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ITK C130: Horse Rearing

Before we set forth with the plan of obtaining a mount animal that will swiftly transport us around the farm, we must first gather information.

According to the demon duo and elves, it seems this world also rides horses.

“Be it in the Human or Demon Kingdom, a horse is a creature that surpasses any other domestic animal,” explains Belena. “If you go around on a horse, you’ll be able to shorten your travel time. They serve in various work fields such as transportation, communication, or military affairs. Only a few people can use teleportation magic, so the demand for horses hasn’t decreased at all.”
“Should I make a request to His Majesty for a swift horse? It seems that His Majesty owes you yet another one with Princess Letasreit’s case, so he’s bound to be delighted.”

A direct import from the Demon Kingdom, huh?
It’s the cheapest but also the simplest way. Maybe it’s okay to settle things straightforwardly every once in a while.

Demon King does seem indebted with entrusting Letasreit to us, so I guess we really should ask him.

“Let’s have Belena teleport to the Demon Kingdom for us to inform Demon King.”
“Roger that! Please leave it to me!”

It’s rare to see Belena this pumped up…
Is she that happy to get a chance to contribute?

Oh well.
Once we get a horse, it’ll be easier and more convenient to move around the farm.

I suppose we need to arrange a stable for it…

“Hold up!” says Platy.

What now? We were already coming to an agreement here.

“Think hard about this farm’s uniqueness, Dear.”


“Isn’t it just a typical farm you can find anywhere?”
“No, it’s not! Where in the world can you find a farm that produces a variety of luxury goods that are beyond anyone’s imagination, has an otherworlder with a gift from a god as the owner, several high-ranking mermaids specializing in pharmaceutics, holding the title of “Witch,” former high-ranking officers from the Demon King’s army, an infamous group of elven bandits, and an army of mutated monsters?!”

But even if you tell me that…

“And because this farm is that special, I think we should also have something special with regards to horse riding!”

And what do you mean by that?

“By going to the dungeon in search of a horse-like monster?”
“That’s become quite the mundane pattern for us, so I thought of a different approach.”

A different approach?”

“We should just create what we like!”

Zoth Syra, the Witch of the Abyss.

Getting called “The Six Mad Witches” angers her and the other mermaids of her kind, so we’re simply calling them “The Six Witches” from now on.
These witches are the ones who excel the most among the mermaids who specialize in pharmaceutical magic.

Our farm has Platy, Puffer, Lampeye, and Garra Rufa, who are also members of “The Six Witches.” Then there’s Zoth Syra, the eldest, with “Witch of the Abyss” as her nickname. In terms of ability and knowledge, it seems she surpasses the rest of them.

That very same Zoth Syra has started paying our farm a frequent visit in an unexpected turn of events.

She claimed that she needed to observe this and that on our farm for her research.

Platy also values her highly because she and the other mermaids can obtain particular medicines that are not available on the surface through her. So, I also began to accept the state of things.

We consulted Zoth Syra.

“You want to make a homunculus horse?”

I can’t understand a single bit of what they’re talking about.
I quietly listen to Platy and Zoth Syra’s conversation.

“Zoth Syra, the main focus of your research revolves around producing homunculi, right? Or, in Layman’s terms, artificial monsters. You can produce living beings through magic and use them as you see fit.”

I still can’t understand what Platy is talking about, so I exchange glances with Orkubo and shrug shoulders together.


Why are you here, Orkubo?

You’re asked to attend to Zoth Syra whenever she comes to visit, you say?
But why?

“She was considered one of the members of “The Six Witches” because of her controversial research about producing an infinite number of homunculi. It posed a military threat and caused ethical problems in life creation. I’m sure she’ll be able to provide you with the perfect horse with her secret technique, Dear!”

You don’t have to be that psyched about it; an average horse would do just fine.

Do you even hear yourself, Platy?
You’re about to cross the taboos of life!

“Hohoho… You’re part of the royal family of the Mermaid Kingdom, yet you don’t fear my forbidden art. As one would expect from the “Crowned Witch.”
“It’s an honor, Witch of the Abyss.”

My wife is the scary one!

“Very well. I owe you a favor for supplying me with many samples daily, I must comply in turn.”

Huh? What sample supply?
I know none of this!

“However, be that as it may, I cannot produce a custom homunculus from scratch.”
“What do you need?”
“I need the basic information of the organism. Any living thing with flesh and blood has information imprinted in it essential in constructing that said organism.”
“Isn’t that called genes?”

I cut into their conversation by accident.
At that moment, both Platy and Zoth Syra shift their gazes toward me at once, sending shivers down my poor spine.

“…Genes? Genes, it is, then. I have yet to fully determine their existence, but if I recall, you came from a different world, did you not? You seem to know all sorts of interesting things.”


“Putting that aside, yes, genes. That’s what I need. To create a horse homunculus, I need the essential genes of one as its ingredient.”

That wasn’t the only thing.

Zoth Syra further adds, “It seems that Her Highness doesn’t want just any horse, but a strong and swift one. That being the case, it would be better if you could obtain genes from a superior horse. Horses are treasured by land-dwellers, so I’m sure that they select only the finest specimens.”
“Okay. We’ll prepare the finest horse there is.”

As I watched the two witches get lost in their own world, there was one description of them that came to mind…

“…Mad scientists.”

Even though they use magic and even though they’re witches, ‘Mad scientists’ was the only description that I think fits them the most.

As an outsider, it was hard for me to grasp the ladies’ conversation, but by comparing it with the knowledge I have from my world, I was able to arrive at a rough guess.

And what I guessed…
Was that these two…

…Are going to make a clone.
A modified one.

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2 years ago

Why not take something from all 3 races? Make some sort of demonic Pegasus.

Thanks for the chapter and all your hard work!

2 years ago

“mermaids specializing in pharmaceutics, and holds the title of “Witch,”
holds –> holding, because specializING

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