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ITK C189: Belena’s Q&A

Today’s meeting attendees seated around the table:

Starting from me, the chairman and moderator.
On either side of me are Platy and Veil.
Orc representative Orkubo and goblin representative Gobukichi.
Aileron from the elven group and Panu from the satyr race.
The earth spirits.
Angel Horkosfon.
Our special guests: the Demon King and Sensei the Lifeless King.
The gods Hades and Poseidon.
We also have Mrs. Astres (in her final month) who is Belena’s former boss, and her irreplaceable buddy Batemy.

I would like to start the meeting with these members.
And it’s titled…

“The First Meeting on Belena’s Existence”!

“Isn’t that kind of exaggerated?!” exclaims Belena, all embarrassed. “Aren’t most of our attendees too eminent for this?! Even Lord Zedan is here! I could die any second from the shame I’m feeling right now!!!”
“Oh, come on.”

I said the most obvious thing I could think of.

“You’re a member of our farm, Belena! It’s only natural for us to help you find meaning in your life!”

Right, guys?
Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is halved sorrow. That’s the beauty of helping each other!
We’ll all work as one and help overcome your suffering!

“…In brief, Belena stayed on the farm because she was confident in her abilities as an alchemist specializing in teleportation, but wasn’t recognized for her usefulness in that regard. In the meantime, more and more waypoints were added and everyone was able to use teleportation magic, with her becoming less and less needed…”

And finally burst into tears a few days ago.

“Actually… is teleportation magic that rare and valuable?”

Let’s hear what the Demon King ruling over the demon race has to say about this.

“Affirmative. Not only is it difficult to learn, but it’s also much handier than other alchemy spells, so its users are strictly regulated by the state.”
“In the Demon Kingdom, you must first report to the authorities who will investigate your background and ideology before being granted permission to learn the spell. If it’s an alchemist unauthorized by the state, that alone is enough reason to put up a bounty and capture them.”

…Wouldn’t it be a problem if we were being taught such a valuable spell indiscriminately?

“It’s a little late to worry about that now, isn’t it?”
“This farm is full of exceptions, after all.”

They seem to have some insight into it.
Let’s return to the real issue at hand.

“In other words, Belena’s magic, though considered rare and valuable to the world in general, is just unremarkable here! It’s like a bat in a birdless forest going out to mingle with wyverns!”

Batemy’s on fire.
But please stop adding to that flame, you’re making your friend cry harder.

“What Belena needs, I think, is a new quirk!”
“You smoothly inserted a suggestion?!”
“She needs a new skill to replace teleportation magic and be useful here at the farm! That way, her importance, profile, and salary would naturally increase and may even open doors leading to new opportunities!”

Batemy’s suggestion has some truth to it, but…
What quirk should we supplement Belena with?

“Why don’t you drink a potion and become a mermaid? The potion that lets land-dwellers turn into mermaids is still a work-in-progress, so you risk turning into bubbles instead of a mermaid…”
“Would you like to bathe in dragon’s blood? In exchange for being mentally broken, you’ll be invincible.”

…Were Platy and Veil’s respective suggestions.
However, the risks that come with it are far too dangerous.

Also, Platy’s suggestion of a mermaidizing potion doesn’t make much sense since there are already mermaids like her.
I solicited suggestions from the other attendees.
What new quirk should be added to Belena?

“Become unparalleled in the dungeon.”
“Defeat strong monsters in one punch.”
“Live in the forest.”
“Produce milk.”
“Bury herself underground!”
“Woof! Woof!”
“Should I lend you one of my mana cannons?”
“Shall I make you immortal?”
“Shall I giveth thou mine own blessing?”
“How about eating cod roe?”

Were the suggestions proposed.

“What do you think, Belena, did any of those sound good to you?”
“They’re all impossible for me!!!”

Yeah, I thought so.

“…May I?” says Mrs. Astres as she raises her hand.

Though she’s a queen now, she was once a member of the Heavenly Four, and above all else, Belena’s former superior.
She’s probably the one who knows Belena the best.

“Belena truly was a competent aide during my time as a Heavenly One. An aide’s job is to support their superior from behind the scenes. In that respect, there was no more thorough person than her.”

She kept in close contact with the other units, gathered and analyzed information prior to fighting their enemy, managed resources and coordinated plans, as is often the case in mobilizing an army.
It was a simple but important job and one that couldn’t be done perfunctorily, yet Belena had done it all flawlessly.

“Compared to her, Batemy’s work was somewhat inconsistent, but she compensated for it with the facility of her humble life’s upbringing…”

I can see Batemy whistling beside her. How clichéd.

“I have the conviction that such talents of Belena will serve her well here at the farm. Why don’t we let her contribute to the farm in those areas?”

That’s true.
In fact, Belena did most of the work negotiating with the demon trader Shax and making arrangements for Letasreit’s arrival.
All done reservedly, so she doesn’t make it known.

Why didn’t I notice this sooner?!

Her administrative and negotiation skills are fairly valuable on our farm.
It’s enough to make Belena’s new quirk!

“What do you think, Belena? Do you think you can continue contributing to our farm by doing those?”

I thought this was already resolved! Why the sudden plot twist?!

Are you sure, Belena?
It’s your long-sought, personal quirk!

“I don’t want to be useful in an ordinary way when I’ve been indebted to your extraordinary farm, Lord Saint! I want to do something flashier, something that will be remembered by everyone!”


“But I don’t have those super-duper powers! It’s sad! If only I had more power, I could turn it to my quirk!!!”
“Like what?”
“Like this!”

“Gahahaha! This saint’s farm will perish at the hands of the evil demon general Erinsoir!!!”
“Wait! Evil demon general Erinsoir!!!”
“Bastard, who are you?!”
“I am Belena, faithful servant of Lord Saint! I preserve the peace on this farm!”
“Hmph, don’t get the wrong idea, Belena!”
“I didn’t come here to save you! I will defeat you! I won’t allow you to be defeated by anyone but me!”
“Evil demon general Erinsoir!!!”
“Therefore, for today alone, I am your helper! Come, let us plow the fields together!!!”

“…Like that! I want to stand out like that!”

Everyone got fed up.

I repeat, meeting dismissed.

I feel sorry for the people who came from far away just to attend this meeting.
At least we’ll have dinner later, so please eat, drink, and enjoy yourselves before leaving.

As for you, Belena, we’re appointing you as our farm’s administrative negotiator effective today.

It’s an important job, so we need you to go all out and help us.

Thus ends Belena’s problem with her quirk.

author probably felt more enlightened and decided to add 2 proverbs when they wrote this chapter. first was the bat and wyvern part, og counterpart goes like “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” (biblical in origin). i almost went with that until I remembered that this is a fantasy novel so I kept the bats and wyverns.
the second was double joy-half sorrow. some sources I found say its german in origin (Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid, geteilte Freud ist doppelte Freud) and my german friend also believes so, but some also say its Swedish. either way, just some personal insights I wanted to share.

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