C347: The Return of the Missing Adventurer

My name is Shabe, your resident newbie adventurer.

When I heard the rumor that Silver Wolf had died, I was terrified!
He was one of the only five S-class adventurers in the world, and he was primarily known for his finesse.

A lone wolf, he never forms parties and constantly challenges dungeons by himself.
Many adventurers admire him for his aloof demeanor.

I, for one, am also his big fan.
Most newbie adventurers are either Golden Bat or Black Cat fans.
But the most obvious choice is Silver Wolf.
That’s why I was in disbelief when I heard of his death.

Apparently, he suddenly disappeared during his conquest of the six-star dungeon Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden.
Before his disappearance, some eyewitnesses said he was summoned by the guild.

From there, various speculations flew around.

Some say he ran away after the guild master forced him to marry his daughter.
Others say he ran away after the guild master found out about his affair with his daughter.
Then some also say he ran away after the guild master forced him to be his lover.

However, any lustful relationship with the guild master’s family was later denied.
Where did such rumors even come from?

Anyway, weeks have passed, but there was still no word from my idol.
Did he really die in a dungeon somewhere?
If he were eaten by a monster, there would be no body left behind, so we can’t confirm his death.

But amidst my confusion, Silver Wolf came back after a month.
Everyone was sincerely surprised since they all believed he was dead.

I also got to see the miraculous return of my idol Wolf with my own eyes.

I was so worried about his welfare that I went to the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden, where he was last seen, and made it my base.

Thank goodness the remodeling is finished.
It’s also a good thing I went through the trouble of registering myself the last time I came here.

But something about Silver Wolf’s air feels like he’s changed.
It’s calm yet ghastly, as if he had risen to a height we didn’t know existed.

Of course, I’m just a lowly adventurer, so I can only watch from afar.
Even though the A and B class adventurers tried to talk to him, he gave no reply.

What and where had he been doing for the past month when he was missing?

And so, the rumors shifted to “What was Silver Wolf doing during the entire month?”

Some say he was put on house arrest after the guild master forced him to marry his daughter.
Others say he was put on house arrest after the guild master discovered his affair with his daughter.
Then some also say he was put on house arrest after the guild master forced him to be his lover.

He later denied any scandalous relationship with the guild master’s family.
And since he kept his lips sealed tight, the rumors eventually faded away.

As my idol conquers the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden as if he never disappeared in the first place and makes his way to the upper stratums, I remain at the bottom, struggling with lesser frog monsters.

One day, I managed to get enough money for lodging by exchanging the meat, skin, and oil of the frog monsters I killed and treated myself to a few drinks at the tavern using the spare change.
And then…

“…Do you mind if I sit here?”

An unbelievable thing happened.
My idol sat across from me.

He really has the face of a wolf!
Therianthrope werewolves are so cool!!!

I declare to be a fan of his, but of course, we’ve never met or talked.
He probably isn’t aware of my existence.
So, why?!

“…What’s wrong? Why do you look so surprised?”
“Oh! Um…”
“We’re adventurers, so we may drink at the same tavern. Or do you dislike my company?”
“Not at all! Cheers!”

And then we bump mugs with each other…
So coooool!!!
The way he calls for a toast is also cool!!!

“By the way…”
“I heard you want to go to the Saint’s Farm.”

How does he know that?!

“Y-Yessir, I dream of discovering the Saint’s Farm and making a name for myself!”
“That’s quite the ambitious dream… But does it really exist?”
“The only information we have is dubious rumors. We have no solid evidence or witnesses to confirm its existence. Maybe it doesn’t even exist. But will you still keep searching?”

What is this, a serious question?
I feel like my career will be ruined if I answer incorrectly.

I have to choose my words wisely…!

“I have faith it exists. I will find it and prove it to everyone. That’s the spirit of the adventurer in me.”

He smiles in satisfaction.

“I felt your determination well. In return, I’ll tell you a few things.”

He gestures with his finger to lean in closer.
When I did as he said and lent him my ear, he whispered so softly that no one but I could hear.

“The Saint’s Farm does exist!” …?!

How can you say that so confidently?
Don’t tell me you’ve been there?!

“I’m no longer qualified to declare I’ve found it, so you’ll have to find it for me… Find it; the whole world is there!”

What encouraging words!
Could it be that his whereabouts for the past month were…?

“Yessir! I will find the Saint’s Farm and report to you first!”
“That’s what makes you a passionate adventurer. I can’t tell you much, but I can advise you.” He says, “There’s a Lifeless King at the Saint’s Farm!”
“A Lifeless King?!”

One of the World’s Two Greatest Calamities?!
You came back alive from a place with such a fiend?! Wow!

Speaking of Lifeless Kings, there’s news lately that the earl in Country Castle is gone.

“…I can’t say much more, but I’ll give you one last piece of advice. The Saint’s Farm also has also a dragon!”
“Say what?!”

Two of the World’s Greatest Calamities?!

I heard that a dragon claiming to be the Saint’s servant broke into the battlefield during the war.

The Saint’s Farm is a different world than I imagined.
But my idol survived such a hellish place!

“I won’t say anything more, but I hope you can fulfill your dream of being an adventurer… Adios!”

Then he left his seat and went on his way.

Silver Wolf…
You’ve entrusted me with your dream.
I’ll do my best to find the Saint’s Farm and meet your expectations!!!

…Incidentally, he walked to someone’s table two seats away from me.
Across from him sits a young female adventurer.

“…By the way, I heard you want to go to the Saint’s Farm.”

Is he saying the same thing to her?
Wait, is he going to talk to every adventurer who wants to go to the Saint’s Farm?!

“I’m no longer qualified to declare that I’ve found it, so you’ll have to find it for me… “
“Shut it! I don’t need you to tell me how to get to the Saint’s Farm! I can get there by myself!!!”

You’re so harsh, Momoko…
You could at least listen to what he has to say.

cin-cin is italian for cheers (pronounced chinchin) and i think you guys know what chinchin means in Japanese…

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1 month ago

He kept the secret location but not the existence well it will be reveal sooner or later even if he did reveal it since there the student

1 month ago

I seriously want Momoko to find the farm. I want to read her reaction to it being her countryman that was written off at the beginning.

1 month ago

His idea of keeping secrets is pretty peculiar.

Dicky Satria
Dicky Satria
1 month ago
Reply to  Exfernal

he simply said ‘its exist but you have to find it on your own’ like Gol D. Roger when saying about One Piece

Post Comment
Post Comment
1 month ago
Reply to  Dicky Satria

The Saint’s Farm is real!

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