C131: Otherworldly Thoroughbred

Several days after Platy and Zoth Syra’s confidential talk, Demon King came to our farm.

“I’m back once again after a short period of absence, Lord Saint! There’s always something amusing happening here, after all.”

He’s unusually in high spirits.
Did something happen?

As he said, it hasn’t been that long since he came to us about taking care of Letasreit, and as the Demon King who should be busy conquering and ruling the former Human Kingdom, his visit this time around is quite unnatural.

“Thank you so much for accepting my request and coming on such short notice, Demon King!”

Wait, Platy called him?!

Who do you think you are, calling the Demon King who has conquered the human race and is pretty much the supreme ruler of the earth?!
Do you think you’re some kind of mermaid royalty?!

“Oh, no. I’ve always been indebted to you and your wife, so it feels great receiving a request from you since it’s an opportunity for me to return the favor!”

As Demon King laughs heartily, I can tell that something is off.
What in the world is going on?

“His Majesty can also be quite the child…”
“Huh? Astres?!”

Demon Queen Astres?!
You were with him?

“He’s always calm, cool, and collected, and puts others first before him; he’s the exemplary public figure. However, the only selfishness he has is his childishness at heart that seems uncontrollable at times.”

Childishness at heart?

“So, the thing I asked of you, Demon King…”
“Of course, I brought it with me!”

After Demon King’s signal, Demon Queen Glasya comes with a horse in tow, clip-clopping its hooves.

“A horse?”
“My beloved horse— Black Flame!”

His size is so huge that he makes you look up.
He’s much larger than the horses I’ve seen. His muscular build makes him look firm everywhere, not a single flabby part in sight.

If anything, his overall shape gives an impression that he’s much stronger than any other thoroughbred.
He has black fur all over, and his jet-black mane swaying in the wind creates this illusion of burning flames, just as his name implies.

“Black Flame is His Majesty’s most favorite horse,” says Mrs. Glasya.

“It may seem like he only focuses on government affairs and nothing else, but he is actually quite fond of horse-riding, so much that he even owns the largest ranch in the Demon Kingdom under his imperial command. The approximate one hundred horses that are being reared there are all his.”

Apparently, it’s Lord Zedan’s sole abuse of authority.

“I’ve known this gentleman since we were children, and he always had his brows furrowed. However, whenever he catches sight of a horse, his eyes would gleam, and once he rides them, he becomes even more elated… Then again, that part of him is also adorable.”

So, that’s why he’s in such high spirits today.
Also, did Mrs. Astres just casually speak proudly of her spouse?

“Hey, Astres. Don’t you dare pull out that shrewd childhood friend appeal of yours again. No demon is oblivious to the fact that His Majesty loves horses. You pointing it out doesn’t make any difference. Don’t you dare act as if you’re the only one who knows everything about Lord Zedan,” says the other Demon Queen, Mrs. Glasya, as if trying to pick a fight.

“Why, of course. How could I forget? Didn’t you refuse to ride horses because of your pride even though you were exceptionally promoted as Heavenly King right after you got out of the infantry? But as soon as you heard that Lord Zedan loves riding horses, you changed your mind in a flash.”

A war between two women is unfolding.
I would never want to meddle in a quarrel between two wives of another man. Hence, I’m leaving them alone.

But then, Demon King and Platy step in.

“…A-Anyway, Black Flame inherited Tornado, his father’s toughness, and Cardinalessa, his mother’s belligerence, making him have the best pedigree. I trained him to be the best horse there is. He’s a fine warhorse and is like a son to me—together, we’re in perfect harmony. When we invaded the Human Kingdom, Black Flame won over the people of the human race and they were overwhelmed by his majestic appearance!”

Demon King sure can talk a lot when it comes to horses.
But is this really okay? Judging by the flow of events…

“He truly is the best horse fit for a demon king. He’s the perfect material for your request!”
“About that… Were the specifics of the request that says you’ll use Black Flame as a breeding horse to create an even finer horse true?”

Demon King suddenly became uneasy.

“That means… Someone will rival my Black Flame? I’ve never heard of such a horse to exist, but knowing how extraordinary this farm is, anything can happen!”

So that’s what he’s conscious about.
As an avid horse lover, it’s not hard to imagine how shocking it must be to find out that there are fine horses you don’t know about.

I bet this was how Platy coaxed Demon King:

“We would like to breed a strong horse, so please bring us a stallion.”

If I, an otherworlder, were to use one word to express the thoughts inside his mind, it would probably be ‘DerbySt*l.’

The Darwinism of things where you breed a strong stallion and a strong mare to create an even stronger horse.

Real horse owners do it with real horses, though. An avid horse lover like Demon King is probably more obsessed with ‘DerbySt*l’ instead.

But you see, Demon King, this ‘extraordinary farm’ will exceed your expectations.

“All right. How about we get started?”

Zoth Syra shows up.

“Oh, this is one fine horse indeed. If we use his genes, we’re bound to create a highly efficient horse homunculus.”
“Horse homunculus?!”

Demon King is bewildered by the sudden appearance of the witch.

“But how are we supposed to obtain the genes from this horse, Miss Zoss?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”

Why did she just put on rubber gloves?

“We’re going to wring it out.”

Wait, this is a fantasy world, so maybe they’re just gloves made out of rubber-like material.
Also, what did she say she’s going to do again?!

“Please take extreme caution. It’s a very important companion of His Majesty, so you must not let him get harmed.”
“No need to state the obvious. Are you trying to look down on the Witch of the Abyss?”

Disregarding Demon King’s confusion, Platy and Zoth Syra proceed with their work right away.

They swiftly approach the horse…
Incredible. The horse is calm even when he’s being approached by strangers.
Zoth Syra crouches down beside the horse and reaches for his abdomen…


And… ‘fwip.’
Holy moly, is a horse’s thing that long?!

Wait, huh-
It’s like she’s milking a cow’s udders!

“Ah! Huh?! What?! Huh?!”

Even Demon King is at a loss of coherent words.
While we were all confused by what was happening, Zoth Syra finished her job smoothly.

“Great, I was able to gather a lot.”

The leather pouch she brought with her is filled to the brim.

“All that’s left is to do is culture this back at my lab and cross it with the various genes I have in stock to create a superior horse homunculus.”
“How long will it take?”
“About a month, I suppose.”

Platy and Zoth Syra are in their own world again.
Me and Demon King are only left dumbfounded.
Meanwhile, the Demon Queens, Mrs. Astres and Mrs. Glasya, are beet-red.

And then there’s Black Flame, who looks quite refreshed.

I’m sorry, Demon King.

What they’re trying to do is something beyond what you imagined.
Allow me to put it in words as someone who came from another world.
The game that they’re trying to imitate isn’t DerbySt*l…

It’s M*ga Man.

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1 year ago

Thnx for the Translations~

so is this In Vitro Fertilisation or just the usual Homunculus experiment where it will be fully developed in the tube after extracting the essential material?

1 year ago
Reply to  Firsan

To Kidan it sounded like cloning when the Witches were discussing it last chapter. So “test tube” is likely but you never know with Japanese authors where they’ll decide to remix myths.

1 year ago
Reply to  Firsan

Prolly the usual Homunculus experiment. That’s how she created the monsters she used to attack the orc sailors back then, after all.

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