C129: Means of Transportation

I suddenly thought to myself, “I’m tired of walking.”
Well, it wasn’t really that sudden.

Our farm has been increasing in size accordingly ever since I started cultivating it over a year ago.
Our fields have increased, and we have paddy fields and waterways as well.

Sensei and Veil’s dungeons are also adjacent to our farm. There has been an increasing need to move back and forth at the request of each dungeon guardian.

Nowadays, just traveling around on foot is starting to feel like a waste of time, it’s frustrating.

Is it a curse that I, a modern person of society, carry to be agonized by the notion of wasting time even when I’ve migrated to this peaceful world?

At first, I used to lose myself in admiring the scenery around me as I traveled around, but doing that every day has gotten me completely used to it. It’s just boring now.

Anyway, I was thinking of a way to shorten this idle travel time.


Someone timidly raised their hand.
It was Belena.

“How about using me? With my teleportation magic, you can travel anywhere in an instant.”

As long as that place has a waypoint, of course.

“By establishing more waypoints around the farm, I can transport you to any place in an instant with my teleportation magic, Lord Saint! My utility value will also increase. It’s a win-win situation! A happy ending!”

I didn’t really get the last part of what she suggested.
As usual, she’s fixated on finding her own self-worth…

If we go with Belena’s plan, she’ll get a fine job she can also be proud about.

“You can’t,” ruthlessly rejects Aileron.
“You, of all people, should know better about the terrors of teleportation magic. Sure, it’s the most convenient amongst the numerous kinds of magic, but that’s precisely why it’s most terrifying when used by an enemy.”

Upon hearing Aileron point that out, Belena’s face contorted.

“What do you mean?”
“Listen, Lord Saint. Teleportation magic allows you to visit a faraway place in an instant. Now, what would happen if an enemy uses that to their advantage to attack us?”

She has a point.
If a horde of enemies appeared right in front of us, dealing with them would prove difficult.

“It’s not just limited to enemies ambushing us. This is just my opinion as a former bandit, but if you place waypoints within the premises, the mansion becomes the perfect target for looting. You can bypass the walls and numerous guards.”
“But waypoints have coordinated codes. You can’t access them without knowing that, right?”
“It takes a thief to really know a thief. Some bandits are ‘locksmiths’ who can analyze special waypoints and identify their coordinated codes as if they were opening a safe. The undiscovered waypoints aside, there’s a 50-50 chance that the waypoints will be unlocked depending on the locksmith’s skills.”
“Oh boy…”

That’s why established waypoints shouldn’t be out in the open but somewhere remote.
So, even if they’ve identified the coordinates and raided us, it’ll be easy to deal with them.
As for the quantity, we’ll keep it at the bare minimum—one.

“Under such circumstances, increasing our waypoints practically means increasing backdoors for bandits to break into. From a crime prevention standpoint, I cannot agree with it.”

As a former leader of a group of bandits who stole left and right from the demon and human races, the power of her words was absolute.

“But should we really be that cautious?”

A castle or some aristocrat’s mansion is different, but this place is just a farm.

“Do we even have anything worth sneaking in and stealing?”
“We do! Too many, in fact!!!”

She said it with such vigor that it startled me.

“Are you not aware of how much of a treasure trove this farm is, Lord Saint?! The vegetables we grow aren’t like any other, and the potions Platy make are top-class! The pickles and beer! All ironware that we use is made from mana metal, and just melting them back into their original state is enough to earn you money to thrive for the next few years, but if a blacksmith’s craftsmanship is great, its value increases even more! And then!!!”
“All right, all right.”

We’ll take crime prevention into consideration.
I guess safety and convenience are inversely proportional to each other.

“It’s true that creating a lot of backdoors for bandits to break into is worrisome. All right, Belena’s proposal is rejected.”

Belena cries while running off.
I really need to give her a stable position soon…

“What about this?!” says Veil as she begins stating her opinion.
“How about I carry you wherever you want in my dragon form, Master? With a dragon’s wings, even reaching the end of the world is far too easy!”
“Isn’t that a little too much?”

Too exaggerated, in fact.
Anyone who meets us at our destination will be spooked by the sight of a dragon.

“Besides, you might just go somewhere on a whim and slack off there. I don’t think you’d come to me right away when I asked you to, so your offer is also rejected.”

What’s more, if we establish an expressway to travel, I want everyone to have equal access to it instead of just me alone.
Nowadays, Orkubo and Gobukichi are bustling about on our farm as middle supervisors, and even Platy often acts as my proxy.

With that in mind, I bet Veil would only want to carry me around. Even with Belena’s earlier proposal, it would be impossible to accommodate transportation for everyone since she’s the only one who knows how to use teleportation magic.

“…Maybe our only bet is a horse?”

I’m not sure whether the custom of riding a horse exists in this world, though.
If we’re going to increase our travel speed without relying on technology, that’s our only option.

Wait, I shouldn’t limit myself to the stereotypes of my world after all that I’ve experienced here.

Our ideal is to have a monster big enough to carry someone the size of a human around, even if it isn’t a horse-type.

We’ll rear them in numbers and create a system that can be used by those who need it when they need it.

“I’ve set my eyes on a new goal.”

The plan to build a horse-drawn system on my farm is now in motion.


Pochi, the hypercaon, approached me right after I announced my goal.

“…What’s wrong? Why are you facing your back towards me? You’re telling me to get on?! Do you seriously plan on taking me around on your back?! That’s impossible! No, it really is! It’s not alright at all! It’s still a no, even if you make a confident expression! Hey, Orkubo, don’t get on him! Someone as big as you is an even worse idea! That doesn’t mean someone small like Gobukichi is fine! Just stop!!!”

Found a way to somehow format the text in a similar fashion to the raw. It took me more than 2 volumes just to figure it out… I applied this change from the start of Volume 4 only. I like being consistent but I’m not sure if I wanna do the same for all the chapters I’ve released so far(considering that’s not the only thing I need to fix, yikes). Maybe it will take some time getting used to this new format? I know it looks unusual to me.

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6 months ago

Make a bicycle or something if you don’t want to walk too far. Or an one-person cart pulled by Pochi and his friends if a bicycle is too high-tech for this world. You could replace wheels and suspension with a levitation spell if you prefer magic over technology entirely.

1 year ago

Poor Ms. Teleporter. I wish she can land a good job soon.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mikael_007

Why hasn’t she been made his secretary yet? She was an aide, she should be an aide. Keep track of things, relay messages, manage affairs. There is many things she could do.

1 year ago

Centaur it is

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

Reminds me of a manga with macho centaurs. They are all masochists. oh boy the mc don’t want to use them.I forgot the name. something about level 999 villager? there are 2 level 999 villager no not the one with the hero childhood friend.

1 year ago

What. I’m in the comment section already? That was fast

1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter.

Don’t worry, the format looks just fine.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Now’s the time for the bear to come back and become transportation… or not. I wonder what weird creature they’ll end up having for transportation.

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