C277: Ritheseus and Eryngear

Hey-o, it’s me, Kidan, the farm owner.

Today, the Demon King will bring young people from the Human Kingdom to study here, so I waited for them as I worked in the fields…
…and here they are, a crowd of people coming from our farm’s waypoint.

“Welcome, welcome! I own this farm. I hope you get to learn a lot of things here.”

I toss my hoe on the ground and welcome them myself as friendly as possible.
However, the human teens brought by the Demon King only respond with cautious stares, all quiet and meek.

“If you’re the owner of this place…”
“Does that mean you’re Lord Saint?!” ask two of them.
“Hm? I’m surprised you know.”
“Of course we do! You’re a huge rumor back in the Old Human Kingdom, Saint Kidan!”

Huh? Why?

“Because you’re powerful!”

It seems the people over there perceive me as some kind of omnipotent being or something.

Thanks to the commotion Veil caused on the battlefield and Bacchus spreading the word, my existence has become well-known.

“Some people believe that you can bring salvation to the Old Human Kingdom and help us drive back the Demon King’s Army!”
“But the one who brought us to you today is the ruler of the demon race, the Demon King. What in the world is going on?”

Among the teens, a seemingly-clever boy took the initiative and asked me.
This is our first meeting, but he’s pretty darn assertive.
I suppose I should answer him with equal gusto.

“Because we’re friends. Righttt?”

The Demon King and I place our arms around each other’s shoulders.
Then, the teens start chattering amongst themselves.

“The Saint and the Demon King are friends?!”
“What’s with this friendly air about them?”
“The way they get along makes them look like they’re geezers. It’s a little painful to look at…”

Hey, who the hell was the last person?

“So, even if we appeal to you to get rid of the Demon King’s Army in the Old Human Kingdom…”
“It won’t happen,” I reply.

I can’t betray my friendship with the Demon King, plus it’s too much trouble.
I just want to farm here all my life.


Hearing my reply, the teens throw their hands in the air.

“Because we don’t want the system to be overturned now!”
“We don’t want to go back to the disorderly regime of the royal family and the Order!”
“It’s practically impossible trying to get it back. You’re our only hope, Saint Kidan!”
“But you’re a friend of the Demon King, so you won’t show opposition! That’s good news!”

Uh… Do you want to revive the Human Kingdom or not? Which one is it?
Oh, you don’t? Okay.

To summarize their claims…

  • The Human Kingdom was destroyed by the Demon Kingdom.
  • The Human Kingdom had an absurd regime, so they’re glad it was overthrown.
  • The demon occupying forces rule better than them.
  • So, they don’t want to revive the Human Kingdom.

However, there’s always a minority in any matter, and some still want to revive their nation. They can’t do it on their own, however, so they cling to their one and only hope for the last time—me, Saint Kidan.
I guess there are all sorts of humans too.

“If that’s the case, I think it’d be better to just say it bluntly so as not to give them false hope…”

For example, we can have Veil fly around in her dragon form and shout, “Saint Kidan will not cooperate with the Human Kingdom!”
That way, no one would be clinging to uncertain hope anymore.

“Please don’t!” pleads the same clever boy from earlier.
“It’s the former royal family and the Order who still want to revive the Human Kingdom, looking for you.”

Thought so.
Those who were once on the center stage of politics want to come back, don’t they?

“They are searching for you to regain their glory. But if they find out that what they’re doing is futile, they may behave rashly in who knows what way.”

I see.
The stubborn will seek other means if they find that relying on me is useless.
If it is an act of terrorism, it could harm the public’s peaceful life.

“They can’t find you, so them searching and wasting their time is for the majority’s sake. Please, don’t say anything!”
“Got it.”

He really is clever, from looks to his opinions.

“What’s your name?”
“Ritheseus, sir.”

Ritheseus, huh?
I’ll remember that.

“You’ve got a really bright kid with you, Demon King.”
“I’m as pleased as you, Lord Saint.”

Now, let’s stop going on a tangent and get back to the main point.

“You’ll be studying at my farm from now on!”
“Oh wow. We’ll really be studying here… But what will we study?”

Yeah, I’m still thinking about that.
Let’s start with the most basic.

“Let me introduce you to your other schoolmates.”

We went to where the young demons who had begun their studies before them.
Currently, they’re engaging themselves in farmwork.

“Hey, why do we demons have to do this labor?!”
“Because you have to provide your own food.”

And since we have even more people again, we have to harvest more accordingly.
The demons with arrogance issues straightened up when they found out that Veil, Orkubo, Gobukichi, and others were strong and scary.
It’s the perfect way to discipline kids like them.

I face both races and say, “I’d like to introduce you all to your friends who will be studying here with you from this day on. I hope you get along.”
“This isn’t funny!” snaps a demoness. “I didn’t think you’d actually bring in the humans! An inferior, defeated race!”

She’s not just mincing her words; she’s being outright rude.
The humans, who have accepted the demon’s rule, are stung by her controversial statement.

“Enough, Eryngear,” intervenes the Demon King. “I can’t entrust the army’s far future to someone with such biased insights.”
“But Your Majesty-!”
“The human race will be allies who will support the same nation together with us. I also believe it’s okay to select the new Heavenly Four from among them generations down the line.”
“No way…”

Nevertheless, the human group is rather astounded by his statement.
The Demon King is garnering respect for his bold and impartial judgment!

“Anything but that, Your Majesty! The Heavenly Four’s positions belong to the demons for eternity!”

The demoness flares up with malice and resentment.

“Well then, I’ll make the difference between us demons and humans clear!”

Oh, no.
Here we go again…

“This calls for a match! Humans, bring out your strongest challenger! I, Eryngear, will crush them in one go!!!”

When someone reaches a dead end, they ask for a match.
This, my friends, is the blandest and most overused pattern.

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8 months ago

I’m caught up sadge

8 months ago

I’m actually doubting that the human princess still doesn’t know that mc is the saint. She is not that dumb. After all, she understood that she doesn’t have any power in the farm and only acted all high and mighty because it keeps what pride she had left.

8 months ago

I guess Lettucreit wasn’t nearby when they blurted out “Saint Kidan” casually. But it will be out sooner if the human students realize that their princess is there on the farm.

8 months ago

Indeed, it’s already a template to which almost every Isekai series will have this pattern repeated a few time in the series itself.

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