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ITK C191: Town Musicians of Bremen

Today, we’ll be narrating a game Veil has started.

“Woof, woof!”


“Cock a doodle doo!”

Veil is playing with the animals.

“Yes! You’ve got good pitch! We’re raising that next!”

She’s originally a dragon, but right now, she’s in her petite human girl form, commanding the animals in front of her as they woof, neigh, and cackle in response.

There are three of them—Hypercaon Pochi the wolf monster, Sakamoto the dragon-horse, a genetically engineered homunculus horse, and Yoschamo, a chicken monster that gives us healthy eggs every day.

You’d think Veil has done well in training them, as they immediately respond in cries to her commands.
But they’ve always been smart, so maybe she can’t take credit for training them.

If anything, I think she’s making them play along.

“Sakamoto! Your tempo is too fast! Time your neighs to the overall beat! Pochi, your ‘woo-woo-woof!’ solo part is the highlight, so make it clearer and more articulate!”
“What is Veil doing?”

My wife, Platy, also noticed Veil’s eccentricity and came over.

A dog, horse, and chicken are singing in chorus under a dragon’s command.
Surely, that gives off a strange image.

Maybe it’s time to explain things.

“…You see, Veil heard a fairytale from my world.”

It’s about a group of animals traveling to a big city to become musicians.

I guess the story must’ve left a lasting impression on her.
Well, it was also me who carelessly told her the story…

“And this is what happened?”

Veil is trying to train the animals to form a musical band.

It’s like people buying guitars on impulse because they’re hooked to a certain band anime.

“Listen up! You’re the best members I’ve got, and you’re going to make the best music!!!”

She’s on a roll.

“First, dog!”
“Woof! (Correction; wolf!)”
“Next, donkey!”
“Neigh! (I’m a horse.)”
“Then the chicken!”
“Cockle doo! (Hey, I’m a gamecock.)”
“If all three of you sing, the world will respond accordingly! We’re saving the world with your song!!!”

What exactly is she after?

“This won’t work!”

She got discouraged fast.

“Not enough! It’s still not enough! If this group is to capture the world, there’s one thing missing!”

Seriously, what is she after?

“Remember, Master! According to the story you told me, there were four members in the band!!!”

A dog.
A donkey.
A chicken.

“…A cat?”
“Yes, a cat! Once we have a cat, my music band will be complete! We need to scout for one!”

But we don’t have a resident equivalent to a cat with us, do we?
Perhaps a new character will appear today?

“Cockle doo!”

Panu the satyr joined the choir.


A satyr is a goat-human mix.
Why add a goat when you need a cat?

“Hm… This won’t do either!”

Veil is acting troubled as a pretend-professional maestro.

“I tried substituting the cat’s part with a goat, but it still didn’t work. I guess cats and goats really are entirely different creatures!”
“I was never a goat, to begin with. I’m part-human, part-goat…”

Panu could only laugh wryly.

“I’m sorry Panu, but you were not selected for this audition. However, the reason for this was a mismatch in musicality and never a denial of your talent. Keep your head high and keep on bleating!”
“If you say so… Well then, I’m back to making dairy products, okay?”

Panu then returns to the workplace from where she had been forcibly taken.
…Sorry about that, Panu. I know how busy you ladies are.

“Unless the cat’s slot is filled, my band will never be complete… In that case… In that case!”

Is a new character going to appear this time?

“I’ll play the cat’s part myself!”

Aren’t you a dragon?!
Dragons and cats are leagues apart from each other!

“Only I can perfectly represent my image of the cat! I’m going to be the final member of my band, the cat!!!”

And then, Veil transforms majestically.

“Cockle doo!”

“Cockle doo!”

The band is complete…

A dog, a horse, a chicken, and a dragon.
A dog, a horse, a chicken, and a cat… I mean, a dragon.

The sound of these four animals is fittingly rhythmic and well-harmonized, but one part stands out a little too much.
It’s the “MREOWR” that could pierce the heavens and shake the earth!

“This is it! This is the melody I’ve been looking for!” says Veil as she enthusiastically MREOWRs.

Then again, she’s always asleep when people are working.
She’s completely apathetic to anything that doesn’t interest her, but when she wants to be entertained, she gets annoyingly clingy.
She can also be awfully curious, but at the same time, can get scared easily.

Is it just me, or does she possess a lot of cat-like qualities?

“Cock a doodle doo.”

As Pochi, Sakamoto, Yoschamo continue to play along with Veil’s whims, they look at me with an expression that says, “When will she let us go?”

I’m sorry.
If Veil’s personality is like a cat’s, she should get bored soon.
Cats are fickle creatures after all.

Then Veil started playing something entirely different from the fairytale.

“Roar! I’m a monster!!!”

Veil is playing monster in her dragon form.

“A monster you’ve never seen before! A horrible monster!”

On top of Veil’s head is Sakamoto, Pochi on Sakamoto, then Yoschamo on Pochi.

If I’m shown this only in silhouette…
There’s no way it’s going to look like an unfathomable monster.

I can only see a dragon with something weird on its head.

“Gahahaha! What do you think, Master? I look strong, don’t I? Don’t I look like a mysterious and terrifying monster?!”
“Yeah, I guess so.”

But Veil, even if you look like a scary monster right now, 90% of what makes it ‘scary’ is because of you.

“Isn’t a dragon more than enough as a terrifying monster regardless of what’s on it?”
“Platy! Shush!!!”

Pochi, Sakamoto, and Yoschamo all look like they have spiritually enlightened expressions as they stand atop Veil’s head.

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1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter 👍

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Bremen Town Musician, the troll is the dragon 🤣

dicky satria
dicky satria
1 year ago

defak is diz !? mount stacking like SKYRIM !?

1 year ago

Veil! Your MREOWR is the MREOWR that will pierce the heavens! Believe in me who believes in you!

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