C346: The Guest Lecturer Returns

Yep, it’s me again. But bored.

Sensei left to teach the students the horrors of a Lifeless King without inviting me.

I was interested in seeing another of his kind, but he said, “Why don’t you show the adventurer around since we invited him?”
I guess I am the farm owner. The host can’t just leave their guests alone, so I followed Silver Wolf to Veil’s dungeon.

The competitive Veil just dragged him away, you see.
Silver Wolf liked Sensei’s dungeon so much that she wanted some praise for herself.
She’s just that greedy for approval.

I went into the mountain dungeon, and when I finally found them after searching for so long, I saw Silver Wolf, breaking down and crying.

“To think… To think there’s still a dungeon as incredible as this undiscovered…”

It seems he has already seen and experienced Veil’s dungeon.

“The monsters and materials are top-notch. Then, there’s the dungeon orchard… What I thought was Lord Alexander’s idea actually originated from here!”
“Master, this guy is terrible! He said the dungeon orchard you and I started is a copy of Alexander’s when he’s the one who plagiarized!” angrily says Veil.

“Even the cave dungeon I just went to is of such superb quality that it could turn the guild upside down if revealed to the public… I thought that would be the first and last of its kind, until I came here…!”

S-Silver Wolf?
Um… Don’t cry…

“Don’t just admire the loot, admire the entire structure! I created a multi-layered dungeon with four seasons with my divine idea!”
“Veil… I’ll praise you lots later, so could you please leave him alone for now…?”

His mind’s probably overloaded right now from all the events he just faced.
Give him a little more time to process things.

“Hey, you… What in the world is this place?!” asks Silver Wolf, clinging to me. “Two outstanding dungeons in close proximity… The guild is bound to give them five stars!”
“Alexander’s dungeon has six stars, right? If so, mine is seven!”

Shh, Veil, don’t interrupt!

“What is this place with all these amazing dungeons?!”
“How often do you need to be told this is the Saint’s Farm?”

He gasps at Veil’s interruption.

“I see… The Saint’s Farm… The rumored frontier both explorers and adventurers are looking for… Right…” he mumbles.

It’s kinda creepy.

“No wonder everyone is so desperate to find it… A huge amount of wealth is just lying around! The Saint’s Farm—the last unexplored area in this world!”

Um, it’s not that big of a deal, okay?
It’s just a place where we live in peace.

“…I know. I won’t tell anyone.”

I didn’t even say anything.

“…I didn’t find this place on my own efforts. Lord Alexander brought me here. I’m not someone audacious as to call myself the first discoverer of this unchartered territory!”
“Only someone who doesn’t know the pride of an adventurer would do that.”

I don’t really get what’s happening, but Silver Wolf has promised not to talk about this place to others.

It’s not that I mind if he does, though.
Wait, no.

Maybe it is a bad idea.

“So, what now? I’d like to continue to teach the children the ropes of being an adventurer.”

But they’re not here.
They’re on a field trip with Sensei.

He said they’d be back by dinner… but how should Silver Wolf spend his time till then?

“Um… In that case…” he says, fidgety. “I was wondering if I could try out the dungeons… I just get so excited whenever I see a new one! Even more, if they’re dungeons this good!”

This must be what they call a true adventurer’s spirit.

And so, Silver Wolf enjoyed conquering Sensei and Veil’s dungeons to his heart’s content.
Of course, he did it in a span of not just one day.

He even forgot to eat and sleep, yet still managed to teach our students, which is why we originally invited him. His passion for dungeons amazes me.

Learning more about what monster parts were functional was valuable to me.
No one knows more about making effective use of dungeon loot than adventurers like him.
He even taught me how to use parts I had previously regarded as useless.

After that, Silver Wolf camped in the dungeon for about a month and went through both dungeons.
By then, we had learned everything we needed to know, and he left the farm triumphantly.

It was time well spent.

Incidentally, his one-month stay with us had made him a missing person among his peers, and they were even theorizing about his death.
I heard it’s a common thing in the adventuring world.

Thus, our plan to invite a special lecturer (adventurer) came to a successful conclusion.

The rest is a side story.

It’s been a while since the Demon King came to visit, so I told him about the adventurer who just left.

If he had visited a little earlier or if Silver Wolf had stayed a little longer, I could’ve introduced them to each other.

“An adventurer, you say? …I’ve recently become interested in that profession as well.”
“Huh? Do you want to become an adventurer instead?”
“That’s not what I meant. Our army has been gradually downsizing since the Human-Demon War ended. They’re the ones who manage the dungeons, but there’s a proposal to entrust it to a private sector.”

I see. And he’s thinking of entrusting that to the Adventurer’s Guild.

The Demon Kingdom will utilize an organization unique to the human race.
It’s precisely the policy that can be implemented now that the war is over. It’s good knowing that the world is progressing.

“Naturally, the Demon Kingdom also has its own dungeons, but our troops always occupy the manageable ones. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to reduce personnel and let the Adventurer’s Guild take over…”

Sounds like a pretty good idea, as far as I can tell.
And yet…
Why is his expression as he talks about his plan sorrowful?

“That plan isn’t going too well, you see…”
“But why?”
“Someone’s against it.”

Head of the Heavenly Four: Belphgamilia the Corrupted.

“He is now army commander and a top leader who holds the actual power of the military. If he opposes, we can’t do anything about it. Normally, he’d just say, ‘A’ight, sure’ to any kind of proposal, so why now?”

…But he’s supposed to be in a position of responsibility.

Can he really afford to act like that?

“…Why is he in opposition?”
“That’s what I can’t figure out… The only thing he told me was…”


“The president… will make their move!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

I hadn’t the slightest idea at the time.

The “president” Lifeless King, even Belphgamilia of the Heavenly Four fears.

His shadow lay deep within the Demon Kingdom.

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