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ITK C145: Purveyor

I am a merchant of the demon race. My company, Pandemonium Trading Company, has been in business for more than 20 generations.
We are the number one influencer in the Demon Kingdom and are proud that we handle all the products being distributed across the country.

Similarly, I, Shax, president of Pandemonium Trading Company, am one of the handful of purveyors who had the honor of receiving direct orders from the king.

Now that His Majesty has destroyed the Human Kingdom and indeed became the king of the earth both in name and substance, we will be able to expand into the untapped distribution network of The Human Kingdom and steadily increase our profits.

The future of our firm alongside the Demon Kingdom is going to be smooth sailing.

But then, I was suddenly summoned by a certain someone…

Being in front of First Demon Queen Astres’ dignified presence made me so nervous that I kept sweating bullets.

Her Majesty used to be part of the military circle as one of the Heavenly Four and exemplary in her accomplishments and abilities. She was temporarily exiled after losing in a political war. Still, she and His Majesty somehow became a betrothed couple during those times and she made her splendid comeback as the Demon Queen.

Her Majesty has also contributed immensely to the invasion of the Human Kingdom recently, and no one dares oppose her since she became queen.

And now that she is carrying the king’s heir, her glory would be absolute should she give birth to a boy.

In short, Queen Astres stands equal with King Zedan, so we must pay her our utmost respect.
As a purveyor of the king, orders from His Majesty’s immediate family are also valued highly.
Suppose we fail to entertain their requests and be banned from entering their place, it would cause our business’ downfall.

“It is my humblest pleasure to have an audience with you, Your Majesty!”
“You don’t have to be so formal. I also should’ve summoned you sooner than later, but matters regarding the reform and invasion of the Human Kingdom right after my inauguration as demon queen haven’t given me the time to do so. Surely, you’ve been impatient. Forgive me.”
“Please, think nothing of it, Your Majesty!”

That’s right.
This is the very first time that I’ve ever been in an audience with the demon queen as her order-taker.

That’s why I’m this nervous.

Women have always been pickier about their choices than men. I don’t know what kind of orders I’ll be receiving from our new queen, who now has life-and-death power over us.

Of course, she had been doing business with us even during her time as a Heavenly One, but she was in charge of different things back then. You never know how people change once they gain even higher power.

I pray that she’s an easy influencer to do business with.

“…W-We, Pandemonium Trading Company, has served as purveyors to the demon king’s family for generations. If there is anything His Majesty’s family desires, we are more than prepared to search till the ends of the earth just to provide it to you.”

I just have to promote my sales for now.

“It would be an honor to receive your request, be it from the most trivial item to the most invaluable one. As a merchant of the demon race, I, Shax, pledge to always live up to Your Majesty’s expectations!”
“Very well. I have one favor to ask of you.”
“Whatever can I get for Your Majesty? A dress? Jewelry? In fact, I’ve already brought with me multiple articles that I think will suit Your Majesty!”
“No, that’s not what I meant. I already have enough clothing with me.”
“I-I see!”

But Her Majesty’s right.

I can see that she has wonderful vestments with her.

All the attire she has worn in public had exquisite designs, shocking the demon fashion world.
I, including other demons in the same industry, know nothing about where she purchased it.

Could it be that a new merchant group has gotten close to the demon king’s family without us knowing?!
If so, we, Pandemonium Trading Company, are in unprecedented danger of being thrown off our top position in the merchant industry!

I was so excited to offer Her Majesty maternity dresses now that she’s conceiving…

But she is already wearing one.
Her maternity dress has a sophisticated design, divine fabric, and fine tailoring!
Even I, who pride myself as the best merchant in The Demon Kingdom, have no confidence in my ability to prepare such a high-class item.
It’s my total loss!

Where did Her Majesty procure such a fine article?!

“I want you to be my middleman.”


She wants me to sell, not to buy?

That’s not an unusual request.
We often acted as the past demon kings’ intermediaries to sell their treasures for raising money used in war.


“I’m not knowledgeable about commerce, so I’m not sure if that’s what you call it. But I’d like you to sell articles in place of a certain someone. The profits would be split 50-50 between you and her. What do you think?”
“I’m willing to do my very best no matter what Her Majesty wants, but I cannot say anything for sure until I see the articles first…”

Selling inferior goods would affect the reputation of our company, after all.

I know I shouldn’t offend Her Majesty, but do I really have the courage to refuse if needed?

“You make a valid point. What I want you to sell are our clothes.”
“Clothes, Your Majesty?”
“I have a very special friend who tailors clothes for me. I want to make sure that her work reaches others.”
“Your Majesty’s apparel?!”
“Yes, in fact, this maternity dress I’m wearing right now was also done by her.”

A quick decision.
I can’t call myself a merchant if I don’t grab the opportunity right away.

I never would’ve expected that Her Majesty’s clothing was a one-of-a-kind piece tailored by her own designer!
No wonder I couldn’t find out where it was bought!

My merchant heart beats hard like a wild animal from the sense of security that the possibility of a new rival penetrating the market has been eliminated and the anticipation of handling delicate articles!

“Please rest assured and leave the mediation to me! I’ll sell them at the highest reasonable price possible!”
“I-Is that so? There’s no need to go the extra mile for it…”
“First, allow me to meet the designer face-to-face and sign an exclusive contract with her then and there!”

I was so excited that I didn’t notice Her Majesty was taken aback by my own behavior.

My intuitions are screaming at me that this product would definitely sell.

The apparel made by this mysterious designer will definitely take the fashion world by storm!
I can also make profits from it! What could be better than that for a merchant? None!

Our company will continue to thrive in the new era with bigger profits!

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1 year ago

Thnx for the Translations~

Still contemplating about how the MC still didn’t get a child or at least Platy being pregnant.
I do feel like MC have lose his V-card with Platy, but I’m not so sure as it is only written vaguely.

1 year ago
Reply to  Firsan

Racial incompatibility, she’s on the equivalent of the pill, or she’s using “other” methods to stop it as it was only them on the farm for a long time. Or Kidan just hasn’t touched her but I think Platy and Veil have both slept with him.

1 year ago
Reply to  sythdracous

Eu concordo com você, menos na parte de ele não ter tocado nela, afinal, ele está casado com ela, e ele é um adulto com mais de 30 anos, se não me engano, seria difícil ele não ter feito nada nesse tempo todo, e tem a questão da cultura desse mundo

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Firsan

With how Platy and Veil are, I can see him having lost it at some point but, he may have an iron wall since he did dodge Belena trying to become a mistress to secure herself a job there.

Veil seems the most likely since she’s more free than Platy who helps with lots of administrative stuff for Kidan. Hope to see some sort of development in the future.

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for shaks

Live Anime
1 year ago


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