C192: Bestowal of an Alias

Today, we’re talking about the waypoints.

There are currently several of them scattered around our farm to help us move from place to place.
Since the teleportation spell only allows you to move between any two given points, managing them is important to prevent anyone with ill intentions making use of it.

Hence, it has triple-layered security so that only the relevant people can use them.
Each waypoint also has a specific password and is placed far from the actual destination.

We also have Veil’s special traps installed in the waypoints around our farm, but it seems there’s more to them.

…And that’s something I only found out recently.

“Assuming that the waypoint is misused, the most alarming thing to watch out for is magic lock-pickers.”

What’s a magic lock-picker?

“They’re black mages who analyze and nullify the code created by magic spells. A magic code is made up of 176 digits mixed with dummies specific to each waypoint, but a good lockpicker can break through even that and analyze the code.”

It’s a crazy world we live in.

We’ve even set up traps around our waypoints as a precaution.

“That’s why I’ve increased the coordinate code to 437 digits for our waypoints.”
“That’s the upper limit of incrementation without compromising authentication speed… The more digits the code has, the more complex it becomes, which means it is more difficult to be analyzed.”
“I-I see…”

So, that makes our waypoints a tougher nut to crack than the usual ones.

“I also set a teensy-weensy trap during the code analysis…”
“If someone tries to analyze the code illegally, they will get stuck in place, preventing them from analyzing it thoroughly forever. But if they keep persisting to unlock it…”

What then?

“The art of regurgitation Sensei taught me will be activated and will fry the brains of those who are illegally accessing it!”
“What the heck?!”

As if the other traps weren’t scary enough!
This sci-fi-like hacking battle is also scary in its own way, it’s bad for my heart!!!

“Uh… I have a question…”
“What is it, Lord Saint?”
“W-Were you the one who constructed such circuitry that would surprise even the future police?”
“Oh, yes, it was me.”

The one who explained everything so far is…


She and her partner Batemy stayed with us to maintain the waypoint that originally connected the Demon Kingdom to our farm.
She was also long-tormented by her own existential value to the point of involving everyone acquainted with our farm, saying that she had no personality and no redeeming qualities.

“You self-proclaimed incompetent!”
“’Self-proclaimed incompetent’?!”

I shout at Belena.

“What part of you is incompetent? You’re actually pretty talented!!!”

It’s obvious!
She’s the one who’s been single-handedly taking care of the waypoints and their installation on our farm!

She’s doing her job!

“I’m giving you another name! From now on, you’re Belena the Self-Proclaimed Incompetent!!!”
“’Belena the Self-Proclaimed Incompetent’?!”

That will be her alias, and we’re going to make it known all over the world!

“Um… Can’t we change it to something else? I can’t even tell if ‘Self-Proclaimed Incompetent’ is supposed to be a compliment or an insult!”
“I’m afraid not! In a little over a decade, this name will be known throughout the universe!!!”

Not that I can guarantee it, though.
Thus, Belena was able to rank up to having an alias.

“Greetings, I’m Shax the demon merchant. I’m here on business matters.”
“Hi, I’m Belena, the receptionist, also known as Belena the Self-Proclaimed Incompetent.”
“Nothing. Let’s get down to business.”

Belena is negotiating with the merchant from the capital.

Only she can handle these bothersome and complicated things.

“…Well, here’s the list of orders for clothing, leather goods, and glassware that was placed by our clients. I would appreciate it if you could have these products ready by the appointed schedule.”
“No, please wait. These are way too many. We won’t be able to finish this in the allotted time.”
“What? But…”
“Please don’t forget that our workers’ priority is to work for the farm. If it interferes with our principal occupation, I’m afraid we would have to stop all such transactions…”
“Wait! Oh, all right. We’ll reschedule the lower priority items on the next due date instead.”
“Please do so. But we also request you to not raise the price unfairly to create a sense of premium hierarchy.”
“I understand… You’re quite a tough negotiator. It appears your title of ‘Self-Proclaimed Incompetent’ is no joke.”
“Would you please stop that?!”

As I eavesdrop on their exchange, I become more convinced.

Belena is capable after all.

It’s no wonder she was an aide to a Heavenly One. She’s doing an excellent job of negotiating, a factor our farm lacks.


You’re no longer incompetent.

You’re now Belena the Self-Proclaimed Incompetent!

“…Oh, and, about the personal matter I asked you about the other day.”
“Framing the magic code? It was a good side job.”
“The client loved it. They said it was simple yet seamless. They wondered if they could place another order. What do you think?”
“That depends on the situation… I’m a busy woman despite looks.”
“Very well. You could do it within your reasonable means.”
“But I’m busy!”
“All right, all right! Why do you have to say it again? Are you trying to imply something?!”

She even got a side job?!
Also, did I just witness her be a little pretentious?!

After all that sobbing and bawling, saying she had no fixed role to play!


You’re finally starting to find something you can do!
You’re starting to shape who you are!

Belena the Self-Proclaimed Incompetent!

Keep up the good work, Belena the Self-Proclaimed Incompetent!!!

less than 1k words. the shortest chapter we’ve had in months. was it deliberate cause the author doesn’t have anything more to say abt belena? jk
but on a serious note, I kinda relate to her feelings of impostor syndrome. hell, I feel it every day :kekw: :sadge:

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10 months ago

What happened to the hero that was supposed to be looking for Saint kidan? All she had to do was follow the direction the dragon came from, and yet we have yet to hear anything about her.

Patrick Joe Yap
Patrick Joe Yap
9 months ago

when was the last time have they been introduce in the story?

24 days ago

Slightly before the Human country fell. She was supposed to try to find the Saint. The King was trying to perv on her but I don’t think she was aware he was trying

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Banzai to Belena the self-proclaimed incompetent!

1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter 👍

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