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ITK C161: Mythical Monster

Angel Horkosfon.

Or so she introduced herself, but I still don’t get it.

Angels also exist in this world?
If so, which race do they fall under?

“Your wish is my command, Master. What enemy shall I pulverize?”
“You’re not pulverizing anyone.”
“What hostile territory shall I eradicate, then?”
“You’re not eradicating anything.”
“What shall I destroy, then?”
“Didn’t I tell you we’re not destroying anyone or anything here?!”

Every word that comes out of her mouth disturbs me.

I asked the farm residents about the angel race, but they had no clue whatsoever.
Not even the demons, elves, or mermaids have heard of such a race.

“…Angels? I’m afraid I know nothing of them.”

Even my last resort, Sensei the Lifeless King, couldn’t help.
If even he doesn’t know about it, then we’re hopeless.

“I’m sorry I can’t be of help to you… Even though I’ve been around for a thousand years, I still have a lot to learn.”
“Oh, no! Please, not at all!”

No need to be modest, Sensei!
Your vast knowledge has always helped us!

“It just occurred to me, why don’t you ask the person herself?”
“The angel seems to be able to communicate and obey your every word, Lord Saint. If so, why don’t you ask her who she is and where she came from?”

I see; you’re always so smart, Sensei.
Or maybe I’m just that stupid for not realizing it sooner.

I immediately went to Horkosfon to ask her about it.

“Tell me. What are you and what kind of race are angels?”
“Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question, Master.”

Why not?!

“Most of the information is missing from my memory, including the answer to what you seek, Master. I believe this is due to my deterioration over a long period of time.”

Her phrasing is complicated, but in short, she has memory loss.
So, are we just supposed to let the mystery remain a mystery here?

“I suppose this is the only option we have left,” says Sensei as he waves the staff in his hand.
“Abracadabra, hyup!”
“Did you just summon another god?!”

Drawn by Sensei’s magic, Hades, the god who rules the earth, appears again.

I know it’s starting to become a custom, but please don’t just summon gods at your leisure!
Also, isn’t your incantation becoming sloppier and sloppier with each summoning?!

“…Hm, Saint. I witness thou has’t summoned me. Art thou preparing to allow me to feast upon something delicious again?”
“N-No, Your Mightiness! That’s actually not the case today…”

It’s true that if you’re one of the gods who created the world, then it’s only natural that you’d know everything!
But it’s kind of discourteous, like asking a university professor a naïve question!

“A query, thou sayeth? How discourteous, summoning a god just for merely thus.”

Haha, right? I knew it was discourteous! We’re sorry!!!

“What doth thou seek to ask? Thou art receiving divine punishment from me if it be truly a foolish question.”

Still, Hades was kind enough to listen to us…

“Yes, so it’s actually about this angel with us…”

Huh, what?
Did a god just shriek?!

“An angel?! Wherefore? Wherefore is she here? Didst we not obliterate every last one of those vile things four thousand years ago?!”
“Um… Was that a foolish question?”
“Nay! ‘Tis super important! So much wherein the fate of the world verily depends upon it!”

That important?!

“Valorous of thou to inform me! The world barely did escape destruction! …Saint, thou has’t done the right thing. Thouest did just save the world.”

Hades’ expression seemed a bit exaggerated to me at first, but as I listened to his explanation, I began to understand why he reacted like that.

Angels did once destroy the earth.

“Frankly speaking, angels art the sentinels Zeus hath sent so that he couldst rule the earth,” says Hades as he gives us a crash course on angels.
“Huh? But isn’t that what the human race is?”

Zeus, God of the Heavens, was greedy and unsatisfied with his territory above the skies, so he also wanted to take over the earth ruled by Hades.

That’s apparently why the human race was created and sent to earth.

“Such a state is correct. The angels were dispatched long before thee. About four thousand years ago.”
“Four thousand years… No wonder I knew nothing about them,” says Sensei.

…I bet he’s actually frustrated that he didn’t know.

“Angels art the masterpieces Zeus did create in his most earnest attempts to conquer the earth. Therefore, their abilities far surpass all life in today’s world.”
“Ten angels he did create, but their power did drive the entire earth into a burning pyre of flame. The earth split asunder, the vast oceans evaporated, and all life upon the world that hadst been living until then perished except for the dragons.”

What were you doing, Zeus?!
You sent angels to earth to conquer it for yourself, but they destroyed it on the contrary!

“The situation wast so egregious the world wouldst have ceased to existeth hadst things continued further upon that way, so the remaining host of deities did decide to cooperate in eradicating the angels. Along with the earth deities, deities of the flote led by Poseidon, kind-hearted heaven deities as well as the dragons, we were finally able to put down all ten angels.”

After that, Hades and Poseidon went to the heavens and scolded Zeus with all their might, making him promise never to upset the balance of the world again.

“Still, Zeus didst not surrender his hopes, so that gent did create a race of people with greatly inferior abilities compared to angels and did send those folk to earth.”
“That sounds troublesome somehow…”
“Right?” says Hades as he makes a heartfelt expression of disgust.

“I never imagined I’d witness an angel with mine own eyes again… I believed them all to be wiped out, but one shows up just when the human race fall in defeat to the demon race. It all doth feel too surreal…” he further adds, but a tinge of anger can be seen in his expression.
“Concluded, be it, Saint, it’s a valorous thing thee were able to find the angel so quickly. Otherwise, history couldst have repeated itself after four thousand years.”
“Actually, she just popped out of our field…”

I wonder what that means?
If I had to guess, I’d say an angel escaped destruction during the battle four thousand years ago, buried herself deep underground, and entered a state of fossilization.
And it just so happens that it’s under the farm I built, maybe?

Let’s not think too much about it.

“What should we do now, Your Mightiness?”
“I has’t an idea of who be behind this. Poseidon and I shall deliver that gent a valorous beating and scolding. That fool hast given his word that we’ll sealeth him up in Tartarus if it be true he ever would do the same thing again. That gent better prepareth himself!” said Hades as he smiled ominously.

It was as if all his resentment that accumulated over the years would finally explode.

“…What about Horkosfon, Your Mightiness?”

For the first time, I called her by her actual name.
She has been at the center of the conversation up until now, but she has never spoken out on her own. She just affixed her gaze at Hades.


The God of the Underworld strokes his beard with a serious look on his face.

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