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ITK C93: The Elven Bandits

My name is Aileron, head of a proud group of elven bandits called the Thunderstorm Stonecutters.

We are known far and wide across the human and demon races’ spheres of influence and are feared by them. In short, we are infamous.

We’ve been stealing left and right that we are now on the wanted list of both races, so we’re currently on the run from our pursuers. Several weeks have passed since we ventured into unexplored land, far from anyone’s sight. No one will ever find out that we’re taking refuge here.

Elves have always been the indigenous inhabitants of dense forests and mountains. We can live undisturbed by human and demon interferences because of their lack of capability to survive in such a harsh environment – they easily die a dog’s death within three days.

Our current course of action is to put up camp here until things cool down, but I’m sure it won’t even last more than six months until we’re back to our usual thievery.

While I was lost in my thoughts, one of our patrollers came back, gasping for air.

“B-Boss… We have big trouble!”

I’ve already told them countless times to move stealthily and not make a sound even while we’re in the forest…
What’s with all her rushing?

“I spotted a village!”

A village?
Don’t be ridiculous.

We came all the way to this uninhabited hinterland to escape from our human and demon pursuers. There shouldn’t be a single soul living nearby.

“She could be right, Boss.”

Oh, if it isn’t the second-in-command, Maelga.
You always save us with your composed opinions. Go on, speak.

“We elves have a much better sense of orientation than the human and demon races, even then, there’s a one-in-a-million chance that it may fool us.”

You’re right.
We risk ourselves getting discovered by our pursuers if we set camp where there are human inhabitants nearby unbeknownst to us.

“We must check whether or not what this scout tells is true. If there are humans near our campsite, we must change our location immediately.”

Yet another fine proposal from our second-in-command. Bravo!
Hey scout, lead us to where this village is.

I, as the boss, will personally see for myself whether you speak the truth or not.

Going out in high and proud spirits is a good thing…but why is the entire group with us?

“It’s fine, Boss!”

Don’t give me that!

We’re scouting here. Now, how are we supposed to move stealthily when we’re this large in number?

“It can’t be helped, Boss. Though elves may originally be people of the forest, we as a group are more accustomed to city life. It’s only natural that we’d yearn for the feel of human habitation after being away for a while.”

Not you, too, Maelga!

…Oh well, I would be lying if I said this doesn’t excite me, though.
Even so, there’s also a possibility that our scout may have seen things differently. Don’t get your hopes too high up.

But then, when we arrived at the place of discussion, it was there.
There’s no doubt in the fact that someone deliberately plowed those fields so beautifully.

Even the crops that grow on it look so exquisite and magnificent!

“I don’t sense any presence of humans. Maybe they’re farming at a different place?”

Oh! You have a point, Maelga!
Just because there are fields here, doesn’t automatically mean there are humans.

We’ve yet to figure out whether this place is within the human or demon’s sphere of influence. Everyone, move with extreme caution!

“Boss, come take a look at the vegetables growing here!”
“They’re so delicious! Just taking a bite out of them straight from the ground is delicious on its own!!!”

You dimwits!!!
I just told you to proceed with extreme caution, why are you feasting on those vegetables?!

…Then again, nabbing food is a natural thing to do for us bandits.

“Boss, they truly are delicious.”

Even our ever-so calm and composed second-in-command joined in?!

“Its color, shape, and flavor are nothing like I’ve ever seen or tasted before! Is this what they call the Fruit of God?!”

The calm Maelga is excited?!

That can’t be. There’s nothing to get worked up over a mere vegetable.

Take a bite, you say?
All right, to tell you the truth, I’m hungry, so I’ll take you up on that offer.

It’s such a bright red and stunning color…
Well then…


What the?! This is so good!
It’s slightly tangy, but it’s so juicy and delicious!!!

This is nothing compared to the bitter wild grasses we’ve been eating up till now!

“Boss, our men who were examining the area have returned with some information.”

Ah, okay. That was fast. Are we good to go?

“This area is covered with similar fields all around, yet we found no signs of any residential area. The only thing we found is a large mansion in the middle of the fields.”

That means these fields must belong to the person living there.

“It’s more appropriate to call it a farm rather than a village, like some aristocrat’s retreat house.”

I see.
If that’s the case, I can see why they would spread out this many fields in the middle of nowhere.

An aristocrat, huh?
Well, that’s just the perfect prey for us bandits!!!

“What should we do, Boss? Did we not decide on temporarily stopping our banditry to devote ourselves to escape?”

I don’t care about that. Which bandit does nothing when the jackpot’s right in front of them?

“Then, shall we go for it?”

My gaze locked with Maelga’s.
This is an aristocrat who grows and monopolizes delicious vegetables that we’re talking about here. Of course, their mansion is bound to be loaded with all sorts of treasures!

Vacation’s over, Thunderstorm Stonecutters! We’re raiding this mansion and we’re going to take as much as we can!!!


Now that that’s settled, we won’t stop for even a moment.
These fields are part of the Thunderstorm Stonecutters turf from now on!

But just when we were about to execute our plan, we met…

…A dog.

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8 months ago


Snatching fits better here than snitching, apparently.

2 years ago

Translation error noticed, I don’t think they were eating “wild glasses”
They were more likely eating “wild grasses” instead

2 years ago

Of course there’s a dog🐶

How else could they have screwed the pooch?

Poor puppy. They’ve really done it this time🥴

2 years ago


lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

At least the dog is not a kuro so they have a chance… maybe.

2 years ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

Still fire aspected hounds from a calamity class dungeon so easily on the same level.

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