C186: Account of the Pilgrimage Part 2-Function Description

It’s me, Hakkai the orc.
I’m accompanying Prince Arowana of the Mermaid Kingdom on his terrestrial pilgrimage.

We’re temporarily suspending our journey because he has visited us again—Hermes, the god of wisdom and one of the heavenly deities.

“I has’t cometh today to explain the equipment and abilities installed within Songokufon.”

He seems to be in a happy mood.
When he first came to force Songokufon on us, I thought she was nothing but trouble.
At first glance, Songokufon may certainly be trouble, but she can be tame around Lady Puffer and is the most capable when it comes to battling. If anything, she’s been a great help on our journey.

Currently, she’s making purring noises as she buries herself in Lady Puffer’s chest who has rejoined us after finishing her work at the farm.

“Siiiiis. Your knockers are outta this world, hehehe~”
“Don’t rub your face against them too much or I’ll smack you.”

While they were busy in their yuri affair, Prince Arowana and I entertained the god.
Actually, isn’t he being too casual with his visits to the land of mortals?

“…Anyway! Songokufon, who hast been heavily remodeled by mine own Brother Hephaestus, the god of modeling, is equipped with new inventions nay angel hast verily hadst afore! The lass is a machine who pursues rationality with compact functions to help suiteth everyday life!”
“I see.”
“I just forced her upon thee last time and completely forgot to explain things. However, today, I am going to teachest thou everything that shall surely help thee on thy journey!”
“I see.”
“Since I has’t entrusted thee with guiding Songokufon, it is mine own duty to support thee as well! As a god, I wouldst beest willing to giveth thee counsel non-stop!!!”
“I see.”

Prince Arowana doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously.
This must be one of those tricks to get people to leave as soon as possible by half-mindedly listening to what they have to say.

“First, what sort might angels be? Angels art biological weapons mine own clotpole father Zeus hadst Hephaestus maketh from his sinister designs to invade the earth. Even just one of those folk embodies transcendent power to destroyeth the earth and annihilate all of mortalkind…”
“You’re going to start from their very theory?!”

This is going to be a long one…

Buttt, I’m omitting that.

“And so thusly, I am going to talk about each of Songokufon’s armaments.”
“Finally, onto the main topic!!!”

That took forever.
But through Hermes’ explanation, we were able to learn about unexpected information such as how Lord Saint was involved in Songokufon’s resurrection.
I’d like to know more about this from Lord Saint once we meet again.

“I supposeth it is better if thee seeth for thyselves. Cometh over here, Songokufon!” calls Hermes out to Songokufon.


“Hunh? But I wanna keep snugglin’ in Sis’ knockers!”

A diagram indicating Lady Puffer’s superiority over a god has been formed in Songokufon’s head.
Hermes is left with no choice but to urge Lady Puffer, whom Songokufon values higher than a god.

“Just go. If you don’t let him talk as much as he wants, he won’t leave.”

Songokufon reluctantly comes toward us.

“Songokufon! Thee knoweth what to do!!!”

Rustle, rustle.

“Wherefore art thou trying to taketh off thy underwear? What exactly art thee trying to showeth these folk?! I wast talking about thy rod! Take out thy rod!!!”
“Ohhhhh, thaaaaaat.”

Songokufon rummaged around in her ear canal and pulled something out.
It was something small and thin, like a thorn…

“Extend, Songokurod, Attack Mode.”

As soon as Songokufon chanted something like a spell, the thorn suddenly became one huge rod.
Moreover, its entire body is dyed in vermillion, adorned with decorative carvings in various places, much like an artisan’s gem.
I’m sure our elven friends would be excited if they were to see this.

“This is Songokufon’s main armament, the DX Songokurod!”
“It looks like a fine article judging from appearances, but isn’t it just a rod?”

Swords and spears would’ve been more impactful in our opinion…

“It is too early for thee to comment upon it. Show them, Songokufon.”
“Bend, Songokurod, Blaster Mode.”

