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ITK C188: Teleportation Magic Chitchat

“We, the Orc team, are now heading into the dungeon.”
“Oh no, I forgot our bag! We can’t bring back the monsters we hunted without it!”
“Oh well, just teleport back to the farm and get it.”

“Ahh… Forest bathing feels so good.”
“We elves really are one with the forest.”
“But won’t Boss Aileron get angry at us if we’re late for work?”
“Even if we start running back now, we still won’t make it…”
“It’s okay. That’s where teleporting comes in!”

“Ma’am Panu! We’ve finished milking today’s batch!”
“It’s almost time for them to finish work! We need to bring these to the bathhouse soon!”
“It’s okay. That’s where teleporting comes in!”

“We have finished cweaning the house!”
“We also pwomised to cwean Sensei’s dungeon today!”
“But his dungeon is so far away, walking all the way there is a bother!”
“Issok, that’s where telepowting comes in!”

“Woof! Woof! (Teleport!)”

…I feel like teleportation magic is being ubiquitously cast lately.
It’s hard to take notice of it because I’m riding my dragon-horse Sakamoto to go from place to place at high speed.

Were there really this many people on our farm who can cast teleportation magic?

“Most of them can cast it now, you know,” says Platy.

But I thought it was a high-level spell!

“Why, Sensei’s way of teaching is just that exceptional.”

Oh, that explains things.
As expected of the Lifeless King, the Immortal King. He excels in a variety of things after living for so long.

“So, thanks to Sensei’s lecture, almost everyone has now mastered teleportation magic irrespective of their race?”
“It was originally limited to demons, but that sister-in-law of mine developed a teleporting potion out of her passionate love for my brother, so now, we mermaids can also cast it.”

Platy finds it uber-convenient, but is this really okay?
For some reason, I don’t think it is.
I wonder why?

“It seems even Mrs. Astres learned how to cast it despite not being a resident on our farm.”
“No wonder she comes here so often!”

Well, Batemy also learned how to cast teleportation magic and went to the Demon Capital all by herself.

…I guess all of them have really mastered it.

“Why don’t you also learn how to cast it, Dear? Sensei’s classes are famous for being easy to understand even by total dummies, so you should be fine!!!”

…Er, as an otherworlder, I don’t think that’s possible.
Besides, someone will be bothered if I acquired self-mobility…

Don’t worry, Sakamoto.
When I want to travel over a wide area, I’ll still ride on your back and soar through the skies.

You can stop looking at me like a calf about to be sold now.

I have no idea when we started having so many waypoints.

To review, waypoints are, in essence, fixed points where you can cast teleportation magic.
You can only teleport between these waypoints, so your destination must be a place you’ve been to before.

In the beginning, there was only one waypoint used by the Demon King to travel between the capital and our farm.
Now, they’re scattered all over the farm, used as a tool to move quickly and efficiently between various places—at Sensei’s cave dungeon entrance, at Veil’s mountain dungeon entrance, at the bathhouse entrance, and the one just outside our farm.

Currently, there are four of them.

What was the point of saying that it would be better not to increase waypoints for security reasons?
At the end of it all, they succumbed to the temptation of its convenience.

“We’ve taken security precautions,” says Veil.

Why are you the one telling me this?

“Because I built the security traps along with the pseudo-corpse and the earth spirits.”

A magic trap created by the Dragon and the Immortal King?
Why does that sound like it could even kill the gods?!

“It surrounds the waypoints in a ten-step radius and is only triggered when someone exits it.”
“It won’t be triggered if you have the Talisman of Recognition that I made, so the residents won’t fall for it by accident. I’ve already distributed it to everyone.”
“But I didn’t get one.”
“If you lose your talisman, you can still exit it while chanting a special incantation. I’ve already taught this to everyone on the farm.”
“But I wasn’t taught that.”
“If an intruder tries to exit the waypoint without the talisman or chanting the incantation, an evil earth spirit will come out and drag them underground. They’ll be stuck there until either I or the pseudo-corpse drag them out.”

I can at least tell it’s not life-threatening, but the idea of being buried underground not knowing when you’ll be freed is off-putting…

The waypoint is an encoded system where you need to know the set coordinate codes for each to be able to use it.
However, lawbreakers such as those who can crack the password and enter a foreign waypoint are present in every world, so I guess we need this as a precautionary measure now that we’ve increased them.

Of course, we’ve been taking such precautions since our first waypoint.

What exactly was I doing again?

“Lord Saint…”
“Ahh! You spooked me!!!”

Why are you concealing your presence? You could’ve stood next to me and I wouldn’t have noticed!

“Hello… Sorry to disappoint, but I’m Belena of the demon duo and not Batemy…”
“What’s up with your greeting?!”

Speaking of which!
The very first job entrusted to her was the waypoints’ management!

She was supposed to check them every day for any abnormalities!

Now, however, the number of waypoints has increased with booby traps installed under Veil’s initiative.

“Oh, I’ve modified them so that any anomalies will automatically trigger a notification to me, so don’t worry. The earth spirits also said that they will take care of the cleaning.”

Those words of yours are enough to break Belena’s heart into tiny little pieces and make her delirious.

“I… I… I… I put all of my talents into mastering the high-level teleportation magic and used that to climb the ladder of success in the Demon King’s army… I even became a Heavenly One’s aide…”

Ah, I do remember her saying that once.

“But now, everyone can cast the very same magic I monopolized for a long time… My value to society only keeps on decreasing! My miserable raison d’être!!!”

Then, Belena starts crying boohoo.

I’ve been feigning ignorance this entire time…
Simply because it’s too troublesome for me to handle.

But it seems the time has finally come to have a serious discussion with Belena.

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Yes time to make her part of the harem😂

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lecora alzuras
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Who’s Belena again?

Sorry, I’m just kidding. Please don’t cry!

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