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ITK C146: Auction

I am Shax, a merchant of the Demon Kingdom.

The day has finally come to sell the apparel under Queen Astres’ orders!

“Nevertheless…” says Her Highness, still taken aback. “I did say I want you to act as an intermediary to sell these clothes for me, but I wasn’t expecting you to host an auction for it!”

That’s right, an auction!

The venue we had set up inside our company was already full of spectators and bidders alike.
Our business is roaring.

“Going all out with our advertising was worth it.”
“I understand your enthusiasm, but was it really necessary to go this far? I was certain you were going to cater directly to your customers according to their size and needs…”

Indeed, that would be the usual case since we cater to the upper classes.
We don’t do retail; instead, we directly take orders from our customers, just as Her Highness said.

But the art of selling must also conform to time and circumstances!

“The vestments Her Majesty wears have always been a hot topic. Frankly put, everyone envies it.”
“R-Really? I didn’t know!”

Many demon aristocrats have asked for custom orders from various famous designers to make the same dress as Her Majesty.
However, the results were all different.
Perhaps there may have been a difference in materials or ideas because none of them were one bit close to the original.

The more imitations were circulated, the more they envied the original. The more people wanted to buy them, the higher their value became.
It’s the perfect inflation spiral!

“Hence, the moment Your Majesty’s precious, exclusive designer is made known to the public, and her works are put up for sale, it’s inevitable for it to attract attention.”
“I see…”
“So, if we only approach specific customers, the rest will feel that they’ve been left out. If that happens, our company will suffer a huge loss of profit from incurring our customers’ enmity.”
“That’s why you set up an auction?”

There will be less partiality if we equally advertise to all our valued customers and have them gather at one venue.
And because of the auction system, the prices will naturally rise on their own.

“Your Majesty’s presence here today makes the apparel more authentic. For that, Pandemonium Trading Company is forever grateful.”
“Think nothing of it. I was the one who asked. I’d feel guilty if I didn’t cooperate somehow since I’ve already been a little selfish…”

I accepted Her Majesty’s request to act as an intermediary to sell her articles, but she still hasn’t revealed the identity of her personal designer.

Signing an exclusive contract with Her Majesty’s designer could have promised us success till the day I die, but I guess I’m being too greedy for aiming a grand victory in one fell swoop.
For now, I’ll just do my best to get the most out of today’s event.

“Well then, Your Majesty, I’ll be taking note of the highest bid prices, so please grace us with your presence till the very end!”
“O-Okay… But don’t be too greedy, all right?”

The audience applauded the moment I went onstage.
I waited for the applause to die down, then proceeded with my speech.

“…Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for gathering here today at Pandemonium Trades’ special auction!”

Another round of applause from the audience.
I waited for it to die down once again.

“By the favor of Queen Astres, we have prepared a line of goods made by her personal designer! Please give a round of applause to our queen!”

Of course, I didn’t forget to mention our honorable guest.
With the demon queen in a good mood, we’ll be in luck if she makes a slip of the tongue about her exclusive designer.

Now that I’ve gotten the introduction and formalities out of the way, it’s time to proceed to the main attraction.

“Without further ado, let us begin introducing our articles one by one!”

At my signal, a dress mounted on a mannequin appeared on stage.
I received several garments from Her Majesty, but I’m going to introduce the most luxurious of them from the get-go!

“Item number one is a formal dress perfect for a noblewoman. If you wear this to a ball, you’ll definitely be the center of attention!”

Ecstatic oohs and aahs could be heard from the audience.
The majority of our audience is female due to the nature of our items. I had succeeded in entrancing them.

“We shall delve deep within Her Majesty’s mysterious dress, which has been the object of envy as of late. First, its fabric! It’s unlike anything we know of!”

It’s smooth to the touch and has a faint shimmer to it.
Even I, president of a huge company well-versed in various articles, have never seen such beautiful fabric.

“I believe it’s called silk,” comments Queen Astres.

It’s as if she’s imparting second-hand knowledge; nonetheless, its peculiarity and unfamiliarity excite me!

“It’s a special fabric made in a certain place. Its quality is completely different from the fabrics we know of.”
“Truly! However, that’s not the only marvelous thing about this dress!”

To avoid staining the dress, I turned the hem inside out with utmost care through my gloves to reveal the lining.

“Please take a look at the seams on this dress! It’s natural for clothes to be sewn together, but this dress has an entirely different dimension to it!”

The first time I saw this dress during my inspection, I was so astonished that my knees gave way.

“The seams are straight and are evenly spaced! It’s hard to think it was hand-sewn! Whoever sewed this dress must have the hands of a god!”

There’s no way an article with so many noteworthy features wouldn’t sell at a high price!
That’s why I’m going to sell it at the highest price possible!
Such is the purpose of today’s auction!

“We’ll now proceed with the auctioning of this dress! The minimum bid price is…”

All articles exceeded the expected bidding price, and the auction ended successfully with the final item, a camisole, being bid on.

I was pleased as punch.

“Wow… It’s scary how all the winning bids have reached astronomical numbers!” says Queen Astres, evidently shocked at the profits made from today’s auction.

However, not a single penny from today’s auction will go to Her Majesty’s pockets.

“Are you sure, Your Majesty? The proceeds from this auction will be equally split between our company and the producer. I feel ashamed since none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the opportunity you created, Your Majesty…”
“It’s all right. All I want is for her efforts to be recognized by the public. Of course, make sure you have receipts and payment notifications, so people don’t think we’ve cut corners.”
“Naturally, Your Majesty!”
“I have one last favor to ask,” says Queen Astres as she suddenly lowers her voice into a whisper. “I have one more of her works on hand that I want to sell.”
“It’s not for personal use. It’s meant to be released to the public.”

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1 year ago

50/50?! Absurd. Batemy and the farm are providing the materials, design And labor. All Pandemonium does is advertise and auction.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

I wonder what the last item is going to be.

1 year ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

Pantsu. Haha

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for the auction

Live Anime
1 year ago


1 year ago

Is it the sewing machine? Is the revolution of our mechanical overlords at hand?

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