C162: Reason for Activation

“…We cannot alloweth this angel to remain unchecked. After all, one hast enough war potential to destroyeth the world,” says Hades, god of the underworld.

“Then, what shall we do?”
“I shall taketh responsibility for destroying the last angel as part of mine own duties to vouchsafe the very existence of the earth.”


My heart sank when he said that.

“So, you’re saying that you’re going to beat Horkosfon to a pulp and get rid of her?”
“I doth not view any other meaning to it, doth thou?”

I look back at Horkosfon.
She’s not one bit perturbed by the revelation and simply stares at Hades with a blank face.

“…But isn’t that a little too much?”
“What is the matter, Saint?”
“It makes me feel a little guilty…”

I knew from Hades’ story how much of a threat angels are.
It’s only natural for a god to feel obliged to eliminate the threat before it destroys the world.

But that very same threat is in the form of a person.
And a cute girl, at that.

Even though we just met, I’ve already sensed a fragment of her character and have become emotionally attached to her. So, this turn of events is questioning my conscience.

“Is there no other way, Your Mightiness? Something that doesn’t involve killing or destroying anything, if possible….”

Hades shows his bewilderment at my reluctance.

“You are indeed very kind, Lord Saint,” interrupts Sensei.
“Thy benevolence is commendable, but alas, angels art not souls worthy of it. In truth, those things doth not possesseth any soul. Angels be mere bioweapons created to satisfy Zeus’ selfish desires. It hast neither emotions nor will of its owneth.”
“They existeth only to fulfill Zeus’ orders. Thou cannot name as such a living being. And therefore, Saint, thou shouldst not suffer an aggrieved heart about this.”

I understand, but still…

“Master, the claim of this god is indeed quite factual.”

Even Horkosfon, who remained silent until earlier, spoke up.

“We angels are weapons built for destruction, and although I have lost my target due to missing fragments in my memory, I still remember that I am one of the ‘destroyers,’” she adds.
“It is also true that my existence is nothing but a threat to this world. I believe that my disappearance is necessary for preserving it. I await your orders, Master,” she compels.
“As long as Master orders me, I, as a weapon, can make my decisions without troubling anyone.”

Horkosfon’s words lacking concern towards herself really make her seem like a weapon.
She can say with a straight face that she can just disappear if she’s not needed in this world.

So, this is what an angel is, just a weapon of destruction created by a god.
Upon realizing that, I began to think that she was in a different genre from us.
But then, someone else appeared on the scene to object.

“Wrong!” shouts Letasreit sonorously.

She’s the former princess of the Human Kingdom and the first to discover Horkosfon with me.

“You can’t let people die for the sake of the world, no matter what the reason!” she says in defense of Horkosfon as she hugs her.

“She may have been a villain in the past, but things are different now, aren’t they, Holly?!”
“Now that she has forgotten her divine, sinister mission, she’s choosing her way of life. You can’t just deprive her of her future like that!!!”

Why is Letasreit desperately against Horkosfon’s destruction?

“I think I understand why,” says Platy beside me.

“Isn’t it because she sees herself in her?”

Letasreit’s death was once demanded for the sake of the world.
With the fall of the Human Kingdom, the bloodline of their royalty had to be put to an end for the stability of the new harmonic era between the demon and human races.

The only reason she survived was wholly due to Demon King Zedan’s pity.

She’s probably putting herself in Horkosfon’s shoes right now.

“Anyone can turn over a new leaf, regardless of their race! Isn’t that right, Saint? Isn’t that the kind of place this is?”

Not even I can keep going along with the previous flow after Letasreit’s bold statement.
Besides, I’m not mentally prepared to bear any casualties on our farm.

“…What do you think, Hades, Your Mightiness? Would you be willing to reconsider keeping Horkosfon in our custody?

He seems awfully unwilling.
But I’ll give it one more push…

“Horkosfon seems to have been asleep for so long that she has forgotten her original purpose. In addition, she also calls me her Master and obeys me. I don’t think she’ll cause us harm.”
“I understand, however, be it thy wish as it may, one wrong action from her can leadeth to the destruction of the earth!”
“I’ll offer you a new dish as an offering.”
“Thou hast mine own permission to keep her.”

Such a simpleton Hades is.

“Concluded, be it, the fact of the matter is that us gods shall stand relieved with anything under thy care, Saint. Alloweth this angel, who supposedly makes a friend with destruction only, knoweth all about the beauty of life.”
“Very well. Presently, I shalt wend my way and dealeth with the source of all this,” says Hades as he starts mumbling something whilst pressing his temples with his fingers.

“…Ah, is it thee, Hermes? The fool hast done it again. I hast gotten the evidence here with me… What? Thou hast already tie that gent up so that he cannot escapeth? Attaboy, thou very much art the god of wisdom. I am going to jaunt over there and giveth that gent a lecture, so couldst thee inform Poseidon from thy end? Correct, all three of us shall beat that gent up… See thouest there.”

It seemed like he was communicating with someone through telepathy, and as soon as it ended, he flashed the most cold-blooded smile on his face.

“I am leaving now. I look forward to thy new dishes.”
“Yes, Your Mightiness.”

And then, he disappeared.

“Master,” says Horkosfon.
“What will happen to me?”

That’s what all of us are wondering.

“Why don’t you just stay here and live with the others for now?”

You can grow crops, make things, and live without destroying anything, no different from the rest of us.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Isn’t that great, Holly?!” says Letasreit as she hugs Horkosfon tight, more pleased than the person herself.

“You can keep living here with me! We’ll be together forever!”

She must be highly delighted after fervently making an effort to have Horkosfon’s life spared.
And so, a new resident joins our farm.

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1 year ago

Kidan: Please let us keep the malfunctioned angel, Kami-sama. We have cake.

1 year ago

Did i miss a chapter ? When did the princess learn about kidan being the saint ?

Patrick Joe Yap
Patrick Joe Yap
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

no, i believe she just call him saint no as saint kidan

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

The story said they believe her to be so dimwitted that they think she believes his name is Saint.

Leave a Reply
Leave a Reply
1 year ago

Excuse me, my good sir. You will not add volume 5 to table of content yet?

1 year ago

With the hand of supremacy anything is possible. A knife can kill but it can also create.

1 year ago
Reply to  dadamori

I wonder how precise her destruction abilities are, or can become, if modified with Saint’s skill. Just imagine them being detailed down to microscopic levels. I bet that would have numerous uses, from gemcrafting to sterilizing disease factors. And if they tend to the flashy side, then upgrading them from momentary to controlled continuous process might produce for example a portable source of heat, usable for glassworking, greenhouse maintenance, and various other ends.

1 year ago
Reply to  Exfernal

Or discretely removing Zues…

1 year ago

Thanks for the new chapter!

1 year ago

Lesson: Know how to cook , you never know if you get transported and have to bribe a god.

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