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ITK C140: Sewing Machine

With the gods back in their realm, our farm has also returned to its normal state.
It feels like it’s been forever since the last time we’ve been at peace.

Though the gods ate so much from our menu, thankfully, they didn’t deplete our stocks as much as I thought they would.
This alone was enough of a blessing from the gods.

We can quickly restock thanks to the hyper fertilizer accelerating the crops’ growth.

Well then, now that we’ve gotten past that hectic banquet event, let’s return to our everyday farm life.

There’s actually this project that’s been going on since winter.
Platy scolded me for wanting to start another project when we have tons underway, but I can’t help it.

We must start on it as soon as I come up with the idea!

It takes time for each project to finish, so if we don’t juggle multiple projects, we’ll never finish everything in our lifetime!

And the new project I started is…

Making a sewing machine.

When you talk of basic life necessities, you think of clothing, food, and shelter.

Considering the food we eat, homes we sleep in, and clothes we wear, I’d say all of them are equally important to our farm life.

Only one person provides the clothing for everyone on our farm— Batemy.

Her parents were both tailors, and it just so happens that our farm’s demands align with her dream of following their steps and opening up her own clothes store by using the pension she gets from the military as the starting capital after retiring.

Right now, she sews clothes every day for our farm residents.

Except, compared to when we only had a handful of people before, we now have an overwhelming number living with us. She asks for the dexterous elves’ help every now and then, but even then, I’m sure Batemy’s load has gotten heavier now.

Hence, I’m creating a machine to help alleviate some of that load.

In other words, a sewing machine!

I saw one of them on TV back in my world.
With the nifty sewing machine, she can finish work that takes several hours in a matter of minutes!
I’ll gift her a sewing machine and make her tailoring life more enjoyable!

…Is what I thought of.

But a sewing machine is typically powered by electricity.
So, I was worried it wouldn’t work or fit in a world such as this.

“Something powered by electricity seems way too civilized…”

For starters, it’s impossible.

Just when I thought of abandoning the idea of making a sewing machine, I suddenly remembered something.

This is also something I saw on TV back in my world. When electricity still wasn’t discovered, the sewing machines were made to move by the tailors themselves…

I think it had an integrated desk and a pedal you step on underneath to make the needle move…
Not only would it match the medieval setting of this fantasy world, but it also wouldn’t seem out of place!

All right, time to start the manual sewing machine project!

…That was all that I pondered about before the onset of winter.
It’s already late into spring, and I still haven’t finished it

In front of me are just a pile of flop gears, shafts, and scrap metal.

“I underestimated mechanical work!”

When I first started making it, I thought I could just connect the pedal to the needle to make it move, but as soon as I started, I realized it wasn’t as straightforward.
The basic materials for this otherworldly sewing machine are, of course, mana metal.

Even after lavishly using up the most precious metal of this world and giving it shape with the holy sword, nothing comes together.

Having seen only the outside appearance on TV, there was no way for me to have an accurate grasp of the internal structure and workings, so I was utterly at a loss.

“Maybe I got way too ahead of myself?”

I resumed working on the machine after the banquet, but I was again confronted with its impossibility.
I need to develop a novel way to go about this if I want to make some progress.

Our farm’s residents received various blessings from the gods, but is there any ability to help us out?

“Guess not…”

I already have a gift from Hephaestus, so shouldn’t I ask him for help instead?

“He’s the god of artisans, after all…”

He’s probably the first god I should depend on when it comes to a problem like this.
I went to the altar inside our house and prayed to Hephaestus.

“Dear Hephaestus, there’s this machine that makes sewing clothes faster. Please give me a hint to develop it!”

Then, I offered my usual offering of rice balls.
I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that Hephaestus loves them.

However, it wasn’t just any offering today.
It was in exchange for my impudent request.

I added cod roe into the rice balls I offered to Poseidon the other day.
Now, it has become quite the standard ingredient.

It was a bit of a splurge, but it worked… I think?
As soon as I offered the roe rice ball, the altar began to glow…

“I… I love rice balls!”

With the glowing of the light, a piece of paper landed on my lap.
A huge one, almost as big as a newspaper.

What’s in it was…

“A blueprint for the sewing machine?!”

I asked for a hint. Instead, I got the entire answer!

“Are you really all right giving me this for just a roe rice ball? Hello? God???”

As expected of the god of crafting, he’s even knowledgeable about the structure of machines.
We made progress in one go!

Later on, I found out that rewards received from offerings do not violate the promise between the gods of giving not more than one gift to every individual.

Gifts and rewards are two different things, and as long as the intent of the promise is preserved, that is, to not upset the balance of power, it’s all right.
They believe that the world’s balance won’t be disrupted over a fair exchange for something a mortal offers.

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1 year ago

I love how Kidan still cares about how well his creations will blend with the aesthetic of the otherworld.

1 year ago

Kinda funny that Hephaestus likes rice balls. I thought he would prefer things with a lot of… “iron”.
Ok I’ll go now.

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for the rice balls

Black Platino
1 year ago

Wow, this guy basically offered a snack for a step into the industrial revolution.

1 year ago

It’s funny how the old type sewing machines are a mystery to the MC. It’s about converting back-and-forth movement of a pedal plate (like a balancing seesaw toy for kids) into circular motion (old blade sharpening machines use similar trick), which after changing the revolution speed with different size gears is again transformed into a back-and forth movement of the needle, only many times faster than the foot. There is also an issue of the mechanism moving the fabric a bit only when the needle rises up. I thought the main problem would be the necessary precision to make a tiny needle with a hole in the sharp tip, unlike a typical sewing needle, not the problem of visualizing the concept.

1 year ago
Reply to  v-rus

Not to mention that by the end, manual sewing machines had already evolved into objects of art.

dicky satria
dicky satria
1 year ago
Reply to  v-rus

ah its those one huh, the manual foot pedal one, same as well especially since my parents own Garment business which make them own lots of it

1 year ago
Reply to  Exfernal

It doesn’t say that the pedal is the problem, it’s more about the inside.

To be fair, even though I had such a machine at home and loved to play with it (there was no ‘automatic movement’ of the fabric either, by the way, with the user simply moving it by hand), I still have no idea how a machine that basically goes up and down makes it so that the thread sticks. It just seems irrational to me. When sewing by hand, you change the side from which you pierce the fabric, but a sewing machine does not do that…

I guess these sorts of things are what Kidan was stuck up on. When you actually try to do things that seem so obvious, sometimes you do happen to stumble across something that seems just impossible at first glance (but of course, that can be solved one way or another eventually).

1 year ago
Reply to  Exfernal

What makes a sowing machine complicated is not the motion translation, treadle-based grinding wheels have been around since at least the 1400s its the bobbin part. On the down stroke of the needle the mechanism around the bobbin will scoop the thread and pull it over the bobbin this is achieved by the bobbin being disconnected from the machine so thread can be slid around it. the effect is for every stitch done the bobbin will pass back and forth through the stich. While this is a super clever mechanism it is always hidden under the service and unless you had practical experience with a sowing machine you would never know about it much less understand its principle.

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