C144: Big Dreams

After receiving the sewing machine, Batemy’s tailoring life became livelier.

Her days of hand-sewing work clothes have come to an end with the help of mechanization, drastically increasing her work hours.
Now, she can devote her free time to her hobby, consequently making our farm more colorful.

Moreover, the thread spewed by the silkworms, mainly used as the raw material for clothes, has suddenly become more diverse.

They used to spew just white thread as expected of them, but for some reason, their threads have also become more colorful now, with red, blue, yellow, green, blue, blue, and blue threads…

“…Why is there a bias for blue?”

There’s also another version of silk thread that has the elasticity of rubber.
We can make stockings out of them now!

I don’t know what made them evolve, but I’m jealous of their carefree life.


Demon Queen Astres came to visit us today.
She’s in Batemy’s tailor room and is evaluating her new work.

“How is it, Your Majesty? I would like to offer you three maternity dresses in celebration of your pregnancy.”

A significant amount of time has passed since she got married to the Demon King. If they do what any normal couple does, it’s only natural that her belly will grow bigger over time.
Mrs. Astres successfully conceived an heir, and her belly is a clear indication of it.

“It seems you’ve honed your skills even further since you came here, Batemy. It is clear to me that these garments are the best in terms of functionality and originality.”
“Generous words, Your Majesty. I tried to make the garment as functional, breathable, and warm as possible to accommodate the special body shape of a conceiving woman while still keeping enough room so as not to constrict its wearer. Above all else, the native adamantine silk used as its material provides protection for your heir such that annihilation magic won’t inflict a single wound on you.”

Her explanation was overwhelming.

“Wonderful, not even maestros with their own ateliers at the demon capital can achieve something like this.”
“Once again, I am not worthy of such words!”

Batemy served the Demon King’s army by being Mrs. Astres’ aide during her Heavenly One times.
It was also under Mrs. Astres’ discretion to let Batemy stay here. Even though they no longer have a boss-subordinate relationship, their bond is still deep and strong.

“Tsk, this is boring. I’m also a queen, yet only Astres gets all the attention and flattery,” says Mrs. Glasya, the second demon queen.

She also used to be a Heavenly One.

“Hey, Batemy! Make me a maternity dress, too! I’m also expecting an heir! I’ve been pregnant for three months, you know? Three months!!!”
“Talk to me again once God has descended.”

Spoken like a true artisan.

“I’ve been under Miss Astres’ direct care. I plan on repaying her kindness bit by bit, even if I’m just making clothes now. So, why do I also have to make clothes for her rival?”
“Have you forgotten that I’m also a queen?!”

Please calm down, Mrs. Glasya.
If you suddenly have a miscarriage here, we wouldn’t know what to do.


On the other hand, Mrs. Astres is contemplating Batemy’s work.

“…Batemy, there’s something I’d like to ask you.”
“Yes, Your Majesty?”
“Do you want to sell your work at the capital?” she proposes.


Batemy is both shocked and confused.

“I wasn’t lying when I said earlier that your works are that of a professional designer already. I personally think these articles would be popular among the higher classes in the demon capital.”
“I hate to admit it, but I agree with her!” says Mrs. Glasya as she eyes the maternity dress with envy. “Why don’t you give it a try and see how your work is perceived by the public? I’ll ask one of the purveyors who frequent the royal castle and act as your intermediary to find buyers for you. You don’t need to do anything on your side. This place, obviously, won’t be revealed either.”
“Um… I’m delighted by the offer, but…”

Batemy glances at me.
She’s so thoughtful.

“I don’t mind,” I say.

Besides, our farm’s residents all have their own set of work clothes and daily wear, and she’s getting more and more free time now.
If we don’t outsource here and channel her energy into something else, her appetite for tailoring will be unmanageable.

“Miss Astres! I have a request to make!”
“Mm-hm, your original dream was to open a shop in the capital, right? Naturally, it can only be realized when you actually start selling there.”

It was an all-too-brilliant concern of Mrs. Astres, who has now embodied the dignity of a demon queen.

Batemy’s childhood dream came true after an unexpected turn of events, starting from the ups and downs of being a Heavenly One’s aide.
I feel honored to say that my farm also played a part in her journey.

“…How nice.”
“Eek! Belena?!”

Batemy’s partner, Belena, the other half of our demon duo, was already standing right next to her without anyone noticing her presence.
She has recently mastered the skill of moving around quietly like a ninja.

“While I was struggling to find my identity, Batemy only keeps moving ahead! We both started as Miss Astres’ aides, and yet…”

Belena went on with her usual drama, so no one was surprised at this point.

“Um, Miss Astres, congratulations on your pregnancy. However, someone as useless as me can only offer stones and weeds as a congratulatory gift!”
“I-I see… Belena, I think your character stands out the way you are right now!”

Mrs. Astres has finally gone and said it!
I’ve been aware of it the entire time but never dared to bring it up!

“Wah!!! I’m destined to be jobless for good!!!”

Surely enough, Belena ran off.

“…It’s not that I think she’s jobless. She’s been helping us with important matters in her own way.”
“It still feels like she doesn’t have an actual job, though.”
“Batemy, shush.”

Aren’t you only making things difficult because of the way you make her see things?!

I’ve been thinking of having a heart-to-heart talk with Belena to help her find her identity for a while now, but I’m afraid it would end up in a disaster and do the exact opposite of it!

…I guess I’ll wait and see how things go for a little longer.
This period continued for a while.

A few days have passed since Batemy started producing clothes to sell in the demon capital under Mrs. Astres’ consignment.

“People bought them,” says Mrs. Astres, who directly came to tell us. “It had the highest bid in history.”

Now, the Batemy-wave is sweeping the entire capital.

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4 months ago

Belena: I’m going to kill myself unless I get a job!
Mc: I’ll check back on you latuh

6 months ago

Being a sponger temporarily is not morally condamnable in itself, as long as it’s only a phase in your life.

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for the new endeavour

1 year ago

Gambatte Belena-chan!

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