduce our protagonist next to get her revenge over Platy. I thought better of her first, but now it looks that the author’s ability to create believable personalities is more lacking than expected.

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter

Niorine Corithni
2 years ago

She forgot to mention the pantheon get summon from time to time.

Anderson Sanchez
2 years ago

Gracias por traducir, no le puedo dar al like, se queda cargando..

Donde veo la portada nueva?

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

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