C152: Demons and Branded Fashion

My name is Batemy, a demoness working as a tailor at Lord Saint’s farm.

I suddenly earned a considerable sum of money after trying to sell my clothes under the suggestion of my former superior, Miss Astres.
And all of them were sold at an incredibly high price.

Since my clothes went through an intermediary, a reasonable margin was taken out by them. Still, a considerable amount went into my pockets.

It was a sum of money that I had never obtained even when I was part of the Demon King’s army.

But because Miss Astres, Lord Saint, and his farm provided me with the environment I work in as well as the fabric and thread I use, I tried offering a portion of my earnings to Lord Saint. He then firmly refused, saying, “Money doesn’t serve any particular purpose here.”

I doubt Miss Astres will accept it, either. In the end, all the money went to me.

The problem is that I’m clueless myself about how to spend it.
I’ve been separated from my family and lost touch with them, so I can’t send them an allowance or anything.

Just when I was wondering what to do, an idea came to mind.

As I am in the midst of fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a tailor and a designer, I will use this money to keep that dream alive.

The only thing missing from this farm that seems to have everything is new information.
Being isolated from the rest of the world, there’s fear of being outdated with the latest trends.

Now that I’m able to present my own clothes to the public, I need to be sensitive to the fashion boom in the central city.

I’ve decided to use the money I’ve earned to go to the capital for the first time in forever and buy the latest clothes for reference!

After getting Lord Saint’s permission, I headed towards my beloved capital, the Demon Capital.

By the way, we use teleportation magic to traverse between the farm and the Demon Kingdom.

I didn’t ask anyone to send me there.
I went there by myself.
I couldn’t use teleportation magic back when I was an aide, but I can now.

Sensei, the Lifeless King, is extremely good at teaching mortals.
Even though he used to be human when he was alive, he can still teach magic only the demon race can use. Isn’t he amazing for an undead king?

Just before I left, my partner Belena gave me a look as if she was looking at a traitor, but it didn’t really bother me.
It’s about time she acquires a quirk other than using teleportation magic.

*    *    *

I arrived at the regulated waypoint on the outer perimeters of the capital.

From there, I entered on foot.

After living at Lord Saint’s farm for a while, I felt nostalgic, as if it’s been years since I came here.
In reality, it probably must have been less than a year.

Life back at the farm was just that rich and extraordinary.
…I mean, the typical events that occur there would never happen even once in my lifetime if I lived an everyday life.

Anyway, now that I’m here, I decided to have a meal first.
When I was an aide, I used to have lunch at a public mess, so I tried to order the usual from their menu, but to be honest, it wasn’t all that good.

Has my tongue gotten too used to the food at Lord Saint’s farm?

The food there tastes better than what the Demon King eats, and even the gods approve of it.

…I need to be careful not to take that for granted.

Let’s do this…
I’m going to finish this…
Without any leftovers…

…Phew, I ate it all.

Now that I’ve filled my belly, I should accomplish my main goal for coming here.

And that is to observe the latest fashion trends!

“…Huh? Batemy, is that you?”

Or so I thought, but I was held back by someone.

“It is you! It’s been so long that I barely recognized you! Where have you been this entire time?!”
“Aren’t you a former comrade of mine?!”

She’s a fellow soldier of the army.
We enlisted at about the same time, and she had risen to the rank of company commander now, I believe…

If it’s a restaurant that I frequented as a soldier, it’s only natural other soldiers would be there.
I got so absorbed in feeling nostalgic that I let my guard down. If I had done this while I was still an aide, I would have been beheaded right away by Miss Astres herself.

I’ve finally realized that I’ve lost my touch as a soldier and have fully embraced my life as a tailor.

“Come with me for a minute! Peimos, Gomorin, look! Batemy’s here!!!”

Ahh, there were more of them…
Were they having a group lunch?

It’s been so long since the time we got enlisted, and even though we’ve been promoted to different fields, everyone’s still close with one another…

*    *    *

This is how I unexpectedly ended up rekindling old friendships.

The female soldiers, Valefor, Peimos, and Gomorin, are all non-career commoners like me who had risen through the ranks with their own talents.

“Well, we’re just glad you’re still alive, Batemy. We thought you were dead already!”
“Back when you were exceptionally promoted as Lady Astres’ aide, everyone else from our batch regarded you as the most successful demon, yet your superior was suddenly banished from the capital, you know? Since then, we’ve lost contact with you.”
“And when your superior made a glorious comeback as the new demon queen, her aides who were supposed to be with her during her disappearance remain unseen. What was your partner’s again?”

She’s from a noble family, so she’s not exactly part of our group.

“Anyway, your whereabouts were rumored in the military, and all sorts of theories popped up.”
“Stuff like you operating behind the scenes under Queen Astres’ orders, or that you died a dog’s death before her comeback, or that you were executed for being one of the traitors who was connected to the force that plotted Queen Astres’ downfall!”
“The most romantic theory is that she sacrificed herself to bring the Demon Queen and the Demon King together!”

Nearly all of those are about my hypothesized death…

Oh, well. Being MIA for so long, I wouldn’t blame them if they started thinking I was dead.

…All right.
I obviously can’t talk about Lord Saint or the farm here. That’s why I didn’t want to meet any of my comrades, but now I have to come up with something to deceive these girls…

“Actually, when Miss Astres became queen, she let me retire from the military, just as I’ve always wanted. She said she doesn’t need aides since she’s no longer a Heavenly One. I didn’t plan on staying in the army forever, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity.”
“Ah, I do remember you saying that. You wanted to open your own store after retiring or something.”
“Wasn’t your family running a clothing store back in your hometown that the humans destroyed? You said you wanted to continue the family business. Have you fulfilled that dream yet?”

I’m surprised they remember that!

“W-Well, I’m still at the starting line of things…”
“Wow! You go, girl! Congratulations!”
“You should’ve at least told us that. We couldn’t even give you a farewell party before your retirement, but we can still help you with your store’s sales.”

But even if they wanted to help me with sales, my workplace is situated far, far away from here.
Besides, I haven’t really opened a proper store just yet…

“…Oh, right. Speaking of clothes, have you heard, Batemy? Or maybe you already know that’s why you came here?”
“Huh? About what?”
“It’s the new fashion brand that’s all the rage in the capital right now! I’ve been told by the army that it’s also important in recon! I even have one of those items right here with me! Look!”

Suddenly, one of my comrades unbuttons her military uniform and pulls it open.
I thought she was being shameless by undressing in public, but she was actually wearing a shirt underneath. Even if she completely took off her uniform, it wouldn’t count as revealing herself.

The shirt she’s wearing under her military uniform is…

The same shirt I made back at Lord Saint’s farm!!!

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1 year ago

No need to search for trends when you are the trendmaker yourself.

1 year ago

Hope the truth comes out, I want to know their reactions.

Yhose Yhayr Garcia
Yhose Yhayr Garcia
1 year ago

Thanks for the not dead just retired

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