As if in response to Songokufon’s chant, the rod transforms on its own and takes on a strange shape.
I think it’s starting to look L-shaped or something? The bent part of the rod has become some sort of handle…

“Blaster Mode, fire converging mana cannon!”

Holding the bent part of the rod, Songoku aims the end of the rod skyward and shoots out a beam of light.

“Is that…”
“What blew up the Lifeless King and the castle walls of the Old Demon Capital?!”

I was too busy to witness it myself at the time, but is this how Songokufon unleashed her flash attack?!

“Blaster Mode is the Songokurod’s caliver form which fires a converging mana cannon! By utilizing these two forms, Songokufon can maintaineth her fighting ability more efficiently than typical angels!”
“By the way, the rod gets its energy from power reactors, so nary a one other than Songokufon can handle it.”

I don’t know what that’s supposed to be, I can only tell that it’s incredible.
But I wonder why neither Prince Arowana nor I could take our eyes off the rod since the moment we caught a glimpse of its transformation?

“I don’t really get it, but it’s cool! So cool! I can’t help but feel this adventurous thrill welling inside me!!!”
“Right?! I kneweth thee mortal men wouldst understand! I did keep entreating mine own brother to installeth a transformation function! Ultimately, even that gent became enchanted by it!!!”

This conversation is getting hyped up.

The ladies, Lady Puffer and Songokufon, only look at us with cold eyes.

“S-So, does Songokufon’s armaments still have more of this function?”

Prince Arowana feels let down.
That’s it?
Transforming from a stick to a gun doesn’t sound exciting enough, does it?

“Hmm, but ponder upon it. Songokufon hast only been revived recently.”

As Hermes points this out, we pay closer attention to Songokufon.

“Hah? The heck ya’ll starin’ at? Ya wanna fight?”

“It wouldst be too risky to entrust all an angel’s destructive power to Songokufon right now, wouldst it not? Such is why I hath asked mine own brother to locketh down some of her functions.”
“Once the lass hast mentally grown and does recognize how to handleth her powers properly, those folks shall be granted the means to unlock and activateth her new form!”
“Her new form?!”

That sounds thrilling!

“I did forsooth impose… Er, entrusted thee with Songokufon’s development, so thou shall guideth her along the way. If it be true thou guide her with sincerity, the lass shall be enabled to developeth with just that!”

But the original purpose of this pilgrimage was to train Prince Arowana as a future king.
I think things will go down a different lane with the introduction of a variable like Songokufon…

“No, it won’t,” bluntly says Prince Arowana. “Simply put, Songoku and I need to grow, don’t we? Then that means we are headed in the same direction! In fact, it’s not just us two. You’re also part of this, Hakkai!”


“As well as Puffer!”
“Me too?”
“We will improve ourselves together! We’re comrades! And we’ll be there for each other every step of the way!!!”

As expected of our prince! His words are of a different caliber!
Yes, we are comrades who will unite our hearts through this journey! Let’s all improve one step at a time!

“Exactly! I kneweth I did make the right choice entrusting thee with Songokufon! I perceived thou to be mortals capable of doing so!”
“And then, we’ll unlock Songoku’s new form and witness it for ourselves!!!”

That’s what Your Highness is ultimately after?!
But I know the feeling! Just hearing the phrase ‘new form’ makes my heart race as well!!!

“So, on what basis does her new form manifest? Power? Speed? Could you give us a hint, please?!”
“That wouldst be a spoiler, Arowana! It couldst also be based upon the environment such as an aerial battle form or an underwater battle form, who can knoweth?”
“Underwater battles excite me as a merman!!!”
“I am also discussing with Brother Hephaestus the items such as cards, medals, and rings to unlocketh her new form! Whyfore must it be this hard to chooseth?!”

While Prince Arowana and Hermes are engrossed in their conversation, Lady Puffer continues to stare coldly at them and says…

“…Men are so stupid.”

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1 year ago

This god and prince would be great friends with a certain pirate cyborg shipwright.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Kasdan

Same thought I just had. Transformation and mechs are romance!

1 year ago

No USB? No phone like device? No shake shake tubes? No stamp? No little books?

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