C141: Mechanization Wave

Sewing machines seem to have bobbins as one of their parts, an essential item to make the machine sew automatically. Yet, I had the gall to make a sewing machine without knowing the existence of bobbins!

Reflecting on my own naivety, I started working based on the blueprint Hephaestus gave me.

With help from the head carpenter Orkubo and the dexterous elves, the sewing machine is nearing completion.

Mechanical parts seem difficult because they require gears of millimeter precision, but that doesn’t pose a problem because I have “The Hand of Supremacy.”
If I use my ability, it’s possible for me to easily make perfectly round gears and straight shafts.
Using the holy sword, I can even shave the mana metal with ease like it’s a pencil, considering it’s the strongest mineral in this world.

Just as one would expect from one of the seven holy swords Hades made to defeat the human race!
The comeback of Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz!

You’re amazing, holy sword!
You cut well!

For the first time, I started to think that I was glad I had this sword.

It’s finally done.

“The mana metal foot-pedal sewing machine!”

It’s mounted on top of a platform as big as a school desk, and its needle moves in conjunction with the foot pedal at the bottom.

Since it’s human-powered, there’s no need for electricity!

“…Um, what’s this, My Lord?”
“I did as I was told and helped, but I still have no idea what I helped make.”

My helpers still don’t seem to understand what it is.

Oh well.
To see is to believe! I’ll surprise them by showing them how it works!

But first, we must give this to Batemy!
To the tailor room where she’s holed up!

When we visited the tailor room, we saw Batemy looking like a ghost.


Batemy is responsible for making clothes for nearly two hundred residents on our farm now.
Understandably, she’d be half-dead from exhaustion.

However! This sewing machine will become her savior!

“Now, Batemy! Here’s a gift from me! Make use of this machine to the fullest!”
“Huh? What’s this? I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to play with toys…”

Batemy’s reaction was more bitter than I imagined.
It’s the fatigue. I’m sure of it.

“It’s not a toy! It’s a splendid tool that will make your work easier!”
“Easier? How?”
“See the needle over there? If you step on the pedal, the needle will move up and down.”
“This machine can quickly and accurately sew fabric according to its movement.”

You pull the thread coming out from here…
Pass it through here, then it goes under here… Wait, was it the other way around?

Then, you insert the thread through the hole in the needle… It won’t go in!!!
Let me try again… Darn it, it’s too small!
I’m counting on you this time, “Hand of Supremacy!”
All right, it went in!

“…What are you doing, Lord Saint?”
“It’s ready! Go on, try it!”

The doubtful Batemy decided to sit down in front of the sewing machine, swept away by my high energy.

She set a piece of fabric on it and stepped on the pedal. Its movement spread to the machine’s belts, gears, and all the way to the tiny needle.

“Woah, what is this unique response?!”

The fabric went under the sewing machine with a distinctive ‘trrrrrrrrr’ sound, and what was sewn on it was…


You can pretty much call Batemy a professional of her field now, but I still didn’t miss the way her eyes widened in surprise.
At that moment, I knew for sure that my efforts had paid off.

“S-Such a clean seam! They’re evenly spaced; it’s perfect! Plus, at this speed?! If I were to sew this by hand, who knows how long it would take me to sew this much?!”

Marvel at the power of civilization! All my efforts had been worthwhile!

“I can’t believe the sewing skills I developed over the years have been rendered useless just like that… This is a devil’s tool!!!”


“Curse you, devil’s tool meant to corrupt the demon race! No one would be able to hone their sewing skills on their own if they had this! You don’t feel the warmth of the human hand in these precisely sewn stitches!!!”

Why is she saying something so cliché of handicraft artisans now?!

“Damn you! This is what you get from me!!!”

Batemy, distressed, starts briskly sewing the work clothes of the orcs with the sewing machine.
I repeat, with the sewing machine!

“I want to make clothes with more sophisticated designs and uniqueness! No matter how many work clothes I make, there’s no creativity in it at all when they’re all the same design!” she said as she ran the needle over the fabric as if to vent her frustration.

…Ah, she already finished one set.

“It’s because of this monotonous and repetitive work that I can’t make clothes with the design I like! So, this is what I’m going to do! I’ll sew loads of these using this cold, heartless machine!!!” As she said that, she managed to finish one more.

It seems Batemy has come to terms with her own artisanship by reasoning that it’s all right to cheat and make clothes by machine if she’s not going to put any effort into making them.

As long as we get wearable clothes, things are cool with me and the monster army.

And if it makes Batemy’s work more efficient and reduces her load so that she has more time to make the clothes she likes, even better.

“This is what I’m going to do to you! Ah! But damn, this tool can really work wonders for finishing work fast! The stitches are neat; none of them are frayed or undone! The finished product is gorgeous!!!”

Maybe it won’t be too long before this prideful artisan gives in to the sewing machine.
I wonder how long will it take her to make the clothes she wants?

“I’ll never lose to this sewing machine! Hyah!!!”

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Glen Dragenfelt
Glen Dragenfelt
1 year ago

The start of industrial revolution

1 year ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for the artisan spirit

1 year ago

Luddites in another world… haha.

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